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charitable conclusion, that it was an ancient custom bequeathed to them by their Quaker forefathers. I caught one glimpse of the star of the night, and he appeared to possess a fine figure, but farther, deponent knoweth not. An American gentleman told me that Forrest intended to cross the Atlantic, and introduce the “ Gladiator” upon the English stage; and that, if we could only divest ourselves of national prejudices, he must succeed, for the play was so admirably written and so excellently performed! But when I asked him, a few evenings afterwards, to accompany me to see young Kean in the part of Cloten, in Cymbeline, which he was performing for the benefit of an American actor, and was received by the audience in a most flattering manner, he declined in the following words: “No; I make it a point never to see any thing English, only what is truly American, performed.”


Tho' no proud gates, with China's taught to vie
Magnificently useless strike the eye:
What tho' no arch of triumph is assign'd
To laurell’d pride, whose sword has thinn'd mankind?

Lo structures mark the charitable soil
For casual ill, maim'd valour, feeble toil,
Worn out with care, infirmity, and age,
The life here entering, quitting there the stage.


I now commenced visiting all the public institutions. Of charitable societies the number is amazing; probably no city in the world, of the same population, possesses an equal number. It may be truly said, that it deserves its name, of “ Philadelphia ;” there are upwards of thirty humane institutions and societies for the relief of the poor and orphans, besides above 150 mutual benefit societies, on the principle of the English clubs; being associations of tradesmen and artisans for the support of each other in sickness, each member contributing monthly or weekly a small sum to the general fund. Of the public institutions the “Pensylvania Hospital” is on the most extensive scale. It is situated in a central part of the city, near Washington Square, and was founded eighty

two years since, Benjamin Franklin being its greatest promoter. It contains an excellent library of about 7000 volumes; and it is calculated that about 1400 patients are annually admitted into it, of which number three-fifths are paupers; the remainder paying for the advantages they derive from the institution. The building occupies an immense extent of ground, and on three sides of it an open space is left for a free circulation of air: the west end of the building is a ward for insane patients, of whom there are generally more than 100. The necessary funds for the support of the Hospital are derived from the interest of its capital stock, and from the exhibition of West's splendid painting of Christ Healing the Sick, which produces about 500 dollars per annum, and is exhibited in a building on the northern side of the Hospital Square. The artist intended to have presented the original painting to this Hospital, but his poverty could not withstand the offer of 30001. made for it in England; and it was sold with the proviso that he should take a copy, which was the one now exhibited here, and presented conditionally that it should be placed in a house of certain dimensions, and that the proceeds from its exhibition, being a charge of one shilling sterling for each person, should be added to the Hospital funds. The painting, which contains fifty-eight figures, is about 16 by 9 feet, and with two small marine pieces, which he painted when a child, occupies a room in the second floor of a brick building, with the light admitted from the roof. The woman who has charge of it has most probably been wearied by tedious visitors, for she did not even accompany me up stairs, but left ne to admire its beauties without interruption.

On the opposite side of the Hospital, in the open square,

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is a fine statue of Penn, executed in England; and on
the western side is the public Almshouse, with Infirmary
attached, another huge pile of building, capable of con-
taining 1600 inmates; but not being considered suffi-
ciently extensive, and objections being made to its present
situation, a new one is erecting on the rising ground at
the opposite side of the Schuylkill river, capable of con-
taining 3000. The institution is supported by a rate
upon the people, and the average number of inmates is
considerably above 1000. There were many lunatics in
one of the wards, where I saw a man with most forbid-
ding countenance feeding a poor girl who was chained
to the wall, and her hands confined in a strait waistcoat;
but I was assured that such severe measures were but
seldom, and blows never, had recourse to. The majo-
rity of the insane patients were confined from mania-
potu, their number increasing as the warm weather
approached. I asked one of them, who appeared rather
sensible of his wretched state, how he felt. His answer
was, “much better, but (shutting his eyes and conceal-
ing his face on the pillow) I have such horrid dreams”:
never was Shakspeare's
Oh, that men should put an enemy into their mouths, to steal away their

more dreadfully illustrated. The various wards appeared
remarkably clean, and great attention was paid to theinmates.
I was at first rather surprised to see a small tread-wheel
in an out-building, which was however used only for
grinding grain, and not as a mode of punishment. By
thus taking advantage of the labour of some few able
people, and of some mechanics in the workshops attached,
part of the expenses of the institution are defrayed.

Strangers are admitted to view the institution for

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the deaf and dumb, a short distance from the almshouse, during certain days of the week, upon making application to one of the directors. It was only incorporated eleven years since, and endowed by a grant from the legislature, with an additional provision for the annual payment of 160 dollars for four years, for the support of each child admitted, with the provision that such annual payment should not exceed 8000 dollars (16501. sterling), the sum originally granted. The children, of whom there are about eighty, are instructed in various manufactures, and receive a good moral education.

The Museum, commenced by Charles Peale, a private individual, occupies the two upper stories of a building called the Arcade, and contains an excellent collection of stuffed quadrupeds and birds; also the most perfect skeleton of a mammoth in the world; the few bones which were not perfect, or could not be found, being supplied by an excellent imitation in wood. The skeleton was discovered in a morass in Ulster County, state of New York, in 1798, and was dug out of it after much labour and expense by the founder of the Museum, in 1801. Two paintings represent the machinery which was used for pumping out the water, and raising the enormous skeleton. There is a tradition respecting the animal as delivered in the terms of a Shawanee Indian, who described the terrific monster as follows:-“Ten thousand moons ago, when nought but gloomy forests covered this land of the slanting sun, long before the pale men, with thunder and fire at their command, rushed on the wings of the wind, to ruin the garden of nature when nought but the untamed wanderers of the woods, and men as unrestrained as they, were the lords of the soil-a race of animals were in being, huge as the frowning

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