Edward the Second: (Annotated Edition)

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Independently Published, 21. 2. 2021 - Počet stran: 71
Edward II has just become king after the death of his father, and he immediately summons his exiled favorite, Piers Gaveston, to the court. This does not make the nobles of the court happy, as they see Gaveston as basely born and their own influence suffering in light of his. In particular, Mortimer (Junior) and the Earl of Lancaster mount an offense, taking their complaints to the king. Edward cares not, and happily welcomes Gaveston home. The nobles threaten Edward that he cannot have his minion here, and Edward is astonished at their audacity. Nevertheless, he keeps Gaveston by his side and even strips the Bishop of Coventry, who'd been responsible for Gaveston's exile, of his property and tokens of office.

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