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Who eligible

stockholders may vote in person or by written proxy; and no person who is not a resident of Boyle or Mercer counties, and a stockholder, shall be eligible as president, di- to office. rector, or treasurer; and the president and directors shall cease to be such on their ceasing to be citizens of Boyle or Mercer counties, or a stockholder in said road. The annual election for president and directors shall be annuly held on the first Saturday in May, at such place as may be directed, at which time the president shall lay beifore the stockholders an expose of the situation of said company; also the record of their proceedings for the preceding year. The company shall have power to fix the kept. days and places of their annual meetings and general elections, and pass all by-laws necessary for the regulation of their proceedings and interests.

Record of proceedings to be

§7. That the president and directors first chosen as aforesaid, shall deliver a certificate, signed by the president and countersigned by the treasurer, to each stockholder, for the stock subscribed by him and held, which certificate or cer1tificates shall be transferable on the books of said corpo- ble. =ration, in person or by attorney; but no share shall be

transferred until all the calls and arrearages are paid thereon. The original certificate of the share or shares transferred shall be surrendered, and a new certificate shall issue to the purchaser, who shall then be a member of said corporation, and entitled to all the privileges and benefits that the original owner was entitled to.

§ 8. That the president may call meetings of the directors at such time as he may deem proper; a majority of all the directors shall constitute a quorum to do business; they shall keep a record of their proceedings at such meetings in a book provided for that purpose. The board of directors may also allow the president and treasurer such compensation as they may deem reasonable.

Certificates of stock transiera

Powers of the president and directors.

9. That the president and directors shall have power to fill all vacancies that may occur in said board; agree with and appoint all such superintendents, engineers, surveyors, artists, officers, &c. as they shall deem necessary to carry on this work; to fix their salaries and wages; to remove any of them at pleasure; to provide the time, manner and proportions in which stockholders shall make payments on their respective shares; to carry on said work; to draw orders on the treasurer for all moneys necessary therefor, and to do all such matters and things as by this charter and the by-laws of this corporation they are authorized to do, not inconsistent with the laws of the state. § 10. That the president shall give notice in a newspaper published in Danville or Harrodsburg, for at least twenty given. days, of the amount of the call on each share of the stock and of the time of payment; if any stockholder shall neglect or refuse to pay his proportion of the stock, for the space of thirty days after the time of appointment for

Notice of call on stock to be


vation of the road.

the payment thereof, every such stockholder shall, in ad dition to the installment called for, pay at the rate of six per cent. per annum for delay of payment; and if he shall fail to pay such call and penalty for the space of six months after the time of payment is required, he shall forfeit such share or shares to the corporation, and the amount that shall have been paid thereon, and the president, by order of the directors, after having ten days public notice, may proceed to sell such forfeited shares: Provided, they will bring the amount due and unpaid upon said share or shares: And provided also, that no shareholder shall vote at any election, or be entitled to the right of a member of said corporation, until the whole amount due and payable as aforesaid on the share or shares by him held, shall have been paid agreeably to the requisitions of the president and directors.

§ 11. That the said road shall be so levelled and graded Extent of ele that when completed its greatest elevation shall not exceed four degrees; the width of the artificial path of said road shall not be more than forty five, and the portion of it covered with metal, gravel, or macadamized stone shall not exceed eighteen feet, and be fully nine inches in thickness or depth from side to side of that width.

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§ 12. That it shall be the duty of the president and direc tors to fix the route on which said road shall pass, and for that purpose to employ all necessary engineers, surveyors, artists, &c. at the costs of the company; and they are hereby authorized to enter in and upon the land and inclosures, public roads and highways in, through, and over which said intended road may be thought proper to pass, and to examine and survey the ground therefor, to examine for quarries, beds of stone, banks of gravel, and oth er material necessary for the completion and repairs of said road, and having due regard to economy, they shall locate said road as follows: commencing at any point in or near the town of Danville; thence along the present old road, or the most practicable route, to Pleasant Hill, in Mercer county.

§ 13. That sections thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, of an act entitled an to incorporate the Danville and Hustonville Turnpike Road Company, approved March 1, 1844, be and the same are hereby incorporated as part of this charter.

§ 14. That so soon as five miles of said road shall be com pleted, three justices of the peace in the county where the five miles, or a major part thereof lies, who are not interested in the stock of said company, shall be called on to examine the work, and if they shall certify that the work has been done in conformity with the provisions of this act, the certificate shall be recorded in the office of the county court of said county, and the president and directors may cause a toll gate to be erected across said road,

and may collect the tolls and duties hereinafter granted to said company, from all persons traveling with horses, carts, wagons, cattle, &c. In case such disinterested justices cannot be found, the president and directors may give notice thereof to the county court, and the said court shall appoint three fit persons, whose duty it shall be to inspect said road, or as much thereof as shall be completed, and if it shall be their opinion that said road or any five miles thereof continuously, is completed according to the provisions of this act, their report shall be recorded in said county court, and the judge thereof shall enter of record how many gates may be erected, whereupon it shall be lawful for said company to erect a gate for every five miles so completed, and at such places as to them may seem most eligible.

