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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Impor-
tant Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases
commented upon in our Notes of Important Decisions, and ann. case, annotated case.

Adams Express Co V. Commonwealth (Ken-
tucky) The Direct Effect of the Webb-
Kenyon Liquor Act upon Interstate Trans-
portation, Ed. 437.

American Agricultural Chem. Co. V. Berry
(Maine) Bankruptcy-Discharge from debt
Created While Acting "In Any Fiduciary
Capacity," R. D. 146.

Athanasaw v. U. S. (U. S. S. C.) The Meaning
of the White Slave Act as Shown by Federal
Decision, Ed. 261.

Atkinson v. Southern Express Co.( South Caro-
lina) The Effect of the Webb Liquor Act on
Laws Previously Inoperative, Ed. 55.
Baltic Min. Co. v. Massachusetts (U. S. S. C.)
Tax on Interstate Commerce, Ed. 455.
Bankers' Trust Co. V. R. E. Dietz Company
New York) The Rule of Scrip Dividend Go-
ing to Life Tenant Under a Will, Ed. 163.
Barton et al. v. Thaw et al. (Pennsylvania.)
Perpetuitites-Option Indefinite as to Time
of Exercise, R. D. 128.

Bauer & Cie v. O'Donnell (U. S. S. C.) Patents-
Right of the Patentee to Fix Price in Re-
sale of Patented Article, R. D. 74.

Beach v. Beach, (Iowa.) Marriage-Liability of
Third Person Inducing by False Representa-
tion, R. D. 110.

Benedum V. First Citizens' Bank (West Vir-
ginia.) Right of Creditors and Stockhold-
ers in Winding Up Suits of Insolvent Cor-
porations, Ed. 243.

Bennett v. U. S. (U. S. S. C.) The Meaning of the
White Slave Act as Shown by Federal De-
cision, Ed. 261.

Bluefields S. S. Co. v. Lala Ferreras Cangelosi
S. S. Co. et al. (Louisiana.) Corporation-
Director Liability for Diversion by Cor-
poration Acting in Fiduciary Capacity, R.
D. 343.

Board of Trustees of the University of Mis-
sissippi v. Waugh (Mississippi.) Constitu-
tional Law-Statute Abolishing Secret Or-
ders Among University Students, R. D. 219.

Boggs v. Duncan-Shell Furniture Co. (Iowa.)
Colorable Competition for Unlawful Pur-
poses, Ed. 437.

Bradley v. Richmond (U. S. S. C.) Line of De-
marcation in Delegation of Legislative Pow-
er to a Commission and Vesting It With
Administrative Functions, Ed. 73.

Bross v. McNichols (Oregon) Principal and
Surety Rule Strictissimi Juris as Regards
Surety Company, R. D. 262.


Brown et ux. v. Brown (South Carolina.)
er-Inchoate Right, ann. case, 116.
Bucher v. Moss (U. S. S. C.) Community Rights
in Government Homestead, Ed. 401.
Carlson et al. v. Kres (U. S. S. C.) Banks and
Banking-Special Deposits, ann. case, 373.
Cerchione v. Hunnewell et al. (Massachusetts.)
Landlord and Tenant-Nuisance, ann. case,

Cohron v. Folk (Missouri.) Confidential Rela-
tions-Test of Its Existence and Burden of
Proof of Transaction, R. D. 281.

Columbian Nat. Life Ins. Co. v. Mulkey (Geor-
gia.) Insurance-Condition of Forfeiture in
Premium Note, R. D. 421.

Connors v. Connolly (Connecticut)


Using Union Label as a Means to Secure
Closed Shops, R. D. 20.

Dailey v. Foster (New Mexico.) Appeal and

Error-Substantial Error Affirmed Because
of Non-Observance of Immaterial Techni-
cality, R. D. 244.

Daniel v. Browder Magnet Co. (Georgia.) Venue
Jurisdiction Dependent Upon Bankruptcy of
Joint Defendants. R. D. 402.

Day v. Faulks (New Jersey.) Life Estates-
Stock Dividend Apportioned Between Life
Tenant and Remainderman, R. D. 439.
Desch v. Desch (Colorado.) Divorce-Mainten-
ance of Child, ann. case, 64.

Elvins v. Elvins (Missouri.) Remedy in Marital
Actions Based on Service by Publication,
Ed. 365.

Ex Parte Nelson (Missouri.) Contempt-Publi-
cation Not Accurately Stating Ruling and

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