American Jewish Year Book, Svazek 16

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Cyrus Adler, Henrietta Szold
Jewish Publication Society of America, 1914
Issues for 1900/1901- include report of the 12th- year of the Jewish Publication Society of America, 1890-1900- (issued also separately in some years); issues for 1908/1909- include Report of the American Jewish Committee for 1906/1908- (issued also separately in some years); issues for include American Jewish Committee. Proceedings of the annual meeting.

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Strana 411 - The objects of this corporation shall be, to prevent the infraction of the civil and religious rights of Jews, in any part of the world ; to render all lawful assistance and to take appropriate remedial action in the event of threatened or actual invasion or restriction of such rights, or of unfavorable discrimination with respect thereto.
Strana 398 - ... display, post or mail any written or printed communication, notice or advertisement to the effect that any of the accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges of any such place shall be refused, withheld from or...
Strana 398 - States shall be entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of the accommodations, advantages, facilities, and privileges of inns, public conveyances on land or water, theaters, and other places of public amusement; subject only to the conditions and limitations established by law, and applicable alike to citizens of every race and color, regardless of any previous condition of servitude.
Strana 385 - The banishment, whether by direct decree or by not less certain indirect methods, of so large a number of men and women is not a local question. A decree to leave one country is, in the nature of things, an order to enter another — some other. This consideration, as well as the suggestions of humanity, furnishes ample ground for the remonstrances which we have presented to Russia...
Strana 400 - ... shall be administered or expended in such manner as in the judgment of the court will most effectually accomplish the general purpose...
Strana 65 - Accusation" is a relic of the days of Witchcraft and Black Magic, a cruel and utterly baseless libel on Judaism, an insult to Western culture, and a dishonor to the churches in whose name it has been falsely formulated by ignorant fanatics.
Strana 394 - ... principle of far-reaching consequence with respect to which your attitude will be regarded with profound interest. The provision as it now appears will require careful reading. In some measure the group system is adopted — that is, one qualified immigrant may bring in certain members of his family — but the effect seems to be that a qualified alien may bring in members of his family who may themselves be disqualified, whereas a disqualified member would exclude all dependent members of his...
Strana 572 - Trustees for distribution among the members. ARTICLE VII Free Distribution SECTION I. — The Board of Directors is authorized to distribute copies of the Society's publications among such institutions as may be deemed proper, and wherever such distribution may be deemed productive of good for the cause of Israel. ARTICLE VIII Auxiliaries SECTION I. — Other associations for a similar object may be made auxiliary to this Society, by such names and in such manner as may be directed by the Board of...
Strana 394 - I cannot make up my mind to sign a bill which in its chief provision violates a principle that ought, in my opinion, to be upheld in dealing with our immigration. I refer to the literacy test.
Strana 280 - Illinois, and of selling the same "in the several States and territories of the United States and in the District of Columbia...

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