Obrázky stránek
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525 694 663



433 16



594 597 595 479


Dahl, Svenning-Report of a Case of Multiple

Cystic Lymphangioma in Connection with the

Peritoneum and Viscera Darrow, Clarence-Graft in the Legal Profes

sion Davidson, W. P.--The Curette in Puerperal and

Non-Puerperal Cases Davis, H. W.--Indications for Surgical Inter

ference in Appendicitis Davis, N. S., Jr.-Utility of Intestinal Anti

septics in Typhoid Fever De Lee, Jos. B.-Discussion on Two Cases of

Vaginismus De Lee, J. B.-Discussion of Two Cases of Vaginismus

Discussion of Obstetric Nomenclature DeTarnowsky, Geo.-An Atypical Professional

Doda, Oscar-Report of a Case of Sympathetic

Doherty, D. J.-Notes on Filipino Dialects
Dubs, R. S.-Septic Endocarditis
Dunham, Frank-Treatment of Chorea



690 690

468 430


685 685 600

573 782 453 662

690 685 685 963



Adams, A. _L.-Ear Complications in Influenza Andrews, E. W.-Discussion on; A Consider

ation of the Surgical Treatment of Bright's

Disease Ashton, L. B.--Sectional Plaster of Paris

Splint Babcock, Robert H.-Aneurysm of the Aorta... Bacon, Jos. B.-Gastrostomy by the Franck

Method Bacon, C. S.—The Indications for the Use of

the Tampon in the Treatment of Post-Partum Hemorrhage

Discussion of Obstetric Nomenclature Barlow, C.-Diagnostic Significance of Pain.. Bartlett, Willard-Cases Illustrating the

Course and Treatment of Fecal Fistulae

Which Complicate Appendicitis Baughman, J. A.-Pelvic Abscess Beck, Jos. C.-Marker Hypertrophy of the In

ferior Turbinated Body
Lingua Nigra

Beck, Carl-Angioma and its Treatment

Home Treatment of Suppurative Ear Dis

eases Belfield, Wm. T.-The Transmission of Syphilis

by Barbers Best, E. H.-Physiological Gestation Bevan, A. D.-Discussion on

Dr. Hardon's Paper Discussion on Dr. Sullivan's Cases Polycystic Kidney Discussion; A Consideration of the Surgical Treatment of Bright's Disease Discussion of Dr. Hardon's Paper

Discussion of Dr. Sullivan's Cases Billings, Frank-Aneurysm of the Aorta Black, Carl E.-Hernia of the Ovary, Appendix

and Diverticulum with Abscess Branson, R.--Discussion on; A Consideration

of the Surgical Treatment of Bright's Disease Braunsworth, Anna M.- Pregnancy Following

Removal of One Ovary Resection of the Other

and Round Ligaments Shortened Brennicke, H. A.-Cases Simulating Appendi

citis Bridge, Norman-The Doctor as an Easy Mark Brittin, A. L.-Ectopic Gestation Brown, Sanger-A Report of Three Medico

Legal Cases Involving the Diagnosis of Paranoia Hypodermatic Injection of Strychnia Nitrate in the Treatment of Progressive Muscular

Atrophy Brown, James M.-Lacunar Tonsilitis Brooks. E. W.--What is It? Buckmaster, F.-Cutaneous Tuberculosis and

Blastomycetic Infection with Some Points as to Their Differentiation The Benefits to be Derived from Organiza

tion and How to Derive Them Burke, P. M. - Treatment and Cause of Death

in Placenta Previa Byford. T. T.-Present Status of Surgical In

tervention in Retro-Reviation of Uterus Carrico, P. ().-Puerperal Septicemia Carroll, E. F.-The Obstetric Hand as a Sub

stitute for Forceps Center, C. D.-Radio-Therapy with Report of

Eleven Cases Chapman. H. W.-A Case of Continued De

velopment of the Foetus in Utero after Rupture of the Membranes and Escape of the Liquor Amnii Churchill. F. S.-Bone Changes in Rachitis.. Clark. E. E.--A Plea for More Thoroughness

in the Attempt to Prevent Ear Complica

tions in Certain Diseases Class. W. J.-The Diplococcus Scarlatina Cohenour. V. J.-Some Points in Regard to

