From Racism to Genocide: Anthropology in the Third Reich

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University of Illinois Press, 2004 - Počet stran: 297
From Racism to Genocide is an explosive, richly detailed account of how Nazi anthropologists justified racism, developed practical applications of racist theory, and eventually participated in every phase of the Holocaust. Using original sources, correspondence between anthropologists of the time, and previously unpublished documentation, Gretchen Schafft shows the total range of anti-human activity from within the confines of a particular discipline. Based on seven years of archival research in this country and abroad, the work includes many original photos and documents, most of which have never before been published. It uses primary data and original texts whenever possible, including correspondence written by perpetrators. A discussion of Hitler's final solution, Nazi slave labor, and the rape of occupied Poland reveal the full horror of the Third Reich. Embedded concepts of scientism, denial, academic responsibility, and race contribute to understanding some of today's most pressing social science issues. The book also reveals that the United States was not merely a bystander in this research, but instead contributed scientific and financial support to early racial r

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The Jews of the Tarn6w Ghetto
The Rise of Hitler and His Embrace of Anthropology
The Discovery in the Smithsonian
Population Selection and Relocation in the Midst of War
Anthropology and Medicine in the Third Reich
The End of the War and the Aftermath
Race and Racism
Professional Denial Civic Denial and a Responsible
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Gretchen E. Schafft is applied anthropologist-in-residence at the American University in Washington, D.C.

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