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Note to the Illustrations

The primary aim of the Artist has been to illustrate The Compleat Angler as thoroughly as possible from a topographical point of view. The majority of the engravings illustrate the routes described by Walton, from Tottenham to Ware, and by Cotton, from Brailsford to his seat at Beresford Hall; and places connected with the lives of the Authors. Maps are also given for the better understanding of the routes.

Many of the scenes, especially those nearer the Metropolis, have changed sadly, and several buildings of interest have disappeared or been altered beyond recognition. In these cases the drawings have been made from old pictures or prints, and their origin is given in the List of Illustrations.

Wherever possible, the drawings have been made on the spot, but in several instances the Artist has made use of photographs, and wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to Messrs. Ř. Bull (Ashbourne), Griffin (Weybridge), Poulton, Salmon (Winchester), Valentine, and Wilson.

He is also indebted to Messrs. C. A. and C. P. Christie, Dr. Horley, Messrs. E. Marsh, P. Norman, J. Tydeman, J. F. Wardle, and others for their kind and courteous assistance.

As for the fish, they have been studied alive and dead ; alive, in their element, for there alone can their varied motions be learnt ; and dead, that their form might be more correctly given.

The decorative headings and initials speak for themselves they will all be seen to have a connection, more or less obvious, with the context.

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