The Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, Svazek 6

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J. and R. Tonson and S. Draper, 1750

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Strana 415 - Let Ralph come out on May-day in the morning, and speak upon a conduit, with all his scarfs about him, and his feathers, and his rings, and his knacks.
Strana 370 - I'll bring half-a-dozen good fellows myself, and in the shutting of an evening, knock 't up, and there's an end. Wife. I'll buss thee for that, i'faith, boy. Well, George, well, you have been a wag in your days, I warrant you ; but God forgive you, and I do with all my heart.] Vent.
Strana 264 - More by the scent than sight; then did I see These valiant and approved men of Britain, Like boding owls, creep into tods of ivy, And hoot their fears to one another nightly.
Strana 352 - That you have no good meaning: this seven years there hath been plays at this house, I have observed it, you have still girds at citizens ; and now you call your play
Strana 361 - I call to you, if that you can afford it; I care not at what price, for, on my word, it Shall be repaid again, although it cost me More...
Strana 365 - My beloved squire, and George my dwarf, I charge you that from henceforth you never call me by any other name but the Right courteous and valiant Knight of the Burning Pestle; and that you never call any female by the name of a woman or wench, but fair lady, if she have her desires ; if not, distressed damsel ; that you call all forests and heaths, deserts ; and all horses, palfreys.
Strana 326 - Into my soul, and see what there inhabits ; See if one fear, one shadow of a terror, One paleness dare appear but from my anger, To lay hold on your mercies. No, ye fools, Poor fortune's fools, we were not born for triumphs, To follow your gay sports, and fill your slaves With hoots and acclamations.
Strana 420 - ... hooks at Whitechapel, they have been the death of many a fair ancient. Open your files, that I may take a view both of your persons and munition. Sergeant, call a muster.
Strana 353 - But, sir, we have never a boy to play him : every one hath a part already. Wife. Husband, husband, for God's sake, let Ralph play him ! beshrew me, if I do not think he will go beyond them all.
Strana 354 - ... the garret, that we are all as feared, I warrant you, that we quake again: we'll fear our children with him; if they be never so unruly, do but cry, " Ralph comes, Ralph comes ! " to them, and they'll be as quiet as lambs.

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