Post Diphtheritic Paralysis Coleman, J. E.-The Responsibility of the Sur

geon Colwell. N. S.-Mycosis Pharyngis. Leptothricia

and Keratosis


404 514 564

Eckard, C. M.--State Control of Tuberculosis 437 Eckley, W. T.-On the Accessory Sinuses

953 Edlen, E.


287 Eddy, W. J.-Clinical Report of Two Tumors Benefited by the X-Ray

161 Egan, J. A.---Varicella Resembling Variola 564

The Sanitary and Medical Laws of Illinos. 427 Elliott, C. A.-Aneurysm of the Aorta

966 Eisendrath, D. N.-Conservative Surgery in Crushing Injuries of the Arm

599 Early Massage and Movements in the Treatment of Sprains and Fractures

460 Elliott, A. R.--The Medical Aspects of Decap

sulation of the Kidney's for the Cure of Chronic Bright's Disease

687 Clinical Observations on Arteriosclerosis 728 Spermaturia

703 Dietetics in the Treatment of Bright's Disease

769 Engleman, Rosa-Cockroaches as Conveyors of Typhoid Infection

316 Evinger, J. W.-Obstipation with Complications 645

[blocks in formation]

Fanyo, Fred-Infection with Trichuris Trichiu

ra Farwell, Granger, Stocks Ferguson, A. H.-Private Hospitals as an In

vestment Ferguson, Alexander H.-Discussion on;

A Consideration of the Surgical Treatment of

Bright's Disease Fernald, W. T.-A Sociological View of Crim

inal Abortion Appendicitis from the Standpoint of the Gen

eral Practitioner Firebaugh, I. L.---Transportation of


Injured Fisher, Walter L.-Municipal Graft Fischkin, E. A.--Syphilitic Purpura Cases of Blastomycosis and Lupus Vulgaris

Treated by X-Rays Fitch, W. M.-The Nerve Hygiene of School

Children Fletcher, M. S.-Epilepsy Foelsch, A. J.-Pneumonia in Children Forgan, D. R.-Investments in General Fowler, Edson B. -Diagnosis and Treatment

of Acute Pleurisy Frank. Mortimer-Hereditary Tendency to Re

fractive Errors in a Family

[blocks in formation]




Discussion on; A Consideration of the Surgi-
cal Treatment of Bright's Disease from an
Ophthalmic Standpoint
Kolischer, Gustav-The Mechanic Moments in
the Cystoscopic Treatment of

Kidney and
Ureteral Diseases
Kreider, G. N.-Appendicitis Simulating Scia-


Kreissl, F.-Cystitis

A Contribution to the Diagnosis and Treat-
ment of the Surgical Diseases of the Ureter
and Kidneys

564 564 553



444 845



407 664 564

Lewis, Denslow-Olshausen's Technic of Cae

sarian Section
Lewis, Bransford-Surgery of the Hypertro-

phied Prostate
Lieberthal, David-Syphilis
Lindblom, Robert-Speculation In and Out of

the Commercial Exchange
Lowrie, James M.-Pulmonary Tuberculosis

and its Home Treatment

Some Thoughts on Medical Organization
Lumley, Robert-Rheumatism
Lydston, G. F.-Discussion on Trichuris Tri-
Prostatectomy; Its Indications and Tech-
Discussion on Trichuris Trichuria
Enormous Prostatic Calculus

ation About Stone and in Pelvis. Urethral
Rectal Fistula and Operation for Same .....



709 684


689 563





Gehrman, Adolph-Some Observations on Iodophilia

13 Gilmore, R, T.-Discussion on Catarrhal En

teritis in Women Simulating Pelvic Diseases 696 Gradle, H.-When and When Not to Operate on the Mastoid Bone

