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Though they be gathered from the mire and covered with filth, they will be deemed none the less valuable. Soon then shall we behold the gem radiant with the nine lights, reflecting the brightness of the Andromeda and Orbed Sceptre in wreathed flowery ringlets, and the channel of six veins exhibiting the jasper-hued shade upon the Binooth river mirror. A protracted old age sball bear witness to the merils of those who venerate the tomb of the ancient Tsz'chau; and to them who bathe in the fragrant stream of Wangshí, the public examinations shall furnish a favorable prognostic. This is the brief Notification.

Taukwang, 28th year, 4th month-day. A public representation by those whom the business concerns.

ART. V. List of Foreign Residents in Canton, August, Anno
Domini, Eighteen hundred and forty-eight.
Danish hong,

Allankea Versey.

Romthala Versey:
D. W. Schwemann.

Hajee Jaffer Kamisa.
William Dreyer.
No. 1 and 2.

Bunjee Canjee.
Akau's Aote).

Soomjee Ladah.
No. 7.

Ladah Goonsjee.
Marciano da Silva.
J. Bauzilio dos Remedios.

Jamseljee Cursetjee Meta.
Quintiliano da Silva.

No. 15.

No. 1.
Reyovaan & Co.

9. A. Seth H. G. I. Reyovaan.

Hearique Hyndaro

W 8. Heyl.
No. 16.

W. D. Lewis.
Rev. James G. Bridgman

No. 3. Rev. George Loomis

Tortunalo P. Marques.
Joaq. dos Anjos Xavier.

Candido Ozorio.
Jozé Vicente Barros.
New Hong,

Francisco de Silveira.
South Ieh.hing kai. Bartholomeo A. Pereira,
No. I.

No. 4.
Ebrahimjee Mahomed Salley. A. Viegas and family.
Hassam Esmeal.

L. Viegas. Abdolkahman Esmael.

New China Street. No. 2.

No. 1. Ebrahim Soomar.

George Ryan. Noor Mahomed Kamal.

Spanish Hong.
Sucetmal Noormall.

No. 1.
No. 3.

Henry Moul & Co.
Hajee Elies Hussan.

'Henry Moul.

Aitred Vival

No 6.
lieorge Mulli.

Fritz Vaucher.
French Hong.

Constant Borel
So I

Mingqua's Hong.
Robert Browne.

No. 2.
HV Verkonteren.

Chalmers & Co.
No. 2

Patrick Chalıners.
Bovet Brothers & Co.

James Dickson Park.
Louis Buvet

No. 3
No. 3.

Lindsay & Co.
Pestonjee Framjee Cama & Co. Travers Buxton.
Janiseljee Kustomjee Erance

Frederick Chapman.
Dussabliny Framjee Camajee
Bunanjee Muncherjee.

Mingqua's New Hong.
Vowrojee Nusserwanjee

No. 2
Cowasjee Pestonjee.

James L. Man & Co.
Merwanjee Pestonjee.

James Lawrence Man.
Dinsaw Merwanjer.

Burjorjee Eduljee.

Outside Nero Hong.
Nowrojee Cowasjee.

No. 1
No. 4.

William Buckler.
Noor Mahomed Datoobhoy & (0.

William Buckler jr.
Mulloobhoy Dongersey,
Hajeebhoy Dawood

Thos, M. Dehon.
No. 5.

No. 2
Ameerodeen & Jafferbhoy.

Carlowitz, Harkort & Co.
Aineeroodeen Abdol Latiff.

Richard Carlowitz.
Nujmoodeen Shoojantally.

Brenhard Harkort.
Shumsondeen Moockrey.

No. 3
Framjee Burjorjee.

William Puslau & Co.
Shaik Munsoor Nizamally,

Villiam Pustau.
Jainasjee Rustoinjee Avaldar.

C. Brodersen
(umerally Rumzanally.
Alla Bux Dosunjee.

Nesserwanjee Byramjee Fackeerajee.
No. 6.

Nesserwanjee Framjee.
P & D. Nesserwanjee Camajee & Co.

Aspenderjee Tamojee.
Pestonjee Nowrojee Pochowjee.
Durabj:e Nesserwanjee Camnajee.

Rev. P. Parker, M. D. and family
Florinusjee Nasse wanjee Pochawjee.
Rustumjee Pestonjee Cawperwala.

American Hong.
Khumroodin L’nverally.

No. 1.

Olyphant & Co.
New French Hong. William H. Morss
No. 1.

Richard P. Dana.
Mackay & Co.

Frederick A. King.
Hugh Mackay.

