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No: 305,- PAGE 213. Earl of Rochester. See vol. i. p. 311.
No. 306.

Motto. Juvenal, Sat. vi. 178-9.
- Small-Pox. It is difficult for us to understand how terrible
were the ravages of this disease in English Society at this time:
Swift's Journal to Stella is full of references to its havoc. Inocula-
tion was introduced by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, after her
return from Turkey in 1718. See Pope's letter to Brome, July

16, 1721 (Elwin and Courthope, viii. 47). PAGE 217.

Good Nature will always, etc. “Perhaps Goldsmith was thinking of this paper when he wrote the little tale in verse called The Double Transformation, 1765, the heroine of which is reformed by an attack of small-pox :

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No. 307.

No. 308.

PAGE 222.

No. 309.

No. 310.
No. 311.

(Mr. Dobson's Selections from Steele, p. 476).

Motto. Horace, Ars Poet. 39-40.
PAGE 218. The Examen de Ingenios of Huartes is described in

Bayle, from which Budgell probably obtained his information.
PAGE 219. Christopher Clavius, who carried out the reform of the
Calendar by order of Gregory XIII. See Bayle.

Motto. Horace, Odes II. v. 15-16.
PAGE 224.

The Historian, one of the numu. ous imitators of the
Tatler and Spectator.
PAGE 225. Brag-table. Brag was a game of cards, ,ractically the
same as the modern Poker.'

Motto. Virgil, Æn. vi. 264-7.

Addison's Papers on Milton are from this point of greater length. The type in 'A' is closer, and there are, of necessity,

very few advertisements. A larger sheet is sometimes used.
PAGE 233. Motto. Virgil, Æn. i. 77.
PAGE 236. Motto. Juvenal, Sat. vi. 138-9.
PAGE 237., Silver fringed Gloves. Ante, page 113 (note).

Irish-Man. Cf. vol. i. p. 173.

Rosamond's Pond. Cf. Defoe's Advice from the Scandalous
Club, No. 45.
PAGE 239. Side-Box.

Side-Box. See vol. ii. p. 323.

Hudibras. I. iii. 311-2.
PAGE 240.

Motto. Cicero, Tusc. Quæst. ii. 6.
PAGE 242. Story after Pompey. Tusc. Quæst. ii. 25.
PAGE 243. Devotion. A long passage in 'A' is here omitted.

Motto. Juvenal, Sat. vii. 237-8.
PAGE 244.

Suetonius. Mr. Locke. Of Education, $$ 69, 70.
PAGE 245. Mr. Osburn. See vol. ii. p. 337.
PAGE 246. A Story very well known. The Master, is the famous Dr.

Busby. The Gentleman whose life was preserv'd' has been
identified as Col. Wake, father of William Wake, then Bishop of
Lincoln ; but the Rev. Rashleigh Duke, Rector of Birlingham,
Pershore, is of opinion that the hero of the rent curtain was Col.
Robert Duke of Wiltshire. " Col. Duke was engaged with Pen-

No. 312,

No. 313,

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ruddocke and Grove and others in the rising in 1655, and was No. 313. taken prisoner and tried with them at Exeter, and with them was sentenced to death. The original MS. of that sentence exists now, and it bears the name of Robert Duke following on those of Penruddocke and Grove, and the warrant is signed by Cromwell; but the name of R. Duke, which occurs twice in the body of the warrant, is cancelled. His life was saved, and he was banished to the É. Indies, where he died” (Communicated to the Editor,

29th Oct. 1897). PAGE 247. Motto. Horace, Odes, I. xxiii. II-12.

No. 314. PAGE 249. Nicolini. Ante, vol. i. p. 313.

Hydaspes. Ante, vol. i. p. 319. It was played on Dec. 26 and Jan. 12 (see advertisements in the issues of 'A' of these dates.) PAGE 252. Motto. Horace, Ars Poet. 191-2.

No. 315. Horace advises. Ars Poet. 38-40; the motto of No. 307. PAGE 255. Aristotle observes. Poetics, xxiv. 8. PAGE 259. Motto. Virgil, Eclog. i. 28.

No. 316, PAGE 261. Pliny. Letters, i. 6. PAGE 262. Motto. Horace, Epist. I. ii. 27.

No. 317, PAGE 265. Purl. Ante, vol. ii. p. 326.

Laced Coffee. Coffee dashed with spirits.
PAGE 266. Brook & Hellier, the famed wine-merchants, advertised

regularly in the Spectator. See note on the Bumper Tavern, ante,
p. 291. They intimate that “At the Bumper every Bottle of
Port Wine sent out is sealed upon the Cork with the Bumper by

PAGE 267. Motto. Virgil, Eclog. viii. 63.

No. 318. PAGE 270. Motto. Horace, Epist. I. i. 90.

No. 319, PAGE 271. Various Cocks. Cf. vol. ii. p. 333. The paper recalls Hogarth's plate on the Five Orders of Periwigs.

Wear Feathers. Ante, p. 113.
PAGE 272. An arrant Linnen-Draper. , 'Only an Ensign in the

Train Bands. A. Budgell may have been thinking of an
advertisement in No. 259 (A), which describes a deserter from the

Ist Foot Guards, "a Linnen-draper by Trade."
PAGE 273. White's. See vol. ii. p. 326.
PAGE 274. Motto. Ovid, Metam. vi. 428-9, 431.

No. 320. PAGE 276. Mr. Waller. Of the Marriage of the Dwarfs,' II. 1-6:

Design, or chance, makes others wive;
But Nature did this match contrive;
Eve might as well have Adam fled,
As she denied her little bed
To him, for whom Heaven seemed to frane,

And measure out, this only dame.
PAGE 278. Lazy Club. Cf. vol. i. 316.
Motto. Horace, Ars Poet. 99.

No. 321, PAGE 279. Aristotle's Rule. Poetics, xxiv. II.

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