Comparison of the Ttariff Acts of 1909 and 1913 ...

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Strana 218 - of commerce or boards of trade, not organized for profit or no part of the net income of which inures to the benefit of the private stockholder or individual; nor to any civic league or organization not organized for profit, but operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare: Provided
Strana 278 - provisions of this Act, are hereby repealed, but the repeal of existing laws or modifications thereof embraced in this Act shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued, or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil case before the said repeal or modification; but all rights and liabilities under said
Strana 218 - year out of income in the maintenance and operation of its business and properties, including all charges such as rentals or franchise payments, required to be made as a condition to the continued use or possession of property; (second) all losses actually sustained
Strana 278 - S. That, except as hereinafter provided, sections one to forty-two both inclusive, of an Act entitled "An Act to provide revenue, equalize duties, and encourage the industries of the United States, and for other purposes," approved August fifth, nineteen hundred and nine, and all Acts and parts of Acts
Strana 142 - at any of the ports of the United States, and the importation thereof is hereby prohibited: Provided further, That nothing in this act contained shall be held to repeal or modify said act to provide for a tax upon white phosphorus matches, and for other purposes, approved April
Strana 218 - ordinary and necessary expenses paid within the year in the maintenance and operation of its business and properties, including rentals or other payments required to be made as a condition to the continued
Strana 269 - trade, and all such materials necessary for the building of their machinery, and all articles necessary for their outfit and equipment, may be imported in bond under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe; and upon proof that such materials have been used for such purposes no duties shall be paid thereon.
Strana 174 - Books, libraries, usual and reasonable furniture, and similar household effects of persons or families from foreign countries, all the foregoing if actually used abroad by them not less than one year, and not intended for any other person or persons, nor for sale. Borax, crude and unmanufactured..,
Strana 218 - any corporation or association organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, or educational purposes, no part of the net Income of which inures to the benefit, of any private stockholder or individual, nor to business leagues, nor to
Strana 104 - Handkerchiefs composed of flax, hemp, or ramie, or of which these substances, or any of them, is the component material of chief value, whether in the piece or otherwise, and whether finished or unfinished: Not hemmed or hemmed only Hemstitched, or imitation hemstitched, or revered, or with drawn threads, but not embroidered,

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