William 0. Bokee. W. Hunt

David O. King. S. McMurray

No. 2

Henderson Watson & Co Khan Mahomed Haberbloy.

S. Mackenzie.
Veerjee Rabim.

A. Thorne.
Abdol Rahim Nuyunee.
Guolain Hoosam Chandoo

Boustead & C.
Ebrahim Shrik Hoosain

Edward Boustead, ab.
No. 2

Martin Wilhelmy
R. Mcliregor

No. 3.
No 5.

Ripley Smith & Co.
B Kenny, surgeon, and farrily. Philip W Ripley, and family
Florencio do Rozario.

Henry H. Smith
Juze da Rocha.

Robert Ellice.

No. 4.
C.S. Compton & Co,
Charles S. Compton.

Spencer Compton.
A. E. H. Campbell.
Edmund B. Gunnell.
Paushun Hong.

No. 2
Murrow & Co.
Y J. Murrow.

W. N. Piccope.
L. E. Murrow.

No. 4.
Heerjeebhoy Ardaseer & Co.
Heerjeebhoy Hormuzjee.
Ardaseer Rustomjee.
Cureetjee Hosunjee.
Eduljee Cursetjee.

No. 5.
Cowasjee Sapoorjee Lungrana.
Pestonjee Byramjee Colah.
Muncherjee Sapoorjee.
Pestonjee Jamsetjee Motiwalla.
Rustomjee Pestonjee.
Aderjee Sapoorjee.
Ruttonjee Framjee.
Dadabhoy Jamseljee.
Merwanjee Eduljee.
Nourojee Manock jee Lungrana.

No. 6.

Dent & Co.
John Dent.

M. W. Pitcher.
D. Johnson.
James Bowman.
Imperial hong.

No. I. and 2

Wetmore & Co.
Samuel Welmore, jr. ab.
William Moore.
George H. Lamson.

Henry Davis
Thomas Gittins.
0. E. Roberts.
Manoel Simoens.
Querino A. Gutierres.

Swedish hong.

No. 1, 2, and 3.

Russell & Co. Paul S. Forbes.

W. H. King.
George Perkins.

S. J. Hallam. ab.
E A. Low.
G. Meredith
S. T. Baldwin.
J. Crampton
E. Cunningham. ab.
F. Reiche.
Segismundo Rangel.
Jayme Rangel

No. 4.
John D. Sword & Co.
John D. Sword.

No. 5.
R. P. De Silver.
H. T. De Silver.
Old English.

No. 1.
Nye, Parkin & Co.
William W. Parkin.
Clement Nye.
Thomas S. H. Nye.

Timothy J. Durrell.
Joaquim P. Yan Loffelt.
Jullius Kreyenhagen.
E C. H. Nye.
Francisco A. Seabra.

No. 2,
Rathbones Worthington & Co.
James Worthington.

F. Duval.
Charles Maltby
H. R. Hardie.

No. 3.
Jamieson How & Co.
J. F. Edger.
Richard Rothwell.

No. 4.
Charles Sanders.

No. 5 Dallas & Co. Stephen Ponder. Frederick Booker.

No. 6
Gilman & Co.
R. J. Gilinan, ab.

Levin Josephs.
A Hudson
W. H. Vacher.
John Williams.
George de St. Croix.
Chauchau hong.

No. 1
D & M. Rustomjee & Co.

J. E. Munsell.

No. 3
Canton B. Chamber of Commerce.
John A. T. Meadows.
S. Marjoribanks, Surgeon.
John Rowe, Surgeon

No. 6.
Gibb Livingston & Co.
J. Skinner.

J. M. Wright.

W. H Wardley.

No. 2.

Joseph L. Roberto.
R. & D. Ruttunjee.

J. H. Everett
Ruslomjee Rullunjee.

William Gilbert. Dhunjeebhoy Rullunjee.

Augustine Heard jr.

Domingos P. Marques.
Hormuzjee Framjee & Co.
Rustomjee Byramnjee.

George Barnet & Co.
Curseljee Rustomjee.

George Barnet.
Pestonjee Dinshawjee.

William Barnet.
No. 3.

Horace Wiltshire.
Sapoorjee Bomanjee.
Cowasjee Frainjee.

Macvicar & Co.
No. 4.

Thomas Davis Neave.
Nesser wanjee Ardaseer Bhanja.

T. Smith. Jemsetjee Eduljee.

T. C. Piccope. Dhunjeebhoy Framjee Carna.

G. J. Bennetts. Sapoorjee Sorobjee.

Blenkin Rawson & Co. Burjorjee Peslonjee.