897 The Treatment of Eye Injuries

207 Graham, Hon. J. M.-Medical Jurisprudence.. 564 Gremmer, F. C.-Appendicitis

441 Greensfelder, Lewis A.-Xanthoma

599 Grinker, Julius-Aeromegaly with Epilepsy. 474 A Case of Combined Cord Degeneration with Pernicious Anaemia

739 Hall, W. H.-Professional Harmony

825 Hale, Albert B.-Euphthalmin as a Mydriatic for the General Practitioner

539 Halstead, A. E.-Tumor of Salivary Glands, Fibromyoma of Vulva

480 Interscapulo-Thoracic Amputation for Sarof Scapula

502 Hanna, R. A.-Epilepsy and Its Management 820 Hardon, R. W.-Hypernephroma of Kidney with Report of a Case

908 Harris, M. L.-Examination of the Urine and

Segregated Urines as a Means of Diagnosis in Surgical Diseases of the Kidneys Harris, M. L.-Penetrating Wounds of the Abdomen

599 Harsha, W. M.-Keloid Treatment by X-Rays.

Pancreatic Cyst. Actinomycosis of Jaw 598 Hassall, Albert-Discussion on Trichuris Trichura

683 Haskinson, W. H. Broncho-Pneumonia of Infancy

662 Hawley, Clark W.-Ocular Reflexes

668 Hensley, J. W.-Alimentary Putrefaction

611 Herrick, C. L.-Typhoid Fever

631 Herrick, James B. --Abdominal Pain in Pleurisy and Pneumonia

603 Report of a Case of Perforating Gastric Ulcer in Male, aged 54

588 Hektoen, Ludvig-The Practice and Scientific

Value of Bacteriological Examinations of the
Blood During Life

65 Herzog. Maximilian-Anaemia Infantum PseuJoleukaemica

303 Hessert, Wm.-Cases of Tuberculosis of

the Knee, Umbilical Hernia, Appendicitis with Severe Complications

502 Hill, C. C.-Obstetrical Antisepsis

824 Hopkins. S. R.-Modern Surgery of Congenital

Cleft-Palate in Infancy
Holischer, G.-Operative Dysmenorrhea

18 Housh, Ato-Elbow Fractures

659 Holmes, R. W.-Discussion of Obstetric Nomenclature

692 Holinger, J.--Discussion of Dr. Beck's Paper.. 685

Perforation of Drum Head by Tampons 592 Holmes, Bayard-Pyogenic Inflammation of the Bone

569 Houghtelling, J. L.-Bonds and Mortgages 506 Hutchins, W. A.- Abnormal Labor with Instrumental Delivery

430 Ingals, E. Fletcher-Treatment of the Suppur

ative Diseases of the Accessory Sinuses of
the Nose


27 Jacques, W. K.-The Bacteriology of Milk 771 Factors That Influence Pneumonia

771 Johnston, E. A.-Rheumatism

564 Johnson. C. B.-Diagnosis of Small Pox

564 Jones, Herbert C.-The Legal Status of the Doctor

143 Jores, W. S.-Typhoid Fever

630 Kerr, R. A.-Carcinoma of Stomach

675 Kerr, Norman-Ovarian Dysmenorrhoea

346 Keves, A. B.--The Pathology of Endosalpingi

tis, Its Relation to Endometritis, Oophoritis
and Peritonitis, Symptoms, Diagnosis and

828 Klebs. Arnold C.-Relative Importance to the

Community of Pneumonia and Tuberculosis 486 Koch, John A.-The Metric System

261 Kolischer, G.-Discussion of Obstetric Nomenclature

691 Discussion on Catarrhal Enteritis in Women Simulating Pelvic Disease


[blocks in formation]

McArthur, L. L.-Discussion on; A Considera

tion of the Surgical Treatment of Bright's
Disease from an Ophthalmic Standpoint
McClanahan, J. M.-Paraplegia
McFadden, P. 0.-Recurrent Sarcoma of the

Inferior Maxilla Treated by the X-Ray
MacLellan, Chas.- Treatment of Burns and

Mack, Wm. H.-Some Observations on Colonic

Main, R. H.-On the Toxicity of Methyl Alcohol

in Extracts and Medicine
Maley, Wm, H.-Surgical Mania or Insanity

Following Surgical Operations
Mammen, E.-Cyst of Fallopian Tube

What Shall We Do in Case of Severe Spinal

Markley, P. L.-Report of Ten Autopsies of

Cases. The Cause of Death Being Lesions of

thə Abdominal Viscera
Martin, Franklin H.-Present Status of Surgi-

cal Intervention in Reto-Deviation in Uterus
McArthur, L, S.--Surgical Treatment of Certain

Meiklejohn, Julia-City Sanitation
Menge, Frederick-Hereditary Syphilis
Mettler, L. Harrison-Chorea
Michael, 0. W.-Scurvy
Miller. C. H.-Therapeutic Resourcefulness vs.

