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Having, estate or fortune. Imp out, to supply the deficienHaught, baughty.

cy, a phrase from falconry. Hay, a term in fencing. Impair, unsuitable to the digHearted throne, the heart in

nity. which thou wast enthroned. Impawn, to engage; the moHebenon, henbane.

dern word is to commit one's Hefted, heaved, agitated. self. Hefts, heavings.

Imperious, sometimes used for Hell, a cant name for a dungeon i inperial. in a prison.

Imperseverant, ill perseverent, Hence, henceforward.

or perseverant. Henchmah, page of honour. Impress, a device, or motto. Hent, to seize or take posses Incarnardine, stained of a flesh sion, to take hold of.

colour, or red. Herb of grace, rue.

Inclips, embraces. Hermits, beadsmen.

Incony, fine, or pretty, a term Hest, for bebest, command. of endearment. Highl, called.

Indent, to bargain, or article. Hilding, or bilderling, a low Indues, subdues. wretch.

Indued, inured, or formed by Hoar, hoary, mouldy.

pature. Hob-nob, let it happen or not. Indurance, delay, procrastinaHold, i.e. rumour, to believe it. tion. Hold taking, bear handling. Inhibit, for inhabit, or to forHoodman-blind, blind-man's bid, or decline, as a person buff.

refusing a challenge Horologe, clock.

In hooped, enclosed, confined. Hoxes, to hox, or bough, to cut Initiate, young, just initiated. the hamstring.

Ink-horn mate, a bookman. Hull, to drive to and fro apon Inkle, a species of tape, or

the water, without sails or worsted. rudder.

Insculped, engraved. Humming, overwhelming. Insconce, to fortify. Alunt-counter, a blunderer, Intention and intentively, for worthless fellow, probably attention, attentively. bailiff.

Interessed, interested. Hunts-up, a morning hunting Intrenchant, that which cantune.

not be cut. Hurly, noise.

Intrinse, intricate, or intrinseHurtle, to dash, or push vio cate, ravelled. lently.

Inward, sometimes for an inHyen, hyæna.


Journal, daily. Jauncing, jaupting,

Irk, to make uneasy, Jay, a bad woman.

Irregulous, lawless, licentions. Ice-brook, i. e. temper, tem Iteration, citation, or repeti

pered by being plunged into tion. an ice-brook.

Jump, sometimes to agree with, Jesses, straps of leather lied

to suit.
about the foot of a hawk to Justicer, a justice.
hold her in hand.

Juvenal, a young man.
Jet, to strut, to walk proudly.
Ignomy, ignominy:

Keech, a lump or mass of talJig, a ludicrous' dialogue in low metre.

Keel, to cool. Imbare, to lay open, or expose. Kernes, light-armed soldiers Immanity, barbarity, savage See Gallow-glasses. ness.

Key-cold, as cold as iron, a key Immediacy, proximity without of which is used to stop small intervention.


Kicksy-ricksy, a ludicrous Lined, delineated. name for a wife.

Line, genealogy Kiln-hole, the place into which Link, a torch, used to make old

coals are put under a stove. hats black. Kirtle, a sort of garment. Linstock, the staff to which the Knap, to break short.

match is fixed, when ordKnotts, figures into which part nance is fired.

of a garden was disposed. List, the bound or limit. Known, sometimes for been ac Lither, flexible, or yielding. quainted.

Loach, a very small fish, es

ceedingly prolific. Laced mutton, cant name for a Lob, an epithet implying dullcourtesau.

pess and inactivity. Lackeying, floating backwards Lock, a particular lock of hair, and forwards.

called a love-lock. Lag, the fag-eud.

Lockram, a kind of linen. Latin, ladykin, or little lady. Lode-stor, leading star,,

the Lances, lance-men.

pole-star. Land-damn, probably, to ba Loggats, a game played with nish from the land.

bowl and pins. Land-rakers, wanderers on Longing, for longed, wished, foot,

or desired. Lapsed in time, having suffered Longły, longingly, time to slip.

Loofed, brought close to the Latch, to lay hold of.

wind. Lated, belated, benighted. Loon, a base fellos. Latten, lathy, thin.

Looped, full of apertures. Lavolt, a danoe.

Lop, the branches. Laund, lawn.

Lordings, the diminntive of Lay, a wager.

lord. Leaguer, a name for a camp. Lover, sometimes used for misLeasing, falsehood.

tress. Leavened, matured, prepared. Lorn, a sorry fellow. Leech, physician.

Lowted, treated with conLeer, feature, complexion, or tempt. colour.

Lozel, a worthless fellow. Leet, court-leet, a petty court Lunes, lupacy, frenzy: of justice.

Lurch, to parloin, to deprive. Leg, obeisance to my father. Lush, a dark full colour: Legerity, lightness, nimble Lustic, cheerful, pleasant.

