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A BJECTS, the most servile that will keep for two years ; and lowest of subjects.

in French, deux-ans. Aby, to pay dear for, to suffer. Approof, approbation, or someAbysm, abyss, from the French times, proof, confirmation. abysme, now abime.

Aqua vite, probably, usqueAccite, to call or summons.

baugh Aconitum, wolfsbane.

Arabian bird, the phoenix. Adam, the name of ao outlaw, Argentine goddess, regent of Doted for his skillin archery.

the silver moo1). Much Ado.

Argier, Algiers. Adam Cupid, an allusion to the Argosies, ships of great bursame person.

then. Addrest, ready, prepared.

Aroint, avaunt, or be gone. Advertising, attentive. Ascapart, a giant. Aery, or Aiery, a nest. Ascaunt, askew, aside, sideAffect the letter, to practise

ways. alliteration.

Aspersion, sprinkling. Affects, affections or passions. Assay, to take the assav, apAffeered, a law-term for con- plied to those who tasted firmed.

wine for princes. Affied, betrothed.

Assinego, an ass driver, a foolAffined, joined by affinity. ish fellow. Affront, sometimes, to face or Astringer, a gentleman falconconfront.

er; from austercus, a gos. Afy, to betroth in marriage. hawk. Aglet-baby, a diminative be- At point, completely armed.

ing, not exceeding in size the Atomies, minute particles distag of a point; from uiguil. cernible when the sun breaks lettes.

into a darkened room. Agnize, acknowledge, confess, Attasked, taken to task, cenavow.

sured. Aiery, a hawk's or eagle's nest. Attent, attentive. Airy fame, verbal eulogium. Alder-liefest, preferred to all Baccare, a proverbial word, of

things; from leve or lefe, doubtful meaning ; perhaps dear, and alder, of all.

from baccalare, arrogant. A'life, at life.

Bale, bane, ruin, misfortune. Amazonian chin, a chip with- Baldrick, á belt. out a beard.

Balked, either bathed, or piled Ames-ace, the lowesteliance of

up. the dice.

Bandog, i.e. Dand-dog, a vilA mort, sunk, dispirited.

lage dog, or mastiff Ancient, an ensign, or stand- Bandy, a metaphor from tennis. ard-bearer.

playing, toexchange smartly. Angle, a fishing-rod.

Banning, cursing, commonly Antres, caves and dens.

used in Soutland. Appeach, to impeach.

Bans, curses.

(mon Apple-John, species of apple Barbason, the name of a de VOL. VIII.


Barbe, a kind of veil.

Bilberry, the whurtle-berry. Barber-monger, one who con- Bilbo, a Spanish blade, flexible

sorts with barbers, a low fel- and elastic; the best of which low.

are made at Bilboa. Barm, yeast; used in the mid- Bilboes, a bar of iron, with fetland counties, and in Ireland ters annexed to it, by which and Scotland

mutinous sailors were anBarnacles, a kind of shell-fish, ciently linked together; de

growing on the bottom of rived from Bilboa, which was ships.

famous for the manufacture Barne, a child.

of instruments of steel. The Barrfull, full of impediments. bilboes may be seen in the Bases, a kind of loose breeches. Tower of London, among the Basta, 'tis enough.

spoils of the Spanish armada. Bate, strife or contention. Bill, articles of accusation. Batlet, the instrument with Bill, the old weapon of English

which washers beat their infantry, still used by the coarse clothes.

watchmen in some towns. Batten, to grow fat.

Bin, is. Bavin, brushwood, which, Bird-bolt, a short thick arrow fired, burns fiercely, but is without a point, used to kill soon out.

rooks, and shot from a crossBawcock, perhaps from beau

bow. and coq, a jolly cock, or cock Bisson, blind. of the game.

Black cornered night, night Bay curtal, a bay docked horse. which is as obscure as a dark Bay windows, bow windows. cornemu Beadsmen, chaplains, or per- Blacks, moarning made ofstuffs

sons maintained by charity of different colours dyed to pray for their benefactor. black. Bear a brain, to have a perfect Blank, i. e. of the eye, the remembrance.

white, or the white mark at Beck, a salutation made with which arrows are discharged.

the head : in the North, it Blank and level, mark and aim, means cartsying.

terms of gunnery. Becomed, becoming.

Blaze, i.e. of youth, the spring Behests, commands.

of early life. Behowl, to bowl at.

