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tbe game.

Copat ain hat, a bat with a co- Crone, old worn-out woman. nical crown.

Cross-gartered, an article of Copped, rising to a top or head. puritanical dress. Coragio, an exclamation of en- Crow-keeper, a scare-crow. couragement.

Crownet, last purpose. Corky, dry, or withered. Cruel, worsted. Lear, applied Corollary, surplus, one more to garters. than enough.

Crush, to drink. Corporal, corporeal.

Crusado, a Portuguese eoin. Corrigible, corrected.

Cry, a pack or troop. Costard, a head.

Cub-drawn, i. e. bear, one Coster-monger, a dealer in oos- whose dugs are drawn dry.

ters, or costards, a kind of Cuisses, armour for the thighs, . apples.

cuisses, Fr. Cote, to overtake.

Cunning, knowing, skilfel, in Couch, to lie with.

a good meaning Counter-caster, one who reck- Curb, to bend and truckle, from ons by counters.

courber. Countercheck, an old term in Curled, ostentatiously dressed. the game of chess.

Curious, serapulous. Counterfeit, sometimes used Currents, occurrences. for a portrait.

Curst, shrewd, inischievous. Counterpoints, counterpanes. Curtail-dog, one which misses County, ancient term for a nobleman.

Curtle axe, a catlass, broadCourser's-hair, alluding to the sword.

notion that the bair of a horse, Customer, a common woman. dropt into a corrupted water, Oth. &c. or oue wbo visits will turn to an animal.

such. Courses, the mainsuil and fore- Cut, horse. sail.

Cut and long tail, a phrase from Court-cupboard, sideboard. dogs, poor or rich. Cowed, restrained, or made Cuttle,a kaife used by sharpers.

cowardly. Cower, to sink by bending the Daff, or Doff, to put off. hams.

Damn, condem. Cowlstaff, a staff for carrying a Dank, wet, rotten.

large tub or basket with two Darkling, in the dark. handles.

[ly. Darraign, range, put in order. Coyed, condescended relactant- Dauberry, counterfeit, disCoystril, a coward cock, a pal- guise. try fellow.

Day-bed, a couch. Cozier, a tailor, from cousu; Dealt, fought by proxy.

or a cobbler, or sowter. Dear, sometimes means inmeCrack, a child.

diate, consequential. Crack of doom, dissolation of Dearn, direful, lone, solitary. nature.

Deboshed, debauched. Cranking, crankling, applied Dock, of cards, a pack, to the rush of a river.

Decked, sprinkled. Cranks, windings.

Decline, as in grammar, to run Crare, a small trading vessel. through from tirst to last. Crash, to be merry over. Deem, opinion, surmise. Craven, a degenerate, dispirit- Default (in the), at need.

ed cock. Cowardly, to make Defeat, to free, to disembarrass. cowardly.

Defeature, alteration of fenCredent, creditable, probable. tores. Cressets, a light set upon a Defence, the art of fencing.

beacon, from croissette. Deftly, adroitly, dexterously. Crisp, curling, winding; or for Delighted, spirit, accustomed crypt, vaulted.

to delight.

Demise, grant.

Dorol, a feather. Denay, denial.

Down-gyved, hanging down Denayed, denied.

like the loose cincture which Denotements, indications, dis- confines the fetters round the coveries.

ancle. Denude, strip, divest.

Draught, the jakes. Depart and part, often synony- Draw, sometimes used for withmous.

draw. Deprive disinherit.

Drawn, swords drawn. Deracinate, force up by the A drawn fox, one which is roots.

trailed over the ground, and Derogate, degraded.

deceives the hounds. Descant, a term in music, or Dressings, semblances or hato barangue upon.

biliments of virtue. Deserved, deserving.

Driven bed, one for which the Despatched, bereft. Ced. feathers are selected by drivDetected, suspected, or charg- ing with a fan. Determined, sometimes for Drumble, to act as confused concluded.

and stupid. Dibble, an instrument in gar- Ducdame, duc ad me, the supdeping:

posed burthen of a song: Dickon, Richard.

Dudgeon, the haft or handle of Diet, to pat under a regimen, to a dagger.

oblige to fast, or to loathe. Dull, gentle soothing. Diffused, wild, irregular, ex- Dullard, a person stupidly untravagant.

concerned. Digression, transgression. Dumbs, makes silent. Dildos, the barthen of a song Dump, a mournfal elegy. Directitude, discreditude, or Dung, an obscene word, prodiscredit.

bably part of a proverb. Disable, undervalue.

Dungy, of dung, earthy. Disappointed, usappointed, Dupped, did up, put up, open

unprepared. Discandy, to melt the sweets, Durance, some lasting kind of to dissolve.

stuff. Discourse, reason. Dishabited, dislodged.

Kager, sour, harsh. Dismes, Fr. tenths.

Eanlings, Jambs just dropt. Disnatured, wanting natural Ear, to plough. affection.

Ear-kissing, whispering: Dispark, to throw down the Easy, slight, inconsiderable. hedges.

