Physical Education for Elementary Schools

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Iowa State Teachers College, 1924 - Počet stran: 448

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Strana 157 - Round the Christmas Tree (Adaptation of Mulberry Bush. Music on page 156) 1. Here we go round the Christmas tree, Christmas tree, Christmas tree, Here we go round the Christmas tree, So early Christmas morning.
Strana 37 - All but one of the players stand in a circle with hands firmly clasped. The odd player stands in the center and is the "bull." The " bull " tries to break through the ring by parting the hands of any of the players. If he breaks through, the two players whose hands he parted immediately give chase to him, and the one catching him becomes the "bull.
Strana 370 - During the three hops he must not touch the ground with any part of the body other than the foot from which he started.
Strana 148 - And turn yourself about. 2 Put your left hand in, etc. 3 Put your right foot in, etc. 4 Put your left foot in, etc. 5 Put your head "way in, etc. 6 Put your whole self in, etc. Formation: Single circle, all facing left with hands joined. Introduction and chorus Players dance around the circle to the left with skipping, sliding, walking or running steps. Verses Players stand facing the center.
Strana 28 - The teacher starts the game by tossing the ball to each pupil in turn, and it is immediately tossed back to her. Each pupil missing goes to the foot of the line. If the teacher misses, the player at the head of the line takes her place, the teacher going to the foot. The action should be as rapid as possible.
Strana 79 - Stretch a rope or tennis net across the middle of the court at a height of six or eight feet. Use a basket ball, volley ball, or soccer ball. Send one team to each side of the net and give the ball to one side. Select an umpire, a score keeper, and a time keeper. The umpire is to call the score, the score keeper is to write it down as it is called, and the time keeper should call time at the end of half the time set for play. When the umpire calls "Play...
Strana 37 - What time is it?" and he answers with any hour he chooses. Should he say "Three o'clock," or "Eleven o'clock," etc., they are safe; but when he says " Midnight !" they must run for the sheepfold as fast as possible, the fox chasing them. Any sheep caught changes places with the fox, and the game is repeated. When played in a class room, only a few children should be selected for sheep.
Strana 172 - GREETING. Formation — Single circle. Partners face center, hands on hips. Measures 1 and 2 — Clap hands twice, turn to partner and bow. Turn to center. Repeat, bowing to neighbor. Measure 3 — Stamp right, stamp left. Measure 4 — Turn around in place with four running steps. Repeat from beginning. Measures 5 and 6 — Join hands in circle. Run sixteen steps to the right. Turn and run sixteen steps to left. Repeat from beginning. Playing "Ponies," first grade, Benton school, Columbia, Mo.
Strana 361 - A beanbag, book or basketball is held firmly between the feet. With a sudden jump the feet are kicked backward so as to jerk the object into an upward throw, which should end in its curving forward over the head. It should be caught as it comes down.
Strana 53 - Of the two who are free, one is " it " or chaser, and the other the runner. The runner may save himself by locking arms with either member of any couple he chooses. Whenever he does so, the third party of that group becomes runner and must save himself in like manner. If the runner be tagged at any time, he becomes " it " or chaser; and the chaser becomes runner.

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