The Rambler in North America, MDCCCXXXII-MDCCCXXXIII, Svazek 2

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Harper & brothers, 1835

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Strana 160 - Some hold that the whole of the vast region over which they extend was once submerged, and there is much to be said in support of this theory. They appear, however, under various forms, and from observation I should divide them into three great divisions : the ' oak-openings ; ' — the rich level or rolling Prairie interspersed with belts and points of timber ; —and the vast sterile Prairies of the Far West. And first the 'oak-openings...
Strana 192 - Islington there was a man, Of whom the world might say That still a godly race he ran, — Whene'er he went to pray. A kind and gentle heart he had, To comfort friends and foes; The naked every day he clad, — When he put on his clothes. And in that town a dog was found, As many dogs there be, Both mongrel, puppy, whelp, and hound, And curs of low degree.
Strana 151 - Companies of old warriors might be seen sitting smoking under every bush ; arguing, palavering, or ' powwowing,' with great earnestness ; but there seemed no possibility of bringing them to another Council in a hurry. Meanwhile the village and its occupants presented a most motley scene. The fort contained within its palisades by far the most enlightened residents, in the little knot of officers attached to the slender garrison. The quarters here consequently were too confined to afford place of...
Strana 73 - ... of wonder and astonishment. It is rather under an inch in .length, •and appears humid and tender ; the colours are dull, the •eye glazed, the legs feeble, and the wings for a while after they are opened, appear crumpled and unelastic. All this passes before the sun has gained his full strength. As the day advances, the...
Strana 150 - Pottawattomies of the Prairie and those of the Forest, and these are subdivided into distinct villages under their several chiefs. The General Government of the United States, in pursuance of the scheme of removing the whole Indian population westward of the Mississippi, had empowered certain gentlemen to frame a Treaty with these tribes, to settle the terms upon which the cession of their Reservations in these States should be made.
Strana 158 - House, fell full on the countenances of the former as they faced the West; while the pale light of the East hardly lighted up the dark and painted lineaments of the poor Indians, whose souls evidently clave to their birth-right in that quarter. Even though convinced of the necessity of their removal, my heart bled for them in their desolation and decline. Ignorant and degraded as they may have been in their original state, their degradation is now ten-fold, after years of intercourse with the whites...
Strana 126 - The being within, communing with past ages, tells me that once, nor until lately, there was no white man on this continent. That it then all belonged to red men, children of the same parents, placed on it by the Great Spirit that made them, to keep it, to traverse it, to enjoy its productions, and to fill it with the same race. Once a happy race.
Strana 156 - It is a grievous thing that Government is not stronghanded enough to put a stop to the shameful and scandalous sale of whiskey to these poor miserable wretches. But here lie casks of it for sale under the very eye of the Commissioners, met together for purposes, which demand that sobriety should be maintained, were it only that no one should be able to lay at their door an accusation of unfair dealing, and of having taken...
Strana 154 - The interior of the village was one chaos of mud, rubbish, and confusion. Frame and clapboard houses were springing up daily under the active axes and hammers of the speculators, and piles of lumber announced the preparation for yet other edifices of an equally light character.
Strana 161 - oak-openings," you find some of the most lovely landscape of the West, and travel for miles and miles through varied park scenery of natural growth, with all the diversity of gently swelling hill and dale — here, trees grouped, or standing single — and there, arranged in long avenues, as though by human hands, with slips of open meadow between. Sometimes, the openings are interspersed with numerous clear lakes, and with this addition become enchantingly beautiful. But few of these reservoirs...

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