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For summoning a jury and attending the court du

ring the trial,

- $1.50


For executing a warrant for a breach of the town
ordinances or by-laws,

For summoning jury, when one is required,

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1 50

In all cases where fees are not specified they shall be the same as allowed to constables for similar services. Approved January 14, 1854.


AN ACT for the benefit of school district No. 11, in Ballard county. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the superintendent of public instruction be and he is hereby directed to receive from the commissioner of common schools for Ballard county a report of the number of children taught in district No. 11, in the year 1851, and when said report is received by him, he shall include the same in his report, and draw his warrant accordingly, and the amount said district would have received if the report of the trustees had been received in time, shall nevertheless be now paid to the trustees of said district.

Approved January 14, 1854.


AN ACT for the benefit of the mechanics and laborers in the city of

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That on all contracts for labor to be performed, in the city of Louisville, by the day, week, month, or year, ten hours shall be considered a day, in the computation of the time occupied at labor, by any party to the contract; and the party performing labor as aforesaid, shall be entitled to receive the compensation agreed upon for labor, at the rate of one day for every ten hours of labor, unless a special contract for a greater or less number of hours for a day be agreed upon by the parties. Approved January 14, 1854.


AN ACT to change certain precincts in Nelson county.

1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the CommonCounty court wealth of Kentucky, That it shall be lawful for the judge of the Nelson county court, at or before the next April term of said court, to appoint three commissioners to correct

may change two districts.


or remodel the lines of the two voting places in Bardstown, in said county, and make return of their acting therein as provided by the law directing the districting of counties. § 2. That said court may appoint commissioners to alter or remodel the districts on the south side of the Beech fork, in said county.

Approved January 14, 1854.


And alter oth



AN ACT for the benefit of J. M. Todd, sheriff of Lewis county. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That James M. Todd, sheriff of Lewis county, be and he is hereby released from all damages upon a judgment standing against him, for failing to pay over the revenue of 1852, and that the auditor of public accounts grant him a full acquittance for the same, he having already paid the full amount of revenue, inter est and costs. Approved January 14, 1854.


AN ACT to incorporate the Smithland Section Dock Company. WHEREAS, it has been represented to the general assembly that a company has been formed in the town of Smithland, in Livingston county, and have purchased section docks, and contemplate adding other sections thereto, and that said company have said docks now in use. Therefore,

and capital.


Powers grant.

§1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That said company be and they are hereby incorporated under the style and firm of "the Corporate name Smithland Section Dock Company," with a capital of eighteen thousand dollars, divided into shares of fifty dollars each, but said capital may be increased to fifty thousand dollars, should said company deem it necessary for the proper carrying on the business of said company. They shall have power and authority to purchase and hold all such real estate as may be needed for the convenient use of said docks, and all such materials as may be needed in the construction of new docks, and the repairs of old ones, and to contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, and to perform all and singular the acts and things that individual proprietors of docks might lawfully do in the management and disposition of the property; and they may make and use a common seal, and change, alter or renew the same, or they may use a common scroll as it may suit them, and make by-laws to meet all the require



and duties.

ments of their business, not inconsistent with the consti tution of this state, or of the United States.

§2. That the management of the affairs of said comNumber of di pany, and its prudential concerns, shall be by a president. and four directors, as follows: the stockholders shall elect, viva voce, five suitable persons as directors, and immedi ately after the election, or as soon as practicable, the diTheir powers rectors shall meet and chose one of their own body president, three of whom shall be sufficient to form a quorum to do business. They shall cause a record to be kept of their proceedings, and in all elections for directors of said company each share shall be entitled to one vote; and should said company deem it advisable to sell an additional amount of stock beyond that already sold, they may cause books to be opened in such place, or places, as they may think proper, either in or out of this state, and they may determine whether such subscriptions to said stock shall be paid in full on subscribing, or by installments.

§ 3. That as soon after the passage of this act as it may Election for be convenient, the present board of managers, though their directors, when held. chairman, shall give notice of the time and place of the election of directors, who shall be elected for one year from their election, and to continue in office until their successors are duly elected. Thomas M. Davis, D. B. Sanders, H. F. Given, Joseph Watts, S. M. Barner, W. P. Fowler, P. H. Conaut, and William Gordon, the present board of managers, or any three of them, may hold the election for directors, and notify them of their election, when the company shall be considered as organized under this charter. Dividends to It shall be the duty of the president and directors to declare a dividend of the profits annually, or semi-annually, and pay over such dividends to stockholders on demand, after thirty days have elapsed from the day such dividend shall have been declared. The books of said company shall be held open to the inspection of any stockholder who may desire to inspect them.

be declared.

Approved January 14, 1854.



