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Your Quality has diftinguish'd You, but Nature too; and as none but Your Great Ancestor, who adopted You, cou'd give You so great a Fortune ; so none but Heav'n, who inspir'd him to do it, such a Soul to use it. How often has Your Charity seem'd a Profusion, and always done with a Grace and Behaviour still greater ! For * the Wants of many that Address to You' Faft no longer than the time of tetting them.

Wealth, if well considerd, is but a splendid Vexation; and He Manages the best, who is


neither Intemperate with it,

nor Uneasie without it. I dare -fay, I am now, writing to one whose. Conduct discovers that Moderation and Humility may be consistent with Superfluity and Power; and that Show and Vanity are not constant Attendants on Youth, and a great Eftaté. On how many Occafions of late haye You been known to fhun Popularity, with more Industry than others court it! How little do You affect what the Cry of the Populace wou'd make one believe You promoted so much! A Tumult,

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is a Frenzy you neither like nor Encourage; nor can any Cause You engage in, want the Supports of Licentiousness and Violence. You are well assur'd, that Hate is often Blind as well as Love; and that none ought to be treated as Enemies, but those whom the Laws of Nature and Nations have declar'd so.

From this Consideration it is, that Candour and Benevolence directs all Your Actions, and that You are a Friend to every - one that is not otherwise to Your Country An equal Temper, a human Behaviour,


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and a good Conscience are the chief Pursuits of Your Ambition: And therefore, it is that You chuse Retirement i at an Age, when others think they breath not out of a Hurry, and a Court. With what Satisfaction do you always leave the Diversions of the Town for the Solitude of Claremont, where Nature at one careless Stroak has sketcht an infinite Variety; so pleasant is the Situation, and yet so proud, You can at once enjoy Yourlov’d Recefs, and look down on the Neighb'ring Royal Palaces that are crowded below.


There the Air is not tainted with the Breath of Flattery, nor ruffled with Animosițies ; but Truth walks unmask'd, and Innocence : fleeps unguarded. There You Study the Interest of the Publicki, and the Good of every privatė Man; and imitate Very early that great Consul who frequently withdrew from-Rome, and the Fasces, to Practise at Tufculum what he had learned at Athens.

I have sometime fince obferved, that he who came to advise You was always more welcome, than he that came to flatter



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