Miller, Chas. S.-The Advantages of an Ambu-

latory After Treatment for Some Genito-
Urinary Operations, etc
Miller, Jos. L.--Discussion on; A Consideration

of the Surgical Treatment of Bright's Disease

from an Ophthalmic Standpoint
Miller, A. Merrill-Bartholinian Abscess
Mix, Chas. L.-Aneurysm of the Aorta
Montgomery, E. B.--The General Practitioner

and his Relation to Early Surgical Opera-
Report of Epidemic of Pneumonia in the

Morris, E. V. D.-Accidents of the Antrum.

with Special Reference to a Peculiar Case.. Moyer. H. N.-Chronic Brass Poisoning: Brass

Moulder's Ague
Medical Graft

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

209 563




879 563

776 663 718 841 442

Smith, J. Whitefield-The Surgical Treatment

of Trachoma with a Report of Cases and

Demonstration of Method Smith, E. M.-Puerperal Septicaemia Smith, Harvey-Pleuritic Effusion, Gonorrhea

in Small Child Snydacker, E. F.--A Diagnosis and Treatment of Obscure Syphilitic Lesions of the Eye Somerville, W.F.-The Durability of the Ther

apeutic Effects of High Frequency Currents Standley, J. W.-Paraplegia Stealy, J. H.-Tuberculosis of the Vestibule

of the External Genitals in Women Stremmel, s. C.--Hospitals in the Smaller Cities Strohecker, S. M.-Surgical Kidney Diagnosed

as Appendicitis: Anuria Operation and Re

covery Stubbs, F. Gurney-A Modification of the

Krieg Operation for Deviated Septum
A Consideration of the Surgical Treatment of
Bright's Disease from an Ophthalmic Stand-

point Suker, Geo. F.-A Consideration of the Surgi

cal Treatment of Bright's Disease from Ophthalmic Standpoint

306 560



619 593

Parker.-Some Methods in the Treatment of

Cardiac Failure
Patrick, Hugh T.-Traumatic Hysteria

Remarks on Syphilis

Cerebral Syphilis Percy, J. F.-County Medical Organization Percy, J. F.--Dislocation of the Tarsal Bones

Anterior to the Astragalus (Sub-Astragaloid) Together with a Partial Rotation

the Astragalus on its Axis Pierce, N. H.-Exotic Sound in Both Ears

The Symptoms and Diagnosis of the Suppurative Diseases of the Accessory Sinuses of

the Nose Plummer, Mary-The Work of the Milk Com

mission Plummer, s. C.-Hypernephroma

The Pathology and Treatment of Recent

Preble, Robert B.-Aneurysm of the Aorta

Discussion on; A. Consideration of the Surgical Treatment of Bright's Disease from an

Ophthalmic Standpoint Pritzker, Louis J.-The Uterine Curette as a

Therapeutic and Diagnostic Agent Price, O. J.--Hydrotherapy





484 600


503 968



[blocks in formation]

Reed, C. B.-Osteomalacia
Rhodes, John E.-Spastic Dysphonia

Tonsil Punch Forceps
Ridlon, John-Tuberculous Disease of Bone
Ries, Emil-A Simple Method of Appendectomy

Present Status of Surgical Intervention in
Retro-Deviation in Uterus
Discussion on; A Consideration of the Surgi-
cal Treatment of Bright's Disease from an

Ophthalmic Standpoint
Rivard, G. J.-Septico Pyaemia
Roberts, J. C.-Tuberculin in the Treatment of

