Chambers's Edinburgh journal, conducted by W. Chambers. [Continued as] Chambers's Journal of popular literature, science and arts, Svazek 16

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Strana 107 - A wife, a spaniel, and a walnut-tree, The more you beat them, the better they be.
Strana 125 - Lady Hamilton expressed great anxiety to go to court, and Mrs Elliot assured her it would not amuse her, and that the elector never gave dinners or suppers. " What !" cried she,
Strana 124 - ... infirm, all admiration of his wife, and never spoke to-day but to applaud her. Miss Cornelia Knight seems the decided flatterer of the two, and never opens her mouth but to show forth their praise; and Mrs. Cadogan, Lady Hamilton's mother, is what one might expect. After dinner we had several songs in honour of Lord Nelson, written by Miss Knight, and sung by Lady Hamilton. She puffs the incense full in his face ; but he receives it with pleasure, and snuffs it up very cordially.
Strana 334 - Go not, happy day, From the shining fields, Go not, happy day, Till the maiden yields. Rosy is the West, Rosy is the South, Roses are her cheeks, And a rose her mouth. When the happy Yes Falters from her lips, Pass and blush the news O'er the blowing ships. Over blowing seas, Over seas at rest, Pass the happy news, Blush it thro...
Strana 311 - Their van will be upon us Before the bridge goes down; And if they once may win the bridge, What hope to save the town? ' Then out spake brave Horatius, The Captain of the gate : 'To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late; And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds, For the ashes of his fathers And the temples of his Gods...
Strana 223 - Porson, however, declared that he would be content with a mutton-chop, and beer from the next ale-house; and accordingly stayed to dine. During the evening Porson said, 'I am quite certain that Mrs. Hoppner keeps some nice bottle for her private drinking in her own bed-room ; so, pray, try if you can lay your hands on it.
Strana 223 - Have you read that divine book, the ' Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D., by Sir John Hawkins Knt.' ? Have you done anything but read it since it was first published ? For my own part, I scruple not to declare that I could not rest till I had read it quite through, notes, digressions, index and all ; then I could not rest till I had gone over it a second time. I begin to think that increase of appetite grows by what it feeds on ; for I have been reading it ever since. I am now in the midst of the sixteenth...
Strana 93 - MORTE D'ARTHUR. So all day long the noise of battle rolled Among the mountains by the winter sea ; Until King Arthur's table, man by man, Had fallen in Lyonness about their Lord, King Arthur : then, because his wound was deep The bold Sir Bedivere uplifted him, Sir Bedivere, the last of all his knights, And bore him to a chapel nigh the field, A broken chancel with a broken cross, That stood on...
Strana 130 - The Great Room, therefore, has an illuminated and elegant aspect. The decorative work may be shortly described : — The inner surface of the dome is divided into twenty compartments by moulded ribs, which are gilded with leaf prepared from unalloyed gold, the soffites being in ornamental patterns, and the edges touching the adjoining margins fringed with a leafpattern scolloped edge.
Strana 108 - My pipe is lit, my grog is mixed, My curtain drawn, and all is snug ; Old Puss is in her elbow-chair, And Tray is sitting on the rug. Last night I had a curious dream, Miss Susan Bates was Mrs Mogg : What d' ye think of that, my cat ? What d

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