Eche, eke out. Disperge, to sprinkle. Ecstasy, alienation of mind. Dispose, to make terms. Edward shovel-boards, EdDisputable, disputatious. ward Vith's shillings, used Dispute, talk over, reason at shuffle-board. apon, account for.

Effects, affects, affections, Disseat, displace.

Mea.for Mea. Actions, Ham. Distained, upstained.

Eftest, or Deftest, readiest. Distate, to corrupt.

Eld, old person or persons, Distemperature, perturbation. Mer. Wiv. Decrepitude, Distraught, distracted.

Mea. for Mea. Diverted, turned out of the Element, initiation, previous course of nature.

practice. Division, phrase in music, the Eif, done by elves or fairies. parts of it.

Elvish marked, marked by Doff. See Daff:

elves. Dole, alms, or distribution,

Emballing, being distinguished Don, to do on, put on.

by the ball, the emblem of Dout, do out, extinguish. royalty.


Embare, expose, display to Estimation, conjectare. view.

Estridges, ostriches. Embarquements, impediments, Eterne, eternal. hinderances.

Ever, to make even, or repreEmbossed, enclosed; when a sent plain.

deer is run bard, and foams Even Christian, fellow Chrisat the mouth, he is said to be tian. embossed. Swollen, puffy. Evils, jakes. Empericutick, of an empirical Examined, disputed or double kind, quackish.

ed. Empery, dominion, sovereigo Escellent differences, distincommand.

guished excellencies. Emulous, often used in a bad Excrement, the beard. sense for envious,

Execute, sometimes for to use, Enactures, laws.

or employ. Encave, hide.

Executors, executioners. End, still an end, generally. Exempt, independent, not onEnfeoff, to invest with posses- der the control of. sion.

[tage. Esercise, exhortation, lectore. Engaged, delivered as a hos- Bxhale, breathe your last. Engross, to fatten or pamper.

Exhibition, allowance. Engrossments, accumulations. Exigent, end. Enkindle, or kindle, to stimu- Exorcism, in Shakspeare, gelate.

nerally means the raising of Enmesh, enclose them all, from spirits. taking birds or fishes with Espect, espectation. meshes.

Expedience, expedition. Enmew, to force to lie in cover; Expedient, often for expedia term in falconry.

tious. Enridged, bordered, or per- Expediently, expeditiously. haps for enraged.

Expostulate, inquire or discuss. Ensconce, to secure in a safe Kxsuflicate, bubble-like. place.

Estacy, a degree of madness. Enseamed, greasy.

Extend, to seize. Enshield, concealed, masked. Extent, violence. Ensteeped, immersed.

Extern, outward. Entertainment, pay, Cor. Oth. Extremity, calamity.

Receive into service, Jul. Eyas-musket, a troublesome Ces.

puppy, infant Lilliputian. Entreatments, favours, or ob- Eyas and musket, are young jects of entreaty:

hawks. Envy, often used for aversion, Eyases, young nestlings. malice.

Eye, a shade. Ephesian, a cant term, perhaps Eyliads, eyes; from æillades. for a toper.

Pr. Brewhile, a little while ago. Eyne, eyes. Erring, wandering, errant. Bscape, illegitimate child. Face-royal, a face not to be Escoted, paid; from escot, meddled with. shot, or reckoning.

Faced, turned up with facings. Esil, or Eisel, a river.

Facinorous, wicked. Esperance, the motto of the Factious, active. Percy family.

Faculty, exercise of power. Espials, spies.

Fadge, to suit or fit. Essential, real, existent. Fadings, a dance. Estimable, i.e.wonder, esteem- Fain, fond.

[ beanty. ing wonder, or esteem and Fair, sometimes for fairness, wonder.

Paitors, traitors, rascals. Estimate, the rate at which I Fall, often used as an active value.

verb: Al fall, at an ebb.

Falsing, a thing that's falsified, Fire-ner, just off the irons or false.

quite new. Falsely, illegally, illegitimate- Firk, to chastise.

ly. Mea. for Mea. Disho- First house, chiefbranch of the nestly, treacherously.

family. Familiar, a demon.

Firstlings, first produce. Pancies and Goodnights, little Fit o' the face, grimace. poems so called.

Fits o' the season, its disorders Fancy, often used for love. Fixure, position. Fang, to seize, or gripe. Flap-dragon, an inflammable Fantastical, of fancy, or ima- substance swallowed by togination.

pers. Fantasticoes, affected, foolish Flap-jack, a kind of pancake. fellows.

Flar, a sudden gust of wind. Pap, beaten, or drunk. Flecked, spotted, dappled Far, estensively.

streaked. Far off guilty, guilty in a re- Fleet, for float. mote degree.

Fleshment, performance. А Farced, stuffed. Farthel, or fardel, a bundle, a

young soldier fleshes his

sword when he first draws burthen

blood with it. Fashions, the farcens, or farcy. Flered, deep-mouthed, *p. Favour, often for countenance. plied to hounds. Favours, features.