Tuberculosis Robison, John A. -The Secondary Results of

Cardiac Disease

Skiagraphic Diagnostic Fallacies
Rogers, Roy-Remarks on the Diagnosis

of Tuberculosis Rosenow, C. Edwin-The Etiology and Bacteri

ology of Pulmonary Infection with Especial

Reference to the Pneumococcus Roskoten, O. J.-Climatology in the Treatment

of Tuberculosis Rosenthal, Geo. E.-Chronic Hemiplegia Russell, Frank H.-Some Factors in the Spread

of Typnoid Fever Russell, R. A.-The Law Suit Ryan. Lawrence R.-Tonsilar Hemorrhage Rynerson, B. A.-Treatment of Gonorrhea in

the Male

[blocks in formation]

Talbot, Arthur N.-Sewage Disposal of Inland

Towns Taylor, L. C.-Etiology and Clinical Aspects

of Tuberculosis Test, F. C.-Some Chicago Orthopedic Geogra

phy Thomas, Homer M.-Dislocation of the Metacarpophalangeal Joint; Irreducible Under

Anaesthesia Operation Tieken, Theodore-Cryoscopy Turck, F. B.—The Dietetics of Atonic Dilata

tion of the Stomach Wallace, F. A.-Medical Ethics Wallace, F. C.-Normal Salt Solution in Sur

gery Warbrick, John C.-Observations on the Chro

matic Variations and Sedimented Chlorides Phosphates and Sulphates of the Urine Wash, Geo.-Treatment of Diphtheria Watkins, T. J.-Discussion on Catarrhal Enter

itis in Women Simulating Pelvic Disease Notes on the Treatment of Puerperal Infec

tions Waugh, Wm.- Treatment of Typhoid Fever Webster, J. Clarence-Discussion of Obstetric

Discussion of Two Cases of Vaginismus
Successful Removal of a Cystic Fibro-Myona

of the Uterus Weighing 87 pounds Weir, John-Conservative Surgery with Re

port of Case Wells, E. F.-Observations on the Chromatic

Variations and Sedimented Chlorides, Phosphates and Sulphates of the Urine Wells, Edward-The Early Diagnosis of Ty

phoid Fever Symposium on the Surgical Treatment of

Bright's Disease
Wescott, Cassius D.—The Danger That May

Lurk in Blind Eyes
Wesener, J. A.-Food
Whitten, H.-The Sanitarium Treatment

Wiggins, J. L.--The Renaissance
Will, O. B.- Educational Influences and Oppor-

tunities of our Civil Courts From a Medical

Standpoint Williams. W. W.-The Surgical Treatment of

Hemorrhage of Stomach and Ulcer and Hemorrhage and Ulcer of the Bowel Following

Typhoid fever, also Perforation Williamson, Chas. S.-Initial Lesions of Pul.

monary Tuberculosis and its Diagnosis Winn. Chas. S.--Treatment and Prognosis of

Chronic Bright's Disease Williams. A. L. T.-Physician's Civil Liability

for Malpractice Woodruff. Thos. A.-Retinal Hemorrhages in

[blocks in formation]

Sandberg, Karl F. M.-Is Radio-Therapy of

Any Value in Pulmonary Tuberculosis? Schmidt, Louis-The Mercurial and lodin In

jection Treatment for Syphilis The Use of the Cystoscope and Catheterizing Ureter as a Means of Diagnosis in Surgical Diseases of the Kidney The Limitation of the Practical Value of Urethroscopy Vibration Massage in the Treatment of

Chronic Prostatitis Schifferstein. L. J.-Influence of Chloride of

Sodium in the System in Relation to Albumen Servoss, A. G.-Osteomyelitis Seufert, E. C.-Pacinean Corpuscle in Pan

creas Shambaugh, Geo. E.-The Labyrinth of the Ear Sippy, B. W.-Dietetics in Hyperchlorhydric.. Skene, Robert-Life Insurance Investments Smith. Jos.- Permeability of Rubber Drainage

Tubing to X-Ray

[blocks in formation]

Relation to Degenerations of the Circula

tory Apparatus Wylie. . M.--Traction Injuries of Arteries Zimmerman, H. S.-Osteopathy, What is It?

