Jane Austen and Leisure

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Bloomsbury Academic, 1999 - Počet stran: 352
"The smooth working of society depended on a round of visits, dinners and evening parties, sometimes enlivened by cards, music, dancing or amateur theatricals; and there were also regular outings to balls and assemblies, plays and concerts. Bath and other spas were active centres of entertainment of all kinds; and the seaside resort was steadily growing in importance. Jane Austen experienced all these herself and put them to good use in her novels; but she also registered the act that quiet, solitary pursuits such as reading, walking or the inevitable needlework might be more to the taste of a Fanny Price or an Anne Elliot. Male characters employ their leisure in a number of sports, often glimpsed offstage - shooting, hunting, racing, gaming."--BOOK JACKET. "Jane Austen and Leisure identifies leisure and its use as a central characteristic of Jane Austen's work."--BOOK JACKET.

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David Selwyn is the author of Jane Austen and Leisure and the editor of Jane Austen Collected Poems and verse of the Austen Family, The Complete Poems of James Austen, Fugitive Pieces: The poems of James Edward Austen-Leigh and, with Maggie Lane, Jane Austen: A Celebration. He is Chairman of the Jane Austen Society. As well as editing the journal of the Jane Austen Society, he has contributed to the new Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jane Austen for CUP, and also to the forthcoming second edition of the Cambridge Companion to Jane Austen.

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