The Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce: Its History, Activities, and Organization

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Johns Hopkins Press, 1924 - Počet stran: 180

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Strana 139 - He shall also make special reports on particular subjects whenever required to do so by the President or either house of Congress, or when he shall think the subject in his charge requires it.
Strana 96 - ... located, or to determine what services are maintaining stations at any city or point in the United States. The Institute hopes that upon the completion of the present series, it will be able to prepare a complete classified statement of the technical and other facilities at the disposal of the government. The present monographs will then furnish the details regarding the organization, equipment, and work of the institution so listed and classified.
Strana 136 - Congress and to the President stating in detail the cases it has heard, the decisions it has rendered, the names, salaries, and duties of all employees and...
Strana 133 - An act making appropriations for the diplomatic and consular service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1922...
Strana 162 - EXPLANATORY NOTE The bibliographies appended to the several monographs aim to list only those works which deal directly with the services to which they relate, their history, activities, organization, methods of business, problems, etc. They are intended primarily to meet the needs of those persons who desire to make a further study of the services from an administrative standpoint. They thus do not include the titles of publications of the services themselves, except in so far as they treat of the...
Strana 131 - ... contains a full, just, and true account of all articles laden on board of such vessel by the owners, shippers or consignors, respectively, and that the values of such articles are truly stated, according to their actual cost, or the values which they truly bear at the port and time of exportation.
Strana 29 - States, in leading countries where such articles are produced, by fully specified units of production, and under a classification showing the different elements of cost, or approximate cost, of such articles of production, including the wages paid in such industries per day, week, month, or year, or by the piece ; and hours employed per day ; and the profits of manufacturers and producers of such articles; and the comparative cost of living, and the kind of living; what articles are controlled by...
Strana 147 - ... him or subject him to a penalty or forfeiture. But no natural person shall be prosecuted or subjected to any penalty or forfeiture for or on account of any transaction, matter, or thing...
Strana 73 - Act, 1922, a credit of an amount equal to the proportion of the net income derived from sources within China (determined in a similar manner to that provided in Section 217) which the par value of the shares of stock of the corporation owned on the last day of the taxable year by...
Strana v - THE INSTITUTE FOR GOVERNMENT RESEARCH '• STUDIES IN ADMINISTRATION. The System of Financial Administration of Great Britain. By WF Willoughby, WW Willoughby, and SM Lindsay.

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