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It was moved by J. R. HUGHES Esq., seconded by J. H. Gibson Esq., and resolved unanimously :

That the Report now read be adopted, and printed and circulated

with the Proceedings of the Society. It was moved by E. F. Evans Esq., seconded by TAOMAS Sansom Esq.,

F.B.S.E., and resolved unanimously :

That the thanks of the Society be given to the Officers and

Sectional Members of the Council for their services during the past Session.

It was moved by the Chairman, seconded by David Buxton Esq., F.R.S.L., and resolved unanimously:

That this Society desires to convey to the Rev. A. Hume, D.C.L.,

&c., &c., its cordial and special thanks for his zealous and efficient services, both as one of its founders and, from the period of its organization to the present time, as its Honorary Secretary; and, as the highest official Testimonial of its appreciation of those services which the Society can bestow, elects Dr. Hume a Life Member on and from this date.

It was moved by WILLIAM BURKE Esq., seconded by the Rev. DR.

HUME, and resolved unanimously :

That the thanks of this Society be given to J. F. Marsh Esq.,

of Warrington, for exhibiting to the members and their friends, at the Shakspeare Tercentenary celebration, on the 20th of April last, his valuable collection of early editions of Shakspeare and other rare works of the period.

It was moved by J. T. Towson Esq., F.R.G.S., seconded by THOMAS Dawson Esq., M.R.C.S., and resolved unanimously :

That the thanks of the Society be given to F. J. JEFFERY Esq., F.G.H.S., for his donation of seven valuable illustrations for the Annual Volume for the past year.

A ballot having been taken for the Officers and Sectional Members of the Council, the result was announced from the chair. (See page iv.)

Thanks were voted by acclamation to the Chairman for his services during the evening, and the proceedings terminated.

At the Annual General Meeting held on the 18th of October, 1865, the Rev. A. Hume, D.C.L., V.P., in the Chair, the Treasurer's Statement of Accounts for Session XVI was read as follows:






£ 8. d. £ s. d. By Balance from last Account, Ses-
sion XV...

19 05 Balance delivery of vol iii,

Receipts in Session XVI, viz. :-
N.S. .......
0 5 0

27 16 6 Printing and binding

Entrance Fees

10 10 0 vol. iv, N.S.

103 6 9 Illustrations to ditto

Annual Subscriptions, Session
13 11 6

204 4 6 Delivery of ditto... 6 0 0

Books and book covers sold .. 0 19 8

123 3 3 II, SessioNAL EXPENSES :

Printing Circulars &c..... 6 11 6

2 5 8 Insurance

1 10 0 Postage Stamps...

8 19 6 Refreshments at Meetings 817 0 Advertisements, delivery

of Circulars, Messages,

Parcels & Miscellaneous 10 4 6 Commission to Collector 6 1 10 Assistant Secretary 5000

94 10 0 III. PERMANENT INVESTMENTS:Directory, letter weigher, clip files

0 18 0 Binding Books

0 5 6 New Council Minute Book 0 15 6


Repairs to large book case 3 16 6
Removing and enlarging
shelves, &c...

1 15 0 Shakspeare Tercentenary Celebration ......

12 2 6 Excursion

1 11 2

19 5 2 Balance carried down

23 13 8

£262 11 1

£262 II 1

Examined and found correct,

By Balance brought down .......... £23 13 8
Liverpool, 1st July, 1865.

(E. and 0. E.)


It was moved by PETER R. M'QUIE Esq., seconded by ROBERT JONES

Esq., and resolved unanimously :

That the Treasurer's Statement of Accounts for 1863-64, now

presented, be passed and printed and circulated with the Proceedings of the Society,

3rd November, 1864. ARCHÆOLOGICAL SECTION.

Rev. A. HUME, LL.D., Vice-President, in the Chair.

The following donations were presented :-
From the Kent Archæological Society.

Archæologia Cantiana, vol v.
From the respective Authors.

1. Memoir of the late A. H. Rhind, of Sibster, by John Stewart.
2. Reminiscences connected with the old panelling now at Gungrog,

by Morris Charles Jones.

The following objects of interest were exhibited :By the Chairman. 1. Two specimens of circular perforated stones common in Ireland,

but the use of which is unknown. One was partially bored on each side, and the other was pierced through, in both cases with a conical borer. They are regarded as sling-stones or plummets; and frequently as the pivots on which the two iron axes of the quern-stones revolved in the process of domestic

grinding 2. The head of a gigantic spur, the rowel of which had eight

points, each more than an inch long. It is supposed by some, however, that the instrument had been attached to a wooden

handle, and had formed part of an offensive weapon. By Mr. Jacob.