§ 15. That when said gate or gates shall be erected as aforesaid, it shall and may be lawful for the president and directors aforesaid to appoint as many toll gatherers as they may deem requisite, and to collect and receive for toll the rates not exceeding those allowed by the general laws of this commonwealth for like roads. The president and directors shall cause printed lists of rates of toll which they may lawfully demand to be affixed at each toll gate on the road.

16. That sections twenty-three, twenty-four, twentyfive, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-four, and thirty-five of an act, entitled, an act to incorporate the Danville and Hustonville Turnpike Road Company, approved March 1, 1844, be and they are hereby incorporated as part of this chapter.


Toll gatherere may be appoint. a.

Who exempt from working

§17. That the county judges of Boyle and Mercer counties shall have power to exempt from working on the roads on roads. in said counties one hand for every two shares of stock subscribed and paid by any individual to said company.

18. That said president and directors shall have power to borrow any sum of money not exceeding ten thousand dollars for the completion and repair of said road, and to secure the same may mortgage the road and the profits thereof.

§ 19. That the president and directors shall have full power to permit any stockholder to work out the stock in said road that he may have subscribed, or any part thereof: Provided, he does it as low a rate as any one else is willing to do it for.

20. That the legislature hereby reserves the right to alter, amend, or repeal this charter at pleasure.

Approved February 11, 1854.



be icreased.

be appointed.


AN ACT to amend an act prescribing the means and mode of opening and working roads in the county of Boone.

§ 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Common Districts may wealth of Kentucky, That an act, entitled, an act prescrib ing the means and mode of opening and working roads in the county of Boone, approved March 24, 1851, be so amended that the county court of said county shall, at its March term, 1854, or so soon thereafter as is practicable, increase the number of road districts in said county from Overseers to twenty to fifty; and said court shall at the same or some subsequent term appoint an overseer for each district, who shall be notified of his appointment, and whose term of office shall be as is now designated by said law. Each of said overseers, before he enters upon the discharge of his duties as such, shall enter into bond, with surety to be approved by the county court, for the lawful and judicious expenditure of all moneys paid into his hands by the county treasurer for road purposes, and at the expiration of his term shall account for and pay over to said court any unexpended money which shall be in his hands..

Their duties.


2. That the third section of said act be so amended Road tax in that the revenue for road purposes in said county shall be increased from two to three cents on each one hundred dollars of the ad valorem valuation of property, as specified in said section, and that the poll tax of one dollar for said purposes shall be assessed only on white males between the ages of sixteen and fifty years, and on male slaves and free males of color over sixteen years of age, and all other persons in said county shall be exempt from a poll tax for road purposes.


§3. That it shall be the duty of the several overseers to Duties of over call out all persons in their respective districts, three days notice thereof being given, to work on said roads as many days in each year as he will be enabled to pay for out of the road funds received for his district, at the rate of seventy-five cents for each days' labor of eight hours bestowed upon said road, and to pay for such teams, plows, and wagons as to him may seem necessary, allowing for team, plow, and plowman one dollar and seventy-five cents, and for team, wagon, and driver two dollars and twenty-five cents for every day they may be employed upon said road...

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§ 4. That the overseers shall have the power to dock such persons as may be working on said roads, who shall from any cause lose time, or not work faithfully thereon, at the rate of ten cents for each hour so lost; and the several overseers shall be allowed for their services on the road, and for notifying hands, the sum of one dollar per day, to be paid out of the road fund of said county: Provided, that such allowance to any overseer shall in no year exceed the sum of eight dollars.

§5.. That every overseer shall keep an accurate account of all moneys received by him, to whom paid, and for what purpose, and shall return the same to the county court at its March term in each year; or when any overseer shall resign he shall return said account to the court at its term next succeeding the time of such resignation; and said overseer and his sureties shall be responsible to the court for any moneys received by him not properly and lawfully accounted for; and any overseer not keeping the roads in his district in as good order as the means at his disposal will enable him to do, shall be liable to indictment in the circuit court of Boone county, and upon the verdict of a jury, shall be subject to a fine of not less than ten nor more than twenty-five dollars.

Approved February 11, 1854.

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AN ACT for the benefit of William Johnson, Sheriff of Laurel county. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That William Johnson, sheriff of Laurel county, have until the first day of October next to return his delinquent list.

Approved February 11, 1854.


AN ACT for the benefit of James Perkins, Jailer of Boone county. §1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That James Perkins, jailer of Boone county, be and he is hereby authorized to keep in confinement in the jail of any of the adjoining counties, such prisoner or prisoners as may have been confined in the jail of Boone county at the time of said jail's burning on the night of the 27th January, 1854, or such other prisoner or prisoners as may hereafter, before the erection of a new jail in said county, be committed to him as jailer, by regular process of law: Provided, that by so occupying such jail or jails no jailer shall be discommoded from securely keeping such prisoner or prisoners as may be committed to him by the authorities of his county.

§2. That it shall be lawful for the Boone circuit court to allow said jailer such remuneration for his services, and allowance for expenses as to said court may seem just and proper.

3. This act shall take effect from its passage. Approved February 11, 1854

Jailer of Boone to have use of

jails in adjoin ing counties,

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