163 139 563




745 168 812 169

654 125

69 169 172 291 124 812 336 651 744 123 170 231

334 543 651 655 336 923


A Request..
An Apology.
Annual Meeting at Peoria.
A Component Society.
Are all Diseases Caused by Pathogenic Bac-

teria or their Toxic Ptomaines? Must every Disease have but one Specific Bacterium or its Ptomaine, for its Cause Regardless of

other Clinical Diagnostic Symptoms A Symposium on Tuberculosis. Called Down.... Correction County Societies Attention Governor Yates and the Medical Profession Governor Yates and the Society Bogy. Greater Caution in Dispensing Strychnine.. Iroquois Theatre Memorial... Index of Volume IV.. Lawyers Examined and Authorized to Practice

in Illinois by the Supreme Court... Mortality Statistics of Illinois Cities for May,

1903. Mortality Statistics of minois Cities for April,

1903. Mortality Statistics for Illinois Cities for Sep

tember, 1903.
Medical Study in Berlin.
Mr. Edison's Wisdom.....
Needs of the State Institutions of Minois

423, 546, 652, New Year's Greeting.

543 745 122

Our Advertisers.
Opinions of Illinois Editors.
Our New Constitution.
Our District Society..
Our Current Literature
Purification of the Water Supply
Robert Boal
Robert Koch

Reniarkable Occurrence at Dunning
Symposium on Tuberculosis
Should We Ask for Such a Law
The Chicago Drainage Canal
The Question of Dues
The Field of the State Medical Journal
The Value of Blood Examination in General

Practice The Smaller German Universities The Question of Advertisements The Fifty-fourth Annual Meeting The Truth About Smejkal The Law Authorizing Public Accountants The Chicago Meeting The Proposed Law Defeated Unfortunate Error Value of Medical Organization What is Meant by the Natural Vital Resistance

to the Influence of Toxic or Distributing Agents in the Living Human Body? The Vis Medicatrix Natural of Earlier Writers. What are the Elements of Which it is Composed; and How May They be Strengthened or Impaired


234 292 742 921 923 419 40 41 452 171



336 229 333





301 190


951 741 741 301 136 136 301 833

Akers, J. W
Austin, K. 0.
Andrews, Edmund
Askew, J. R..
Anthony, John A.
Adams, J. C...
Boal, Robert.
Battell, J. G.
Bain, Edwin C...
Burns, Lewis R
Baldwin, Marcells.
Beebe, Albert G.
Benson, Valentine s.
Bronson, Henry P.
Baker, George C.
Bjorkman, David A. T.
Brand, Mathias.
Brydon, James M.
Bailey, Anna Eliza.
Bolinger, J. A.
Bennett, R. F.
Bishop, Charles W
Boetticker, Simon.
Campe, Samuel B.
Carter, C. C.....
Cassidy, George P.
Chappell. W. H.
Cook, Edw. P
Cook, Chas. C
Cox, William M.
Conroy, A. F.
Clark, Richard E.
Craig, James D.
Damron, T. M. C.
Diven, Adelia Barlow
Deegan, William.
Dick, J. K..
Dombrowski, John Paul
Elliott. William.
English, F. M.
Ellis, David.
Eversman, Henry.
Fink, Isaac W.
Frost, L. A.

Forbes, James Fonds, David B. Gould, Birney R Goodall, W. W. Grigson, Richard J Gillette, S. C...... Halstead, M. A Hamilton, B. R. Harper, W. R. Harter, V. H. Heller.' William H.. Henderson, Nelson H. Henry, Robert F. Herrell, D. H.. Higgins, John. Hilton, Joseph H Hutchins, Asa V Hutton, William. Hunt, Florence. Humble, U. M. Jones, Hiram K. Jones, W. H.. Jennings, George N. Kinthan, Frederick. Kendall, C. H. Kendall, H. W. Kerr, Charles Kimbrough, Andrew H Kingsley, Virgil.. Landon, W. M Legg. Charles. Lore, Isaac N. Littlefield, Hans H. Love, Isaac N. Ludlow, Edmund Lyman, John C.. McAlpine, A. M... Mauniere, Charles E. McElvain, Perry. McKendree, F. D.. McChesney, Alfred B. Malone, George B. Major, L. S.

