Information Structure in a Cross-linguistic Perspective

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Hilde Hasselgård, Stig Johansson, Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen, Bergljot Behrens
Rodopi, 2002 - Počet stran: 228
The present volume draws together contributions from a number of scholars with an interest in empirical, cross-linguistic description. Most of the papers were first presented at the symposiumInformation Structure in a Cross-linguistic Perspective held in Oslo in November/December 2000. The descriptions are functionally oriented, and their common focus is how information structure – in a broad sense – can be compared across languages. 'Information structure' has been approached in a variety of ways by the authors, so as to give a broad picture of this fundamental principle of text production, involving the way in which a speaker/writer chooses to present a message in terms of given/new information, focus, cohesion, and point of view. Central to much of the research is the problem of establishing criteria for isolating linguistic constraints on language use from cultural-linguistic conventions in text production. The linguistic comparison includes English, German and/or one of the Scandinavian languages, with sidelights to other languages. Most of the papers are text- or corpus-based, and the ongoing work on parallel corpora in Scandinavia is reflected in several contributions.

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Concessive connectors in English and Swedish
A discourse semantic study of Elaboration
Accounting for subjectivity
Probability and necessity in English and German
Modal adverbs of certainty and uncertainty in an EnglishSwedish
Information structure and the use of cleft sentences in English
Formulating a category of informativity
Contrast from a contrastive perspective
A crosslinguistic approach
Crosslinguistic differences in the conceptualisation of events
Maintenance and convergence in covert translation English German
Grammatical metaphor in translation some methods for
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