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Total No...




.544 90 ..100 .142 76

72 92

Total Yes.....
Majority in favor of the Constitution......


The foregoing does not embrace the vote of Lander County, as it was not certified to the Board of Canvassers in time to be considered. There was no material difference in the vote, however, and consequently it could not have changed the result.


Secretary of State.



WHEREAS, the Congress of the United States passed an Act, which was approved on the 21st day of March last, entitled "An Act to enable the people of Nevada to form a Constitution and State Government, and for the admission of such State into the Union on an equal footing with the original States :"

And whereas, the said Constitution and State Government have been formed, pursuant to the conditions prescribed by the fifth section of the Act of Congress aforesaid, and the certificate required by the said Act, and also a copy of the Constitution and ordinances, have been submitted to the President of the United States:

Now, therefore, be it known, that I, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, President of the United States, in accordance with the duty imposed upon me by the Act of Congress aforesaid, do hereby declare and proclaim that the said State of Nevada is admitted into the Union on an equal footing with the original States.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the city of Washington this thirty-first day of October, in the year of our Lord one [L. S.] thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, and of the independence of the United States the eighty-ninth.


By the President:

WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.


Prepared by Andrew J. Marsh, Official Reporter of the Convention.

Place of Nativity.

N. Hampshire. Massachus'ts..
Pennsylvania. New York.
Vermont... Wisconsin.....
New York.

Ball, Nathaniel A. H.
Banks, James A..
Bellen, W. W.
Brady, H. B.

Brosnan, Cornelius M.
Chapin, Samuel A.
Collins, John A...
Crawford, Israel...
Crosman, J. S...
DeLong, Charles E.
Dunne, E. F..

Earl, Josiah..
Fitch, Thomas...
Frizeil, Lloyd..
Folsom, Gilinan N.
Gibson, George L.
Haines, J. W.
Hawley, Albert T.
Hovey, Almon.
Hudson, George A..
Johnson, J. Neely.
Jones, William Henry.
Kennedy, Francis H.
Kinkead, J. H.
Lockwood, A. J...........
Mason, B. S...
McClinton, J. G..
Morse, E. A...
Murdock, Nelson E..
Nourse, George A..
Parker, H. G.
Proctor, Francis M.
Sturtevant, James H.
Tagliabue, Francis..
Tozer, Charles W.
Warwick, J. H...
Wellington, D.
Wetherill, William..
Williams, R. H..

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Humboldt. Mining Sup't..



37 Single.
36 singie.
Lumber Dealer. 30 Married.






Ormsby. Editor.
Lyon.. Miner.
Storey Lawyer..
Humboldt. Lawyer..
....Lumber Dealer.
Storey .... Lawyer..
Storey Attorney..
Washoe... Lumberman..

Ormsby.. Merchant.
Douglas Farmer.....
Douglas. Lawyer......
Storey Merchant...
Mill Owner.
Ormsby.... Lawyer...
Humboldt. (did not attend.)
Lyon...... Lawyer.....
Ormsby.. Merchant..
Ormsby.... Mechanic.
Esmeralda. Physician
Esmeralda Editor.
Lander.... (did not attend.)
Churchill.. Millwright.
Washoe... Lawyer..
Lyon.. Mining Sup't.


Johnson, J. Neely, President. Ormsby.... Lawyer.
Gillespie, Wm. M., Secretary. Storey Clerk..
Whitford, And'w, Ass't See'y. Storey
.... Clerk..
Marsh, A. J. Official Reporter. California.. Reporter.
Carson, T. M., Serg't-at-Arms. Ormsby.... Saloon Keeper..
Skeene, Wm. E., Doorkeeper. Ormsby....Laborer......
Richards, George, Page......¡Ormsby.

Storey Min'g & Mill'g.
Lander. Lawyer....
Esmeralda. (did not attend.)
Esmeralda. Mining.
Lander.... (did not attend.)]

in Life.

28 Single. Connecticut
49 Married. Ireland
52 Married Massachusetts
50 Married..Vermont....
4: Married.. New York..
44 Married New York.
32 Married. New York.
New York..

28 Single..

42 Married..Ohio...
29 Married.

New York.

40 single.


New York.
Massachusetts. Pennsylvania.

35 Married.
40 Married.
39Married. Lower Canada. Ohio....
33 Single.. Kentucky
45 Married.. New York.
54 Single.
38 Married

64 Single.. New York..
39 Married. Maine.....
35 Married..Vermont...
36 Married.

36 Married New York.
31 single. England
32 Single. New York..
38 Married.. Connecticut...

44 Single.


to Pacific Coast.


38 Married
26 Single....Albany, N. Y..
32 Single. Rhode Island.
38 Married New York.

New York.
New York.

25 Single. Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania.
37 Married. Pennsylvania. Missouri...
30 Single... New York..
47 Widower.. New York.. Illinois
26 single.. Illinois.

