The history of America. In which is included the posthumous volume, containing the history of Virginia, to the year 1688; and of New England, to the year 1652, Svazek 5

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Strana 122 - ... towards that quarter whither they pointed their flight. But, after holding on for several days in this new direction without any better success than formerly, having seen no object during thirty days but the sea and the sky, the hopes of his companions subsided...
Strana 115 - Canaries ; and many of the sailors, dejected already and dismayed, when they contemplated the boldness of the undertaking, began to beat their breasts, and to shed tears, as if they were never more to behold land. Columbus comforted them with assurances of success, and the prospect of vast wealth, in those opulent regions whither he was conducting them.
Strana 125 - Salcedo, comptroller of the fleet, all three saw it in motion, as if it were carried from place to place. A little after midnight, the joyful sound of land ! land ! was heard from the Pinta, which kept always ahead of the other ships.
Strana 210 - the effort of an active genius, guided by experience, and acting upon a regular plan, executed with no less courage than perseverance. But from this adventure of the Portuguese, it appears that chance might have accomplished that great design, which it is now the pride of human reason to have formed and perfected. If the...
Strana 157 - Pontiff a grant of those territories which they wished to occupy. The Pope, as the vicar and representative of Jesus Christ, was supposed to have a right of dominion over all the kingdoms of the earth.
Strana 119 - ... length of the navigation, he gave out that they had proceeded only five hundred and eighty-four leagues ; and, fortunately for Columbus, neither his own pilot, nor those of the other ships, had skill sufficient to correct this error, and discover the deceit.
Strana 115 - Here the voyage of discovery may properly be said to begin; for Columbus, holding his course due west, left immediately the usual track of navigation, and stretched into unfrequented and unknown seas. The first day, as it was very calm, he made but little way ; but on the second he lost sight of the Canaries; and many of the sailors...
Strana 124 - The sailors aboard the Nigna took up the branch of a tree with red berries perfectly fresh. The clouds around the setting sun assumed a new appearance ; the air was more mild and warm, and during night the wind became unequal and variable.
Strana 123 - ... return to Europe. Columbus perceived that it would be of no avail to have recourse to any of his former arts, which, having been tried so often...
Strana 109 - Columbus to name three persons, of whom they would choose one for that office ; and the dignity of viceroy, with all its immunities, was likewise to be hereditary in the family of Columbus. 3. They granted to Columbus, and his heirs for ever, the tenth of the free profits accruing from the productions and commerce of the countries, which he should discover.

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