Dutch. Leiger, a resident, or resident- Lym, or lyme, a blood bound.

ambassador. Leman, a lover, or mistress.

Mace, sceptre. Lenten, short and spare. Magot-pie, magpie. L'envoy, a term borrowed from

Magnifico, a chief man in Vethe old French poetry.

nice. Lewd, sometimes means idle. Mailed, wrapt up, bundled ap, Libbard, leopard.

covered with mail. Liberty, for libertines, or liber.

Main descry, the main body is tinism.

descried. Liefest, dearest.

Male, male parent. Lifter, a thief.

Malich, a wicked art. Span. Limbeck, a vessel to emit fumes Malkin, a kitchen webcb, or and vapours.

scallion, a trull. Limbo-patrum, in confinemert. Maltworms, tipplers. Limed, enspared, as with bird Mammering, hesitating, stamlime.

mering Limits, estimates, or outlines, Mammocked, cat in pieces. rough sketches.

Nammets, puppets.


Manage, conduct, administra Momentary, short, momentary tion.

Monster, to make monstrous. Mandragora, a plant of sopo Moonish, variable. rific vírtue.

Mope, to stupid or foolisb. Mandrake, a root, supposed to Mopes and mowes, wry faces

have the shape of a man, and and mockings. to groan when pulled from Mort, i. e. of the deer, a tune the ground.

on the death of the deer. Mankind, i. e. witch, a mas Mortal, abounding. culine witch.

Mortified, religious, retired, Manner, with the manner, in peaceable. • the fact.

Motion, sometimes for puppet; Marchpane, a kind of sweet puppetshows were

called confection, or biscuit.

motions, Marches, borders, con fines. Motive, sometimes for assistMartlemas, the latter spring. ant, or inover. Mated, confounded.

Mouldvarp, the mole. Meacock, timorous, dastardly. Moys, pieces of gold. Mealed, sprinkled, or mingled. Much, sometimes an expression Mean, a tenor.

of admiration or disdain. Measure, a solemn dance. Muckwater, the drain of a Meazels, lepers.

dungbill. Medicin, physician.

Muffler, a part of the female Meditation, quickness of en head-dress, thusiastic thought.

Mulled, softened, dispirited. Meiney, people. Fr.

Munumy, the liquor that runs Meil, to meddle with.

from mummies. Memory, sometimes used for Mundane, worldly. memorial.

Mure, wall. Mends, the means, tbe wbere

Murky, dark. witbal.

Muss, a scramble. Mere, sometimes for absolute,

Mutine, to mutiny, or a matientire, total.

nous fellow. Mered question, the sole quesMewed, contioed. [tion.

Napless, threadbare. Micher, a truant.

Nayaord, a watch word, or a Miching mallecho, a secret mis byeword. chief.

Neb, the mouth. Minute-jacks, Jack o'lantero. Neelds, needles. Miscreate, illegitimate, spari- Neglection, for neglect.

Neif, fist. Misprised, mistaken.

Nether-stocks, stockings. Misprising, despising, con Neut, the eft. temning

Next, sometimes for nearest. Missingly, at intervals, occa Nice, sometimes for silly, tri

sionally. Missives, messengers.

Nick, reckoning or count. Mistempered, angry, conten To nick, to set the mark of folly

tious. Mistful, i.e. eyes ready to flow Night-rule, frolic of the night. with tears.

Nill, shall not. Mobled, veiled or mofled. Niné men's morris, figures cut Model, sometimes for mould. ont in the torf for a game so Modern, sometimes for absurd, called. new-fangled.

Noble touch, true metal upal. Module, model.

loyed. Moe, to make mouths,

Nonce, for the nonce, on purMoist star, the moon.

pose. Mome, a dull, stupid, block Noon-tide prick, noontide head.

point on the dial.





Nott-pated, round -beaded, Partizan, a pike. cropt.

Pash, head. Novrim, a game at dice. To pask, to batt, or strike with Nouzle, to narstle a fondling.

violence. Nowl, a head.

Passed, sometimes for surpassNurture, education.

ed all expression. Nut hood, a catchpole. Passy-measure,

kind of Patch, a fool.

(dance. Odd-even, the interval between Path, to walk.

twelve at night and one in Patines, round broad plates. tbe morning

Pavin, a kind of dance. Od's pitikins, God's my pity. Paucas palabris, few words, Deliads, glances of the eye. Fr. corrupied from the Sp. pocas Oes, circles.

palabras. Onyers, probably for owners. Peat, pet, or darling, a spoiled Opal, a precious stone, of al child. most all colours.

Peculiar, belonging to an inOperant, active.

dividual. Opinion, sometimes for self Peer-out, appear out, or peep conceit.

out. Orbs, fairy circles.

Peevish, sometimes for foolisb. Ordinance, rank.