833 622

236 833 741 741 255 541 541 541 418 418 418 418 136 136 622 622 622

622 622 622 190 951 190 190 190 951 190 196 418 136 741

173 741 190

833 951

42 622

50 833 671 541 541 53

741 833 541 951 301 541

622 418 136 300 833

670 190 176 190 190

53 833

741 301 176 136

53 741 741 833

53 833 622

44 541


833 671 255

53 174 385 418 418 833

53 833

53 833 385 190 951 951

Mitchener, Guy W. 0.
McDavitt, Virgil..
McBride, Arthur E.
Mix, Henry A....
Miller, DeLaskie,
Miller, Charles.
McIntyre, A. J
McKinney, David R.
Noel, E. Þ..
O'Connor, John D.
Owen, Charles S.
Pettingill, John B.
Pomarane, Marx.
Prescott, Elmer E.
Ross, David D.
Ridgeway, E. M.
Rembe, Edward.
Roberts, E. B...
Schlesinger, L. M
Schoettenfels, Emil
Smith, J. A..
Stewart, H. L.
Smith, Marsh.
Shelton, John H.

741 622 833 833 951 741 418 541 190

Sims, James M.
Smith, Edgar D.
Stringfield, F. M.
Silvey, Asa R..
Silvers, George M.
Small, Harry N.
Symons, George C.
Sovereign, C. W.
Schnell, Philip J. V.
Sachs, Milan.
Skelly, John I..
Stringer, Charlotte T
Tagert, A. T.
Taylor, John J.
Taylor, Jesse..
Thomas, Sidney S.
Thompson, L. G..
Tolman, Henry L.
Tuthill, Daniel H.
Vincent, Levi....
Waughop, John W.
Wade, William D.
Wingren, Edward S.
Waters, L. C.
Woolsey, Gilbert R.

136 255 418 741 418 622


338 951 385 541 418 136

301 741 385

53 190


622 1022 833

833 740






301 541 418 418 418 418 189 189 385 385 622 622 622

Abbott, Wilson R..
Anthony, Frank.
Albright, Jacob L.
Brower, Daniel R., J..
Baldwin, Otis J..
Barker, Lewellys.
Brown, L. Read.
Buswell, Clark A.
Butler, Robert N.
Beirne, Henry P
Brown, Abram.
Becker, Emil C..
Ballard, Charles A.
Banks, J. H...
Bone, Joseph B.
Bruno, Giovanni B.
Campbell, Wm. A.
Colby, C. P.
Coleman, W. W
Craig, John G.
Child, Elizabeth Janet.
Campbell, Richard L.
Coleman, W. W..
Christie, Robert James.
Campbell, Robert F.
Corbus, B. C..
Cornish. James V
Cord, Charles E.
Collins, Lorin C.
Colwell, Nathan P.
Dearduff, Arthur
Dinges, Edwin K
Donaldson, Roy S.
Damiani, Joseph.
Downing, Henry L.
Franklin, S. J......
Goldstein, Mark T
Gleeson, Benjamin.
Holinger, Jaques.
Hill, Green E.
Hairgrove, John W
Howatt, A. B.,
Herring, William.

53 385 385 385 255 418 418 418 541 541 301 833 833 53

Hawley, Joseph R.
Hausen, Andrew C.
Irwin, John L.......
Johnson, Arthur C..
Koch, W. A......
Leavitt, Frank J.
Lockwood, Edward K
McEnery, J. C....
Martin, Winfield B
Meacham, George T
Morf. Paul F.
Morris, Thomas B.
Noble, R. A....
Oren, S. Leo...
Potter, George A
Parker, F. W
Patchen, C. C.
Prescott, Harry V
Parker, George Wm.
Priest, Thomas W.
Rimmerman, Victor H.
Rhodes, Lewis...
Salinger, David.
Spalding, Robert E.
Sargent, Evlan..
Shortle, Abraham G.
Stuttle, Albert S..
Schlieffarth. Herman F
Shanahan, B. F.
Stevenson, Henry M.
Speed. Kellogg.
Van Zandt, Guy B
Vernon, H. G
Wiles, A. M.
Williamson, Charles S
Wernham, James I..
Wuerth, John J.....
Younger, Charles B
Young, John Calvin.

53 418 418 189 189


951 385 189 190 189

190 190 951 301 385 191 541 951

951 136

833 833 301 301

53 383 385 541 951

53 385

136 189 255 189 189 136 622

541 385 301 301

541 53

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