8. Raw 800.
No. 6.

W. H. Luce.
Byramjee Cooverjee.
Cursetjee Shovuishaw.

Kennedy MacGregor & Co. Burjorjee Sorabjee.

David Kennedy Dhunjeebhoy Dosabhoy.

George C. Bruce. Nowrojee Cursetjee.

John Murray Dodabboy Sorabjee.

C. A. Koch. Dadabhoy Burjorjee..

A. A. Ritcbie & Co.
Rustomjee Burjorjee.

A. A. Ritchie.
No. 6.

Henry M. Olmsted.
Maneckjee Bomanjee.

J. Manuel Mur. Cursetjee Eduljee.

Charles Platt.
New English Factory.

Holliday Wire & Co.
H. B. M.'s Consulate.

John Holliday.
Adam W. Elmslie.

Charles Waters.
J. T. Walker.
Thomas T. Meadow..

Antonio F. Vandenberg.
Edward F. Giles.

Turner & Co.
Horace Oakley.

T. W L. MacKean.
James Crooke & Musey.

E. H.Levin.
James Crooke.

W. Walkinshaw.
John Cuvillier.

Rev. S. Banks.
Dirom Gray & Co.
W. W. Dale.

David Sassoon Sony & Co.
C. Ryder.

Abdalah D. Sassoon.
George Umson.

Jehangeer Framjee Busey.
A. Gray

Isaac Revben.
D. W. McKenzie.

Benjamin Eliah.
Jardine Matheson & Co.

Solomon David.
David Jardine.

Ruttonjee Hormusjee Camajee & Co.
M. A. Macleod.
Albino de Silveira.

Dossabhoy Hormusjee Camajee.
John T. Mounsey.

Burjorjee Hormusjee Hadeh.

Dorabjee Framjee Colah.
Oriental Bank.

Maneckjee Cooverjee.
Archibald Dunlop.
Samuel Gray.

B. & N. Hormusjee.

Burjorjee Hormusjee.
Augustine Heard & Co.
John Heard.

Dorabjee Pestonjee Patell.
J. G. Ward,

Pallanjee Dorabjee Lalleaca.

Dadabhoy Nasser wanjee Mody & Co. Rev. F. B. Jench.
Nusserwanjee Bomanjee Mody Rev. Wm. Speer.
Muncherjee Nusser wanjee Mody 8. W. Bonney.
Dhunjeebhoy Hormuzjee Hakinna.
Eduljee Framjee Sons & Co.

Hienhia Lan.
Bomanjee Eduljee.

Rev. Dyer Ball m. D. and family.
Dadabhoy Eduljee.

Fischer & Co.

Rev. I. J. Roberts.
Maximilian Fischer, and family.
James Whittall.

E. Moormano & Co.

Benjamin Hobson, M. D.
C. Bauer.

Whampoa Anchorage. Dimier Bruthers & Co.

Thomas Hunt. C. Dimier.

Charles Tobey.

A. Bird
Francis B. Birley, and family.

Dr. Smith.
Reise & Co.

Dr. Lewer.
M. Sichel.

Dr. Brice
Thoma, Everard.

D. M. Lerman.

C. Morris.
Lung-hing kai.

James Rowe.
Rev. A. P. Happer m. D. and family. N. de St. Croix.

ART. VI. A passage along the Broadway River from Canton to

Macao-Description of the silk territory of Shunte. By M. Isi

DORE Hedde. The city of Canton (called by the Chinese Kwang-tong sang-Chin, chief city of Kwang-tong,) is seated at the head of an estuary formed by two great rivers, the one, Tong-Kiang (East river), running from the Kiang-si and Fokien mountains, and the other, Ta-Kiang (great river), descending from a chain of wild hills which separate the independent tribes Mio Sze from Kwei-chan, and fertilising all the Kiang-si. The junction of these two streams forms a large river, which before Canton takes the name of Choo-Kiang (pearl river), on account of pearl oysters found on rocks known by foreigners un der the names of “Dutch and French Follies." The Choo-Kiang divides itself into a thousand branches, the longest of which has taken the name of “ 'Tiger." At the entrance, fourteen miles below Canton, is Whampoa Reach," the commercial port of Canton for foreign intercourse, and where was sigued on the 24th of Oetuber, 1844 the treaty between M. de Lagrénée, the French Plenipotentiary, and the Imperial Commissioner, Keying. Below is the Bogue, or Bucca Tigris, the mouth of the Tiger, formed by two advanced

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