The Hundred Greatest Stars

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Springer New York, 3. 7. 2003 - Počet stran: 211
I have always loved the stars. I watch them, photograph one. And you can hardly talk about Zubenelgenubi them, research them, write about them. Their wonder without bringing in Zubeneschamali, so they too are is that they are there not simply for scientists, but for treated within one story. The Sun is not included in the all of us, filling the night sky with their sparkling beauty. 100 list, but instead leads the pack as “Star Zero. ” There are as many different kinds as there are stars Before describing the glories of the 100 stars, an themselves, each an individual. The heavens give us introduction briefs the beginning stargazer on basic bright ones, dim ones, near ones, far ones, the aged, stellar properties and explains the astronomical the young, those that help tell our ancient stories, and terminology, without which we would be continuously those nearly invisible even with the greatest of our tongue-tied. A separate glossary provides a quick technologies. Taken together, they relate the tale of our reminder. Then we move on to the stars themselves. existence, of the birth, life, and death of the Sun on Each of my favorite stars is introduced by a short which we depend.

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The One Hundred Greatest Stars

Recenze od uživatele  - roger56 -

Another great book by Dr. Kaler. Very well written Dr Kaler picked 100 stars and wrote about what makes the unique. If you are interested in astronomy this is an interesting book to read. Přečíst celou recenzi

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Recenze od uživatele  - barbharris1 - LibraryThing

This is an excellent "biography" of the 100 greatest stars (in the authors opinion). Each entry describes the location of the star (constellation), other names for the star, class, visual magnitude ... Přečíst celou recenzi

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