38 Single..

36 Married.. Indiana 12 single.. California...




New York.
New York.
New York.
New York..

New Jersey.

New York.
New York.
New York..
Massachusetts. Alabama....



Whence to

What Present
Year. Politics.

in 1860.

1849 California... 1862 Union.. Douglas..
1853 California... 1863 Union.. Lincoln....
1859 Wisconsiu.. 1859 Union.. Lincoln...
1861 California... 1862 Union.. Lincoln...
1850 California... 1863 Union.. Douglas.
1850 California.. 1860 Union.. Lincoln...
1849 California.. 1860 Union.. Lincoln...
1852 California... 1863 Union.. Lincoln...
1852 California.. 1863 Union.. Lincoln..
1850 California.. 1863 Union.. Douglas..
1852 California.. 1863 Union.. Douglas...
1819 California... 1864 Union.. Douglas.
1860 California... 1863 Union.. Lincoln....
1852 California... 1859 Union.. Douglas.
1856 California... 1861 Union.. Lincoln..........
1849 California... 1859 Union..Bell.
1849 California... 1859 Union.. Bell..
1858 California... 1861 Union.. Breckinr'ge. Genoa..
1849 California... 1859 Union.. Douglas.. Virginia City.
1849 California... 1861 Union.. Lincoln......Silver City..
1849 California... 1860 Union.. Bell..

Carson City.

1857 California... 1861 Union..Douglas..
1849 California.. 1860 Union Bell.
1854 California.. 1860 Union..Douglas.
1852 California... 1860 Union..Douglas.
1859 California.. 1861 Union.. Lincoln...

Post Office Address.

1850 California... 1860 Union.. Douglas..
1863 Minnesota.. 1863 Union.. Lincoln...
1852 California... 1864 Union..Douglas.
1849 Californir. 1858 Dem'ct. Bell..
1850 California.. 1857 Union.. Douglas.
1851 California.. 1859 Union.. Lincoln..
1850 California.. 1860 Union.. Breckinr'ge.
1854 California... 1863 Union.. Lincoln....

1849 California,.

1861 Union. Bell.

[blocks in formation]

La Platte City
Carson City.
Silver City
Ione, Nye Co..
Carson City.
Ione, Nye Co..
Gold Hill.

Amador, Lander Co..


1849 California..
1860 Union.. Bell.
Carson City..
1861 New York.. 1861 Union.. Lincoln.. Virginia City..
1854 California.. 1863 Union.. Breckinr'ge.Virginia City.
1860 California... 1864 Union..Lincoln.,. San Francisco, Cal..
1848 California... 1861 Union. Douglas.. Carson City.
1850 Kansas. 1862 Union.. Breckinr'ge. Carson City.
California.. 1859 Union.
Carson City.



[blocks in formation]


CARSON, N. T., July 4, 1864.

Pursuant to the provisions of an Act of Congress, approved March 21, 1864, entitled "An Act to enable the people of Nevada to form a Constitution and State Government, and for the admission of such State into the Union on

an equal footing with the original States," a Convention of Delegates representing the various Counties in the Territory, assembled in the Chamber of the House of Representatives at Carson City, for the purpose of framing a Constitution and form of State Government.

Mr. JOHNSON called the Convention to order. at ten o'clock, A. M., and said :

Gentlemen, Members of the Convention:At the request of several delegates, the hour having arrived when it is proposed that this Convention shall meet, I now call you to order, and move that Judge Brosnan, of Storey, be requested to serve as temporary President.

The question was taken, and the motion was agreed to.

Mr. BROSNAN took the Chair as President pro tem. of the Convention, and said :

Gentlemen of the Convention :-I thank you most sincerely for this mark of your kind attention and respect for me. You will, I know, excuse me from making any observations at this time. Our work lies in hand, and we intend to get through with our business for to-day as rapidly as we can, in order to celebrate this glorious anniversary.

Mr. JOHNSON moved that Mr. Tozer be

[July 4th.

chosen temporary Secretary; which motion was agreed to.

Mr. COLLINS. I would inquire if there is a quorum present.

Mr. JOHNSON. I believe there is not.

Mr. TOZER, the Secretary pro tem., suggested that in order to ascertain the fact, members rise and be counted.

This was done, and only nineteen members, (one less than a quorum), were present.

Messrs. JOHNSON and GIBSON suggested that one or two others were in town, and would be in in a moment.

Mr. STURTEVANT. I suggest, that perhaps it would be a good idea for Mr. Clemens, the Secretary of the Territory, to call the roll of the members elect to the Convention. Then we shall not only know whether or not a quorum is in attendance, but any existing erroneous impressions will be corrected in regard to who are members. For instance, it does not appear from the list as published in the newspapers, that I am a member.

Mr. JOHNSON. We already have a temporary Secretary of the Convention, but nevertheless I will suggest that Secretary Clemens, as he has the roll, or list of names of members roll. I will make that as a motion. elected, oblige the Convention by calling the

The question was taken, and the motion was agreed to.


