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The Board, 1842

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Strana 142 - ... no minister of the gospel, or priest of any denomination whatsoever, shall at any time hereafter, under any pretence or description whatever, be eligible to, or capable of holding any civil or military office or place within this state.
Strana 270 - The assent of two-thirds of the members elected to each branch of the Legislature, shall be requisite to every bill appropriating the public moneys or property for local or private purposes.
Strana 65 - ... of the property of their respective counties, to be levied and collected as now provided by law for the assessment and collection of taxes, for the purpose of creating a fund for the relief of the needy blind of their respective counties.
Strana 544 - ... shall forfeit and pay for every such offence the sum of ten dollars, to be...
Strana 136 - Public School Society of New York.' That it shall be the duty of said society to provide, so far as their means may extend, for the education of all children in the city of New York, not otherwise provided for, whether such children be or be not the proper objects of gratuitous education, and without regard to the religious sect or denomination to which such children or their parents may belong.
Strana 221 - PROVIDED ALWAYS, And these presents are upon this express condition, that if the said party of the first part, his heirs, executors, or administrators, shall well and truly pay unto the said party of the second part, his executors, administrators, or assigns...
Strana 217 - ... of the second part, witnesseth, that the said party of the first part, for and in consideration of the rents, covenants, and agreements hereinafter mentioned, reserved, and contained, on the part and behalf of the said party of the second part...
Strana 267 - An act to amend chapter four hundred and twelve of the Laws of nineteen hundred and seven, entitled 'An act providing for the court of general sessions of the city and county of New York, its judges and officers...
Strana 46 - Corporation ; and whenever a vote is taken in relation thereto, the ayes and noes shall be called, and published in the same manner.
Strana 272 - We are not at liberty to presume that the framers of the Constitution, or the people who adopted it, did not understand the force of language.

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