Transactions of the Minnesota State Medical Association ...

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Strana 186 - So, naturalists observe, a flea Has smaller fleas that on him prey; And- these have smaller still to bite 'em, And so proceed ad infinitum.
Strana 225 - ... and any person filing, or attempting to file, as his own, the diploma or certificate of another, or a forged affidavit of identification, shall be guilty of a felony, and upon conviction shall be subject to such fine and imprisonment as are made and provided by the statutes of this State for the crime of forgery...
Strana 222 - That every person practicing medicine, in any of its departments, shall possess the qualifications required by this act. If a graduate in medicine he shall present his diploma to the STATE BOARD OF HEALTH * * * for verification as to its genuineness.
Strana 199 - You may say, or think, that this issue of consciousness from the clash of atoms is not more incongruous than the flash of light from the union of oxygen and hydrogen. But I beg to say that it is. For such incongruity as the flash possesses is that which I now force upon your attention. The flash is an affair of consciousness, the objective counterpart of which is a vibration.
Strana 224 - Examinations may be made in whole, or in part in writing, and shall be of an elementary and practical character, but sufficiently strict to test the qualifications of the candidate as a practitioner.
Strana 224 - All examinations of persons not graduates or licentiates, shall be made directly by the BOARD, and the certificates given by the BOARD shall authorize the possessor to practice medicine and surgery in the State of Illinois.
Strana 224 - Any person shall be regarded as practicing within the meaning of this act who shall append the letters "MD...
Strana 201 - ... by no means purely useless or purely mischievous in the economy of nature. They are only noxious when out of their proper place. They exercise a useful and valuable function as the burners and consumers of dead matter, animal and vegetable, reducing such matter, with a rapidity otherwise unattainable, to innocent carbonic acid and water. Furthermore, they are not all alike, and it is only restricted classes of them that are really dangerous to man. One difference in their habits is worthy of...
Strana 223 - ... prepare two forms of certificates, one for persons in possession of diplomas or licenses, the other for candidates examined by the Board, they shall furnish to the County Clerks of the several counties a list of all persons receiving certificates.
Strana 223 - ... the right of the lawful holder of the same to practice medicine in this State. If not a graduate, the person practicing medicine in this State shall present himself before said Board, and submit himself to such examination as the said Board shall require; and, if the examination be satisfactory to the examiners, the said Board shall issue its certificate in accordance with the facts, and the lawful holder of such certificate shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges herein mentioned.

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