Laws of the State of New York

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Strana 120 - The trustees of a district shall ascertain the true value of the property to be taxed from the best evidence in their power, giving notice to the persons interested, and proceeding in the same manner as the town assessors are required by law to proceed in the valuation of taxable property, the hearing of grievances, and the revision of the town assessment-roll in the following cases : 1.
Strana 299 - The agent and warden attending the execution must prepare and sign a certificate, setting forth the time and place thereof, and that the convict was then and there executed, in conformity to the sentence of the court and the provisions of this Code, and must procure such certificate to be signed by all the persons present and witnessing the execution.
Strana 26 - ... transfer and convey all or any such real and personal property as may be necessary for attaining the objects, and carrying into effect the purposes of such corporation.
Strana 202 - The said corporation shall possess the general powers, and be subject to the general restrictions and liabilities prescribed in the third title of the eighteenth chapter of the first part of the Revised Statutes.
Strana 355 - This act shall not take effect in favor of any bank not subject to the act, entitled "an act to create a fund for the benefit of the creditors of certain moneyed corporations, and for other purposes...
Strana 135 - If any person or persons shall wilfully do, or cause to be done, any act or acts whatever, whereby any building, construction or work of any railroad corporation, or any engine, machine or structure, or any matter or thing appertaining to the same, shall be stopped, obstructed, impaired, weakened, injured or destroyed, the person or persons so offending shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall forfeit and pay to the said corporation treble the amount of damages sustained by means of such offense.
Strana 271 - That, in case it should at any time happen, that an election of directors should not be made upon any day when pursuant to this act it ought to have been made, the said corporation shall not, for that cause, be deemed to be dissolved ; but it shall be lawful, on any other day, to...
Strana 53 - Francisco must, under his own name, give previous notice in one or more of the public newspapers printed in that city of every auction sale made by him: and in case he...
Strana 174 - The Society for the Relief of Orphan and Destitute Children in the City of Albany; title changed, by chapter 608 of the Laws of 1893, to Albany Orphan Asylum.
Strana 296 - The said board of trustees shall have the power to establish a department of mathematical arts, for the purpose of giving instruction in engineering and technology, as a branch of said institute ; and to receive and apply donations for procuring instruments and other facilities suitable for giving such instruction in a practical manner, and to authorize the president...

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