Blench, to start off, to fly off. Beldame, ancient mother. Blent, blended, mixed togeBe-lee'd, becalmed.

ther. Belongings, endowments. Blind-worms, the Cæcilia, or Be-mete, bemeasure.

slow-worm. Bemoiled, bedrag gled, be- Block, the thing on which a bat mired.

is formed. Besmirch, to fool dirty. Blurted, or blurt, an espresBestraught, distracted.

sion of contempt. Beteem, to give or bestow, or Bobbed, fooled out of, cheated.

to permit, deign, or suffer. Bodge, to botch, or to budge. Bevy, a company, or number, Boitier, a box to hold salve, or

originally applied to larks. simples. Bewray, betray, discover. Bolds, emboldens. Bezonian, a term of reproach ; Boltered, bedaubed, begrimed. from bisognoso, a needy per- Bolting-hutch, a wooden re

ceptacle into which the meal Bias cheek, swelling out like is bolted. the bias of a bowl.

Bombard, a barrel. Bid the base, to challenge in a Bona-robas, ladies of pleasure. contest.

Bores, stabs, or wounds. Biggin, a kind of cap, worn Borne in hand, deceived, innow only by children.

posed upon.


Bosky, woody; bosky acres are Breeching, liable to school disfields divided by hedge-rows; cipline

from boscus and bosquet. Bribe-buck, a back sent for a Bots, worms in the stomach of bribe.

a horse.- A bots light upon, Bridal, a nuptial feast; a word an imprecation.

yet used in the North. Bottled spider, a large bloated, Brief, a short account, a conglossy spider.

tract hastily performed.Boulted, sifted, or refined. Now-born brief, is the brete Bourn, boundary, or rivalet originale of the feudal times. dividing land.

Bring, attend or accompany. Bow, yoke.

Bring out, bring forth. Bower, chamber.

Brise, the gad, or horse-tly. Bowlins, or bowlines, ropes by Broach, to put on the spit, to which the sails of a ship are

transfix. governed when the wind is Brock, the badger. unfavourable.

Brogues, a kind of shues. Bowling, or the smoothness of Broken, communicated. a bowling-green;

Broken mouth, a mouth thal Bowstrings, i. e. hold or cut, has lost part of its teeth. at all events.

Broken tears, tears wbich are Brace, the armour for the arm : interrupted. warlike brace, state of de

Broker, a matchmaker, a profence,

curess. Brach, a kind of honod; or Broker, deals as a broker.

used as a term of contempt. Brooch, a trinket with a pin Brack, to salt.

fixed to it. Braid, crafty or deceitful. Brooched, adorned. Brain's flow, tears.

Brought, attended. Brake, an instrument of tor- Brow, i.e. of youth, the height

ture, or a thicket or furze- of youth. busb.

Brown bil, a kind of battle-axe Brands, a part of the andirons, affixed to a stick.

on which the wood for the Brotonist, a follower of Brown, fire was supported.

a sectarian. Brasier, a manufacturer in Bruising irons, an allusion to

brass, or a reservoir for char- the ancient mace. coal.

Bruit, noise, or report. Brave, to make fine ; bravery

Brush, i, e. of time, decay by was the old term for elegance time. of dress.

Buckle, to bend, or yield to Bravely, splendidly, or gal- Bug, bugbear.

Cpressure. Jantly.

Bugle, hunting-horn. Bravery, finery.

Bulk, body. Brawl, a kind of dance. Bumbard, a large vessel for Braying, an epithet applied to holding drink.

the sogod of the trumpet, Bung, a cut-purse. barsh, grating.

Bunting, the name of a bird. Break, to begin.

Burgonet, a helmet. Break up, to carve.

Burst, to break, or broken. Break with, to break the mat- Busky, woody. ter to.

Butt-shaft, an arrow to shoot Breast, voice.

at butts with. Breath, speech, K. John. Ti- Buxom, under good command,

mon. Exercise, Troilus and obedient. Cres. A slight exercise of

Caddis-garter, a kind of wor. Breathing-courtsy, verbal

sted garter. compliment.

Caddises, worsted lace. Breeched, foully sheathed, or Cade, a barrel. mired.

Cadent, falling

arms, ibid.


the cap.

Cage, a prison.

Cased lion, a lion irritated by Cain-coloured, yellow; Cain confinement.

was represented of that co- Casques, helmets. Joar in old pictures.

Cassock, a horseman's loose Caitiff, a prisoner, slave, or coat. scoundrel.

Cast, to empty, to throw or Calculate, to foretell or pro- reject. phesy.

Cast lips, left-off lips. Caliver, a light kind of musket. Cast the water, to find ont Callet, a bad woman, or witch. disorders by inspecting the Calling, appellation.

urine. Camelot, a place where king Cataian, a liar; the first adven

Artbur is supposed to bave turers who visited Cataia, or I kept his court.

China, were notorious liars, Canaries, the name of a brisk, as Paulo and Maudeville. light dance.

Catling, a small lute-string Canker, the canker-rose, dog- made of catgut. rose, or hip.

Cavalero-justice, a cant term. Canstick, candlestick.

Cavalero, an airy, sprigbtly, Cantle, a corner, or piece of irregular fellow any thing.

