Transactions of the New-York State Agricultural Society for the Year ..., Svazek 23

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Strana 200 - That whoever shall knowingly sell to any person or persons, or sell, deliver, or bring to be manufactured to any cheese or butter manufactory in this State, any milk diluted with water, or in any way adulterated, or milk from which any cream has been taken, or milk commonly known as "skimmed milk," or shall keep back any part of the milk known as "strippings,.
Strana 48 - Nothing is impossible to labour, aided by ingenuity. The true objects of the agriculturist, are likewise those of the patriot. Men value most what they have gained with effort; a just confidence in their own powers, results from success; they love their country better, because they have seen it improved by their own talents and industry ; and they identify with their interests, the existence of those institutions which have afforded them security, independence, and the multiplied enjoyments of civilized...
Strana 542 - The swain, who, free from bus'ness and debate, Receives his easy food from Nature's hand, And just returns of cultivated land ! No palace, with a lofty gate, he wants, T' admit the tides of early visitants, With eager eyes devouring, as they pass, The breathing figures of Corinthian brass.
Strana v - Its object shall be to improve the condition of agriculture, the rural household and mechanic arts. Section 1. The society shall consist of such citizens of the state as shall signify in writing their wish to become members and shall pay, on subscribing, not less than one dollar and annually thereafter one dollar; and also of honorary and corresponding members. The presidents of...
Strana 664 - ... a different locality than it really is, the person or persons so offending, shall be subject to a fine of one hundred dollars ($100 J.
Strana 663 - No person shall keep cows, for the production of milk for market or for sale or exchange, or for manufacturing the milk or cream from the same into any article of food, in a crowded or unhealthy condition...
Strana 579 - With hot sweeping anger, came the horseguards' clangor On our flanks; Then higher, higher, higher, burned the old-fashioned fire Through the ranks! Then the...
Strana 200 - ... shall for each and every offense forfeit and pay a sum not less than twenty-five dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, with costs of suit to be sued for in any court of competent jurisdiction for the benefit of the person or persons, firm or association, or corporation or their assigns upon whom such fraud or neglect shall be committed.
Strana 541 - Alarm'd she trembles at the moving shade ; And feels alive through all her tender form, The whisper'd murmurs of the gathering storm ; Shuts her sweet eyelids to approaching night, , And hails with freshen'd. charms the rising light.
Strana 201 - The principal insects to which the powder is destructive may be ranged under four classes — first, insects injurious to agriculture and horticulture ; second, insects obnoxious to man and his habitation; third, insects destructive to certain substances, as wool, furs, feathers ; and fourth, insects injurious to museums of animal and vegetable products, and collections of natural history. We do not pretend to enumerate all the insects to which the powder is destructive, it will suffice to mention...

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