Flibbertigibbet, a fiend. Fear, sometimes to affright. Flickering, fluttering, undulaFear, danger.

tion, the motion of flame. Feat, to form, to model. Flote, wave. Feat, ready, dexterous. Flourish, to ornament, sancFederacy, a confederate.

tion. Fee-farni, a kiss in fee-farm, Flout, to wave idly, to wave

a long and unbounded kiss, in mockery. from a law pbrase.

Flush youth, youth ripened to Feeders, low debauched ser- manhood. vants.

Poeman, an enemy in war. Feeding, substance, or main

Foin, to make a thrust in fenctepance.

ing. Peere, a companion, a husband.

Poison, plenty. Fell, skin.

Foison plenty, plenty, to the Pell of hair, hairy part.

utmost abundance. Pr. Fence, skill'in fencing. Fond, valued, prized, someFeodary, an accomplice.

times foolish, indiscreet. Festinately, hastily.

Fond done, foolishly done. Festival terms, splendid phra- Foot, to grasp. seology

Forage, to range abroad. Fet, fetched, derived.

Fordone, overcome or destroy Fico, a fig, or figo:

ed. Fielded, in the field.

Foredoomed, anticipated their Fig, to insult.

doom Pile, a list.

Forefended, probibited, forbid. Filed, defiled.

Foreslovo, to be dilatory, Finch egg, a term of reproach;

Forgetive, from forge, invena tinch's egg is remarkably

tive, imaginative. gaudy.

Forked plague, an allusion to Fine, to make showy or spe- the cuckold's horns. cious.

Formal capacity, not de-arFiner, for final.

ranged, or out of form. Fine issues, great conse- Former, sometimes for forequences.

most. Fineless, unbounded, endless.

Forspoken, contradicted, spoFire-drake, a serpent, a willa

ken against. o'-tbe wisp, a firework.

Forwearied, worn out.



Frampold, fretful, peevish. Glib, to lib, or geld.
Frank, a stye.

Glooming, gloomy.
Franklin, a freeholder, a yeo- Gloze, to expound, or explain

Glut, to swallow. Frets, the stops of a musical God'ild you, God yield you, or instrument, which regulate

reward you. the vibrations of a string.

God's sonties, the abbreviation Frippery, a shop where old of an ancient oath. clothes were sold.

Gongarian, for Hungarian, Frontlet, part of a woman's used as a term of reproach. headdress.

Good den, good evening. Frush, to break, or bruise. Good-jer, from gougere, what Fulham, a cant term for false the pox! dice.

Gorbellied, fat and corpolent. Fulsome, obscene.

Gospelled, of precise or puritan Furnishings, colours, external virtue. pretences.

Goss, forze. Fustilarian, from fusty, a cant Gossomer, the white exhalaname.

tions which fly about in sum. Gaberdine, the coarse frock of Gougeers, the French distema peasant, or a loose cloak.

per. Gad, a sharp pointed instro- Gourd, an instrument of gam

ment: Done upon the Gad, ing. suddenly, capriciously. Gouts, drops. Fr. Galliard, an ancient dance. Gramercy, grand merci, great Galliasses, a kind of ships so thanks. Pr. called.

Grange, a solitary farm-house. Gallimawfry, a confused heap Gratulate, to be rejoiced in. of things together.

Grise, or Grize, a step. Gallow, to scare, or frighten. Groundlings, the lower sort of Gallow-glasses, foot soldiers people who stood or sat on the among the Irish.

ground, in the old theatres. Garboils, coin motions.

Guerdon, reward. Garish, gaudy, showy. Guerdoned, rewarded. Garnered, treasured up. Gules, a term in heraldry, red. Gasted, frighted.

Gust, to taste. Gaunt, thin, lean, or meagre. Gyve, to catcb, to shackle. Gawd, a baable, or trifle. Gyves, shackles. Gear, a colloquial expression,

for things or matters. Haggard, a kind of hawk. Geck, a fool.

Halcyon, a bird, otherwise cal. Gennets, or jennets, Spanish led the king-fisher. horses.

Hallidom, sentence at the day German, a-kin.

of judgment. Germins, seeds which have be

Handsaw, corrupted from gun to germinate or sprout. Hernshare. Gest, a stage, or journey. Hangers, that part of the girdle Gib, a name for a cat.

or belt by which the sword Giglots, wanton wenches. was suspended. Gimmal, a ring:

Hardiment, hardiness, braveGimmal bit, a bit of which the ry, stoutness.

parts played one with ano- Harlocks, the name of a plant, ther.

probably the bardock. Ging, an old word for gang. Harlots, sometimes applied to Gird, a sarcasm, or gibe : To cheats of the male sex.

gird, to be sarcastical. Harlotry, vulgar, filthy. Glaire, a sword.

Harness, armoar. Glared, gazed upon, looked

Harrow, to conquer, to subdue fiercely

Harry, to hurt, to use roughly Gleek, to joke or scoff.

Hatch, to cut, or engrave.

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