AN ACT to incorporate the Covington Gas Light Company. § 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the CommonCorporators' wealth of Kentucky, That James Southgate, Robert Simmons, John W. Finnell, John W. Menzies, Alexander Jef frey, Francis Smith, and T. G. Gaylord, their associates, successors, and assigns, shall be and they are hereby created a body politic and corporate, by the name and style Corporate name of the Covington Gas Light Company, and shall so continue for the term of fifty years from the first day of January, 1854; and by that name and style shall be as capa

and powers.

ble to contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, plead, answer, and defend, in all courts and elsewhere, as natural persons; and may have and use a common seal, and change, alter, and renew the same at pleasure; and may ordain and put in execution such by-laws, rules, and regulations for the good government of said company, and for the efficient management of its affairs and prudential concerns, as may be deemed expedient, not contrary to the constitution of this state or of the United States.


Objects of the company

§2. That the business and operations of said company shall consist in furnishing the corporate authorities and privileges. citizens, &c. of the city of Covington with gas light, in pursuance of and according to the terms of an ordinance. passed by the city council of Covington, October 28, 1852, entitled, "an ordinance to provide for lighting with gas the city of Covington, Ky.;" and for that purpose the capital stock of said company shall be one hundred thousand dollars, in shares of fifty dollars each, with liberty to increase the same from time to time, as the necessities of the company, in the extension of its works, may require. The said shares of stock shall be considered and held as personal estate, and shall be transferable on the books of the company in such manner as the president and directors shall, by their by-laws, prescribe. The said company may purchase and hold as much land as may be required for its offices, and the residences of its officers, agents, and laborers, and for sites for its gas works, and for suitable engine and other houses for its works, and may sell or exchange the same and purchase again for said purposes; and may hold such personal estate, pipes, machinery, &c. as will be necessary and convenient for the operations and business of the company.

§3. The shares in the capital stock of said company shall be fifty dollars each, for which a certificate or certificates shall be issued, to be signed by the president and secretary of said company, with the seal of the corpora. tion attached thereto; and at all meetings of the shareholders each share shall be entitled to one vote. There shall be annually elected by the shareholders five directors, who shall choose out of their number a president, and appoint such other officers as they, by their by-laws, may designate and require.

4. The corporators above specially named, or any three of them, shall by advertisement for one week in one of the newspapers published in the city of Covington, call a meeting and superintend the same, of all persons interested in the business and property of the Covington gas works, who shall, by themselves or their proxies, elect five directors, owners of at least two shares each in said business and property, each person interested to be entitled to one vote for each fifty dollars worth of interest as aforesaid; said directors to serve one year, or until their suc


Value of shares.

Election of directors.


works, how pun. ished.

cessors shall be chosen; and annually thereafter, during the existence of this charter, on such day and at such place in Covington as the by-laws of said corporation may designate, an election shall be held for the choice of five directors as aforesaid, of which notice shall be given at least two weeks in two of the newspapers published in Covington. To the said president and directors, so chosen, shall be entrusted the care and management of the real and personal estate, business, property, funds, and financial concerns of said company. The said president and directors shall have power to fill all vacancies occurring in their body by death, resignation, or otherwise, and they shall also have the power to borrow money at any time to extend their works.

§ 5. That if any person or persons shall willfully, by Injuries to the any means whatever, injure or destroy any portion of the gas pipes or fixtures, lamps, lamp-posts, burners, or any part of the works or machinery of said company, or shall willfully open a communication into the street or other gas pipes, or let on gas after it has been stopped by the company, such person or persons shall be liable to the company for all damages occasioned by such act or acts, and shall furthermore be subject to indictment as for a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined in any sum, at the discretion of the jury, not exceeding one thousand dollars, or be imprisoned in the city work house for a period not exceeding three years; but this section shall not be held to change the law as to arson, or willfully burning the houses of the company.


§ 6. The said company shall have power to extend their Further privi pipes outside of said city of Covington, in any direction, and supply other adjacent cities or towns with gas, on such terms as said company and the corporate authorities of said cities or towns may hereafter arrange and agree by and between themselves respectively.

§7. That said company shall not have the right to exercise any banking privileges whatever.

Approved January 14, 1854.



AN ACT authorizing the County Judge of Adair county to appropriate money out of the road fund to build a bridge over Russell's Creek.

$1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the CommonNames of com- wealth of Kentucky, That Samuel H. Murrell, Junius Caldwell, Thomas E. Bramlette, Eli Wheat, and Thomas R. Dehoney, be and they are hereby appointed commissioners, and they or any one of them are hereby authorized to receive subscriptions, payable to themselves as commissioners under this act, for the construction of a bridge over

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