Peize, to weigh, to keep in Orgulous, proud. Fr.

suspense. Fr. Ostent, ostentation or demon Pelting, sometimes for paltry. stration.

Pennons, small flags. Overcroirs, overcomes,

tri Perdu, one of the forlorn hope. umphs over.

Overscutched, whipt, or carted, Perdurable, lasting

applied to low prostitutes. Perdy, a corruption of the Ouphes, fairies.

French oath, par Dieu. Ousel-cock, supposed the cock Perfect, sometimes used for black-bird.

certain, or well assured. Out-vied, defeated, a terra in Periapts, charms worn about the old game of yleek,

the neck. Owe, sometimes used for own. Peso-felloro, a companion. Oxlip, the greater cowslip. Pheere, a mate, or companion

Pheese, to plagae, or tease. Pack, to make a bargain, or I'll pheese you, I'll comb your act collusively.

head. Packings, frauds.

Pia Mater, the membrabe that Payed, beaten, drabbed. Hen. protects the substance of the

iv. 1st. Part, punished. Pale, sometimes dominions, Pick, sometimes for to pitch. boundaries.

Pickers, hands. Pall, to wrap, or invest. Pick-thank, an oflicious para. Palled, vapid, decayed.

site. Palmers, pilgrims who visited Piece, sometimes used as an holy places.

epithet of contempt. Palmy, victorious.

Pieled, shaved. Palter, to shufile.

Pight, pitched, fixed. Paragoned, peerless, without Pilcher, leathero sheath. con parison.

Piled, that which bas lost the Parcell-band, half-bawd.

hair. To parcell, sometimes to reckon. Piled-esteemed, probably for Parcell-gilt, partly gilt.

vile-esteemed. Parilors, apparitors, officers of Pilled, pillaged. the spiritual court.

Pinfold, a pound. Parle, dispute by words. Pink eyne, red eyes. Parlous,

perilous, keen, Pinnace, anciently signified shred.

ship of small burtben.


pix, the box in which conse Profession, end and purpose of

crated walers were kept. coming. Placket, a petticoat.

Prolixious, coy, distant. Plague, for, to punish. Prompture, suggestion, instiPlainly, openly, free from con gation. cealment.

Prone, humble or prompt. Planched, made of boards or Properties, the necessaries of planks.

a theatre. Plantage, plaintain, or any Provand, provender.

kind of plants subject to the Prune, sometimes for to plume.

intluence of the moon. Pụgging, cant word for covetPlants, feet; from the Lat. iug, as a thief or sharper. Plates, silver money.

Puke, colour between russet Platforms, plaus or schemes. and black. Plausire, gracious, pleasing, Pun, to pound. popular

Pussel, a low wench. Pleacheu, folded in each other. Putter-out, one who puts ont Plot, a piece or portion.

his money on interest or Point, to point exactly, com other advantage. pletely.

Puttock, a mean species of Point-devise, exactly. Fr. hawk. Poize, weight or moment. Polack, an inhabitant of Po Quail, to sink, to faint. land.

Quaint, fantastically dressed. Politick regard, a sly look. Quaked, thrown into trepidaPolled, bared or cleared.

tion. Pomander, a perfumed ball, Quarry, the game after it is worn in times of infection.

killed. Pomewater, a species of apple. Quart d'ecu, fourth part of a Poor John, bake, dried and

French crown. salted.

Quat, a scab, an angry blockPopinjay, a parrot.

head. Port, show or appearance.

Queasy, suspicious, unsettled. Portage, open space, or safe Quell, sometimes, to murder. arrival at a port.

Queller, a murderer. Portance, carriage.

Quests, reports. Possess, sometimes for to make Quest, pursuit. (sation. understand.

Question, sometimes, converPotch, to pash rougbly or Questrist, one who goes in violently.

search of another. Potents, poteptates.

Quiddits, subtleties. Poulter, poulterer.

Quill, in the quill, written. Pouncet bos, a box cut with Quillets, evasion, chicanery. open work. Fr.

Quintain, a post or butt set up. Prank, to adorn, to deck out, Quips, hasty, passionate rePrecisian, one who pretends proaches and scoffs. to great sanctity.

Quired, played in concert. Preeches, breeched, flogged. Quit, sometimes to requite. Prenominate, already named. Quittance, return of injuries or Pricket, a huck of the second favours. Prig, to filch.


Quiver, nimble, active. Prime, sprightliness of youth Quote, soipetimes, to observe Primer, more important. or regard. Primero, a game at cards. Princor, a coxcomb or pet. Rabato, an ornament for the Probal, probable.

neck. Proface, much good may it do Rabbit-sucker, a young rabbit. you. Ital.

Race of heaven, something deProfane, sometimes, free of scended from heaven, heaspeech talkative.


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