Composite Orders: The Genres of Milton's Last Poems

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Richard S. Ide, Joseph Wittreich, James D. Simmonds
University of Pittsburgh Press, 1983 - Počet stran: 318
Milton Studies is published annually by the University of Pittsburgh Press as a forum for Milton scholarship and criticism. The journal defines the literary, intellectual, and historical contexts that impacted Milton by studying the work of his contemporaries, seventeenth century political and religious movements, his influence on other writers, and the history of critical response to his work.

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O autorovi (1983)

Joseph Wittreich is a Distinguished Professor of English at the Graduate School and University Center at the City University of New York. He is the editor of "The Romantics on Milton" and author of "Angel of Apocalypse: Blake's Idea of Milton", "Visionary Poetics: Milton's Tradition and His Legacy", and "Feminist Milton".

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