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Strana 59 - But this proportion was somewhat smaller than usual, he added, "because his women were uncommonly good breeders; he did not suppose there was a lot of women anywhere that bred faster than his; he never heard of babies coming so fast as they did on his plantation ; it was perfectly surprising ; and every one of them, in his estimation, was worth two hundred dollars, as negroes were selling now, the moment it drew breath.
Strana 124 - ... and his health affected from hard usage, over-tasking or exposure, want of wholesome food, good clothing, warm, comfortable lodging, with the distressing idea (sometimes) that...
Strana 123 - Negro-consumption, a disease almost unknown to medical men of the Northern States and of Europe, is also sometimes fearfully prevalent among the slaves. ' It is of importance,' says the Doctor, ' to know the pathognomic signs in its early stages, not only in regard to its treatment, but to detect impositions, as negroes, afflicted with this complaint are often for sale ; the acceleration of the pulse, on exercise, incapacitates them for labor, as they quickly give out, and have to leave their work....
Strana 58 - North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri, as much attention is paid to the breeding and growth of negroes as to that of horses and mules. Further South, we raise them both for use and for market. Planters command their girls and women (married or unmarried) to have children; and I have known a great many negro girls to be sold off, because they did not have children. A breeding woman is worth from one-sixth to one-fourth more than one that does not breed.
Strana 123 - The consequence is, that the blood becomes so highly carbonized and deprived of oxygen that it not only becomes unfit to stimulate the brain to energy, but unfit to stimulate the nerves of sensation distributed to the body.
Strana 159 - BLOOD-HOUNDS.— I have TWO of the FINEST DOGS for CATCHING NEGROES in the Southwest. They can take the trail TWELVE HOURS after the NEGRO HAS PASSED, and catch him with ease. I live just four miles southwest of Boliver, on the road leading from Boliver to Whitesville.
Strana 55 - ... em free like, and they thought he'd make 'em think too much of themselves.
Strana 89 - trifled " a great deal, or they would have accomplished more than they had. He complained much, also, of their sprees and quarrels. I asked why he should employ Irishmen, in preference to doing the work with his own hands. " It's dangerous work [unhealthy ?], arid a negro's life is too valuable to be risked at it. If a negro dies, it's a considerable loss, you know.
Strana 45 - A man had, in the meantime, gone into a ravine near by, and now returned with two small branches, hung with withered leaves, that he had broken off a beech tree; these were placed upright, one at the head, the other at the foot of the grave. A few sentences of prayer were then repeated in a low voice by one of the company, and all dispersed. No one seemed to notice my presence at all. There were about fifty colored people in the assembly, and but one other white man besides myself. This man lounged...
Strana 89 - This is just what I have thought when I have seen slaves at work — they seem to go through the motions of labor without putting strength into them. They keep their powers in reserve for their own use at night, perhaps.

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