1. A China snuff box, mounted in gold; from the Stowe collection. 2. An immense spoon, about thirty inches in length, having a

wreath-pattern handle; the whole formed of a single piece of

elephant's tusk, from the collection of Lord Dungannon. 3. An Indian war-knife.

4. An Indian engraved pebble bracelet, obtained at Lucknow. By Mr. Douglas, through Mr. Jacob. A crucifix taken from a Roman church during a riot about ninety

years ago; the figure is of oxidized silver, probably by Cellini,

and is very fine. By Dr. Nottingham. 1. An illustrated Japanese book, recently presented to the Rev. Dr.

Hume. 2. A pamphlet printed on paper consisting of equal parts of wood

and rags.

3. A piece of the pulp obtained from wood and ready for mixture

with the rag material, as employed in the process of W. S. Losh Esq., near Carlisle.

By Mr. Stephenson.
Two Japanese coins, both quadrangular, one being of silver gilt

and the other of silver. By Mr. Thomas Dawson. 1. A piece of the wire of magnesium, which was burned to shew

the brilliancy of its light.

2. A great number of volumes of Liverpool pamphlets. The following Paper was read :

THE PAMPHLET LITERATURE OF LIVERPOOL—Conclusion,* by Thomas Dawson Esq., M.R.C.S.L.

10th November, 1864. LITERARY SECTION.

HENRY ARTHUR Bright Esq., M.A., in the Chair.

The following donations were presented :-
From the Royal Asiatic Society.

Journal, vol i, part i, N.S.
From the Statistical Society.

Journal, vol. xxxii, parts ii and iii. From the Geological Society.

1. Quarterly Journal, Nos. 78 and 80.

2. List of Members, Nov. 1st, 1864. From the Liverpool Athenæum.

Catalogue of the Athenæum Library. From the Chairman.

Catalogue of the Renshaw Street Chapel Library.
From Mr. Genn.

A fossil found in Lancashire coal.
The following objects of interest were exhibited :-
By the Chairman.

1. A Russian MS found in the Redan on the taking of Sebastopol.
2. An unsigned document, dated 33 Car. ii (1682), releasing one

Ellesdon, of Charmouth, from the payment of certain Customs duties received by him, amounting to about four thousand pounds, " in regard that he was instrumentall to our escape after * the fatal battell of Worcester.” It has attached to it the royal seal, and bears the following endorsement:

“Found in the room where the king was concealed in “Charmouth Manor-bouse, and presented to me by James Warden Esq., lord of the manor, 1786.

(s) “ John Cranch." 3. The original MS of Godwin's novel, “ Fleetwood.”

* Transactions, p. 73, and vol. iv, N.8., pp. 240 and 244.

The following Paper was read :

ON THE ENGLAND OF SHAKSPEARE,* by Nicholas Waterhouse Esq., Honorary Secretary.

17th November, 1864. SCIENTIFIC SECTION.

Rev. HENRY H. HIGGINS, M.A., in the Chair.
The following donations were presented :-
From the Royal Society.

Proceedings, vol. xiii, Nos. 64 to 67. From the Royal Irish Academy. 1. Transactions, vol. xxiv, Antiquities, part i, Polite Literature,

part i, Science, part iii. 2. Proceedings, vol. viii, parts 1 to 6. From Mr. H. S. Fisher.

The Naturalist's Scrap-Book, Nos. 15 to 17. The following objects of interest were exhibited :By the Chairman. A Directory for the Publique Worship of God throughout the three

Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland ; together with an ordinance of Parliament for the taking away of the Book of Common Prayer, and for establishing and observing of this present Directory throughout the Kingdom of England and

Dominion of Wales, 1646. By the Rev. Dr. Hume. 1. Parliamentary Report and Tables relating to the Religious

Professions, Education and Occupations of the People of Ireland,

based on the Irish Census of 1861. 2. (On behalf of Gordon M. Hills Esq., of London.) A drawing of

a bone instrument made of two thicknesses riveted together. It belongs to Lord Dunraven, and was dug by him out of the moat of Desmond Castle, at Adare, county of Limerick. The object is presumed to have been used in the process of primitive

weaving The following Paper was read :


1st December, 1864. ARCHÆOLOGICAL SECTION.

WILLIAM BURKE Esq., Treasurer, in the Chair. The following gentlemen were duly elected ordinary members of the

Henry Greenwood, 32, Castle street.

* Transactions, p. 23.

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