Caviare, too good for, or foreign Cantons, used for cantos.

to. Canvas.climber,


Caviare, a luxurious Russian climbs the mast to furl the dish made of the roe of the canvas, a ship-boy.

stargeon. Capped, saluted by taking off Cautel, subtlety, or deceit.

Cautelous, artful, or insidious. Capable impressure, hollow Cauterizing, burning, or blismark.

tering, Capocchia, a sot, or dull, heavy Cearment, the wrapping of an

gall, from the Italian capoc- embalmed body. chio.

Cease, decense, die. Capricious, lascivious.

Censer, brasiere. Captious, for capacious. Certes, certainly. Carack, a vessel of great bulk. Cess, measure, tas, or subsidy. Caracts, characters.

Chaliced, i. e. flowers, with Carbonado, a piece of meat cat cups, from calis.

crossways for the gridiron. Challenge, law-term, the right Card, sea-chart.

of refusing a juryman. Carded, mixed.

Chamber, London was ancientCarieres, i. e. to pass the ca- ly called the king's chamber.

rieres, a military phrase. Chamber, a piece of ordnance. Means that the common Chamberers, men of intrigae. bounds of good behaviour Changeling, a child substituted were overpassed.

for one stolen. Carkanet, a kind of necklace Channel, kennel.


Chantry, little chapel in a caCarl, clown, husbandman. Character, hand-writing. Carlot, a peasantorchurl; from Characte, characters. carl.

Charactery, the matter of Carnal, sanguinary.

which characters are made. Carouses, drinks.

Chares, task-work. Carpet knight, a term of re- Charge-house, free-school. proach, spoken of

Chariest, from chary, the most knighted in time of peace, cautious. and on a carpet, on some Chariness, caution. festive occasion,

Charles-toain, vulgar name for Carriage, import.

the constellation called the Case, skin, outside.

Bear. Cnse of lives, a set of lives, or Charneco, a kind of sweet wine. pair of any thing.

Chases, a term in tennis.

or chain.


Chaudron, entrails.

Cockshut-time, twilight. Cheater, for escheatour, an of- Cockle, a weed which grows up ficer in the Excheqoer.

with corn. Check, command, control. Cockled, like the fish called a Cheer, countenance.

cockle. Cherry-pit, pitching cherry. Cockle-hat, cockle-shell bal,

stones into a little hole. such as pilgrims wore. Cheveril, kid-skin soft leather. Cockney, a well-knowo term Chetret, orchuet, a pie, a noisy, of reproach.

cbattering bird, or a fat pud- Codding, amorous. ding.

Codpiece, a piece of dress. Chide, resound, reecho. Coffin, ancient term for the Child, sometimes applied to raised crust of a pie. knights and beroes.

Cog, to falsify the dice, to lie. Childing, pregnant.

Cogging, lying Choppine, a bigb shoe or clog. Coigne of vantage, convenient Chopping, jabbering, talking corner. glibly.

Coignes, corners. Chough, a bird of the jackdaw Coil, bustle, stir. kind.

Collection, consequence or coChristom, or chrisom, a chris- rollary. tened child.

Collied, black, smutted with Chrystals, eyes. (dearment. coal, discoloured. Chuck, cbicken, a term of en- Collier, a term of reproach, Chuffs, rich, avaricious people. from the impositions of coalCircummured, walled round. dealers. Circumstance, circumlocution. Comart, a bargain. Circumstanced, treated ac- Combrinate, betrothed.

cording to circumstances. Comforting, abetting. Cital, recital.

Commend, commit.
Clack-dish, a beggar's dish. Committed, lain with.
Clamour, when bells are at the Commodity, self-interest.

height, in order to cease them Commonty, a comedy.
the repetition of the strokes Companies, companions.
becomes much quicker than Compassed, round.
before, which is called cla- Composture, composition.
mouring them

Concupy, i cant word from Clap in, fall to.

concupiscence. Clapped i' the clout, hit the Conduct, conductor. white mark.

Coney-catched, deceived, Claw, to flatter.

cheated. Clean kam, awry.

Conject, conjecture. Clearest, purest.

Consent, used sometimes for Clepe, to call.

will. Clerkly, like a scholar. Continent, that which contains Cling, to dry or shrink op. or encloses. Clinquant, glittering, shining. Contraction, marriage, conClipi, twined around,

tract. braced.

Control, confute. Clout, the white mark at which Convents, agrees, is convenient. archers took their aim,

Convented, summoned. Clouted, strengthened with Convertite, a convert. clout, or hobnails.

Convey, steal, conveyance, Clutch, to clasp, or grasp.

theft. Coasting, conciliating, invit- Conveyers, thieves. ing.

Conveyed himself, derived his Cob-loaf, a crusty, oneven, gib- title. boos-loaf.

Convicted, overpowered, bafCock and pye, a popular ad- fled, destroyed. juration.

Convive, to feast.


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