Annual Report of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture

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Reports for 1862-66 include reports of the Ohio Pomological Society.

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Strana 702 - We may live without poetry, music, and art ; We may live without conscience, and live without heart ; We may live without friends ; we may live without books ; But civilized man cannot live without cooks. He may live without books, — what is knowledge but grieving ? He may live without hope, — what is hope but deceiving ? He may live without love, — what is passion but pining ? But where is the man that can live without dining ? XX.
Strana 607 - The latent tracts, the giddy heights explore Of all who blindly creep, or sightless soar; Eye Nature's walks, shoot folly as it flies, And catch the manners living as they rise; Laugh where we must, be candid where we can; But vindicate the ways of God to man.
Strana 394 - Consider what you have in the smallest chosen library. A company of the wisest and wittiest men that could be picked out of all civil countries, in a thousand years, have set in best order the results of their learning and wisdom. The men themselves were hid and inaccessible, solitary, impatient of interruption, fenced by etiquette ; but the thought which they did not uncover to their bosom friend is here written out in transparent words to us, the strangers of another age.
Strana 6 - Vista, with interest thereon at the rate of eight per cent per annum, payable semi-annually on the first day of March, and the first day of September in each year...
Strana 293 - Before any commercial fertilizer is sold or offered or exposed for sale, the manufacturer, importer, or party who causes it to be sold or offered for sale, within this state, shall file with the secretary of the...
Strana 604 - WHATEVER IS — IS BEST. I know as my life grows older, And mine eyes have clearer sight — That under each rank wrong, somewhere There lies the root of Right; That each sorrow has its purpose, By the sorrowing oft unguessed, But as sure as the sun brings morning, Whatever is — is best. I know that each sinful action, As sure as the night brings shade, Is somewhere, sometime punished, Tho
Strana 589 - For there we loved, and where we love is home, Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts...
Strana 368 - Any person, selling, offering or exposing for sale, any commercial fertilizer, without the statement required by section one of this act, or with a label stating that said fertilizer contains a larger percentage of any one or more of the constituents mentioned in said section than is contained therein, or...
Strana 678 - self-made" man; and, although he ridiculed the man who "was so learned, that he could name a horse in nine languages ; so ignorant, that he bought a cow to ride on," he did so more in humor than in malice.
Strana 367 - ... shall be accompanied by or shall have affixed to each and every package in a conspicuous place on the outside thereof, a plainly printed statement which shall certify as follows: 1. The number of pounds in the package.

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