Revisionary Interventions Into the Americanist Canon

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Donald E. Pease
Duke University Press, 17. 6. 1994 - Počet stran: 342
Throughout the era of the Cold War a consensus reigned as to what constituted the great works of American literature. Yet as scholars have increasingly shown, and as this volume unmistakably demonstrates, that consensus was built upon the repression of the voices and historical contexts of subordinated social groups as well as literary works themselves, works both outside and within the traditional canon. This book is an effort to recover those lost voices. Engaging New Historicist, neo-Marxist, poststructuralist, and other literary practices, this volume marks important shifts in the organizing principles and self-understanding of the field of American Studies.
Originally published as a special issue of boundary 2, the essays gathered here discuss writers as diverse as Kate Chopin, Frederick Douglass, Emerson, Melville, W. D. Howells, Henry James, W. E. B. DuBois, and Mark Twain, plus the historical figure John Brown. Two major sections devoted to the theory of romance and to cultural-historical analyses emphasize the political perspective of "New Americanist" literary and cultural study.

Contributors. William E. Cain, Wai-chee Dimock, Howard Horwitz, Gregory S. Jay, Steven Mailloux, John McWilliams, Susan Mizruchi, Donald E. Pease, Ivy Schweitzer, Priscilla Wald, Michael Warner, Robert Weimann


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Revisionist Interventions into the Canon
The Res Publica of Letters
The Rationale for The American Romance
Scarcity Subjectivity and Emerson
Hearing Narrative Voices in Melvilles Pierre
Eating Books in Late NineteenthCentury America
Maternal Discourse and the Romance of SelfPossession in Kate Chopins The Awakening
Changing Perspectives in the Work of Mark Twain W D Howells and Henry James
The Example of Frederick Douglass
Romance and Independents on Mark Twains River
Billy Budd Sailor and the Rise of Sociology
John Brown and W E B DuBois
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