The Hon. ORION CLEMENS, Secretary of the Territory, proceeded to call the roll of the Convention by counties, in the order in which the election returns had been received by him.

Lyon County,..


The following gentlemen answered to their of Thy presence and can not contain Thee!


-an en

Thou hast given us life. Thy unwearying care
has ever been extended over us, and we have
dwelt and rejoiced "under the shadow of Thy
wing." We acknowledge Thy mercy in direct-
ing our ways,-in appointing our changes, and
in bestowing upon us all the personal, social
and political blessings essential to our highest
temporal and eternal well-being. We thank
Thee for the civil order which has been estab-
lished and maintained in this remote part of our
land-that among these mountains, and amid
these desert wilds, where hidden treasures are
hoarded in their primal beds, neighborhoods,
villages, cities, and the institutions of an en-
lightened Christian civilization have been
planted, as, in a day; and we thank Thee that
now the foundations of a permanent Common-
wealth are being laid, that here, as we trust,
a State is to be reared in righteousness,-
during monument to the honor of Thy name-
a solid pillar in the great temple of human
freedom, and a tower of strength to the Gen-
eral Government, through all time. We be-
seech Thee, Heavenly Father, to bless every
member of this Convention. Imbue each heart
with wisdom from on high, and grant that no
selfish purposes, no sordid motives, no unholy
ambition, may bear influence upon this floor.
May every mind realize its dependence upon
Thee, and be assured of the enlightening influ-
ences of Thy word, and of the blessed teach-
ings of Thy Holy Spirit. Let harmony prevail
through all the deliberations and enactments of
this body, and grant that the Constitution about
to be made may be deeply founded in truth and
equity, and secure to all classes of the inhab-
itants of the new State their natural, inalien-
able rights. And now, oh Lord our God, we
commend to Thy guardian care our bleeding
country. We thank Thee for Thy goodness in
rearing and thus far preserving our nation.
We confess that, as a people, we have wandered
far from Thee. We have neglected Thy word
and Thy sanctuary. We have not heard the
cry of the poor and of the oppressed. We have
abused Thy mercies-have grown proud, and
Forgive us, oh Lord, all our sins; cleanse our
have trusted in our own wisdom and strength.
nation from every iniquity, and use it as a
chosen instrument for good in all coming ages.
We ask that thou will abundantly bless all in
authority over us, especially the President of
these United States, his Cabinet, and the heads
of all the departments of our Government;
grant to watch over them, and to give them
wisdom and strength to enable them to dis-
Remember in merciful kindness our armies and
charge every duty faithfully and in Thy fear.
our navy; guide their generals and officers,
and guard and sustain all under their author-
ity. In the hour of battle be thou their shield
and defence; give them victory, and crown
their efforts to sustain this great nation and to
restore peace with success. Bless the wounded,
the sick, the destitute, the suffering, and the be-

Washoe & Roop Counties,

Churchill County,.
Nye County,.

Frank H. Kennedy,
George A. Hudson,
J. S. Crosman.
George A. Nourse,
James H. Sturtevant.
Nelson E. Murdock.
.Frank. M. Proctor.
John A. Collins,
Charles E. DeLong,
Lloyd Frizell,
Samuel A. Chapin,
Thomas Fitch,
Nath'l A. H. Ball,
Charles Tozer,
Almon Hovey,
Cornelius M. Brosnan.
J. Neely Johnson,
J. H. Kinkead,
Israel Crawford,
George L. Gibson.
Humboldt County,........James A. Banks.
The following gentlemen were absent :-
Lyon County,........ .H. G. Parker,

Ormsby County,..

Storey County,...


Esmeralda County,...

W. W. Belden,

Washoe & Roop Counties, H. B. Brady,
G. N. Folsom.
William Wetherill,
B. S. Mason,
J. G. McClinton,
D. Wellington.
J Albert T. Hawley,
James W. Haines.
. Frank Tagliabue.
..Josiah Earl.

Douglas County,...
Nye County,..
Storey County,..
Ormsby County,..

Humboldt County,.

A. J. Lockwood.
JE. F. Dunne,
William Henry Jones.
J. H. Warwick,
R. H. Williams,
E. A. Morse.

Lander County,...

The Territorial Secretary announced that twenty-one members were present.

The PRESIDENT pro tem. There is a quorum of members present, and before proceeding any further I suggest to the Convention the propriety of opening our proceedings with prayer, inasmuch as I see that the Rev. Mr. White is present.

Mr. COLLINS moved that Rev. Mr. White be invited to offer prayer, which was agreed to. The Rev. E. F. WHITE came forward and offered the following

[July 4th.


Our Father in Heaven, Thou art clothed in majesty and might! Thou art infinite in wisdom and truth-glorious in holiness, and everlasting in being! Heaven and earth are full

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