The Elephant Man

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Garrett County Press, 2011 - Počet stran: 142
Acclaimed author Frederick Drimmer presents an astonishing biography of Joseph Merrick -- a man so disfigured by the disease of neurofibromatosis his very appearance tests the capacity for kindness and understanding. It was a London freak show that gave Merrick the name of The Elephant Man and it was at the same freak show that he would meet his savior, London surgeon Frederick Treves. Constantly threatened by the harsh and violent conditions of Victorian England, Merrick was sure to spend his whole life exploited and alone if not for Treves' courage. Motivated by both scientific curiosity and an unrelenting drive to do what's right, Treves formed an unlikely alliance with Merrick. This is a story told at the extremes of good and evil. This is a story, told in language "containing a skillful balance of simplicity and insightful nuances," that is weird, daring and wonderful, making for one of the most brilliant books ever written about the human condition.

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