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13. • 1879-1893. Reportsonothe: Pailvire : of the

French Canal, 16. 1898, Oct. 27. President Zelaya's Message on

Nicaragua Canal, 17. 1901, Nov. 18. Hay-Pauncefote Treaty, 18. 1902, June 28. “Spooner Act" for a Panama

Canal, 19. 1903, Nov. 18. Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty, 20. 1904, Jan. 4. President Roosevelt's Message on

the Republic of Panama, 21. 1906, June 29. Lock-Canal Act, 22. 1909, May. Official Review of Five Years of

Progress on the Canal,



24 27


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1--1515, Sept. 25--Balboa's Dircovery. Vaschus Nunnez * * * gathered an armye of a hundreth fourescore and tenne men. * * * marched forwarde with his armye towarde the mountaynes, by the conducte of certeyne guydes and labourers which Poncha had gyuen hym, as well to leade hym the way, as also to cary his baggages and open the straightes through the desolate places and craggy rockes full of the dennes of wylde beastes.

By the helpe therfore of theyr guydes and labourers, with owre carpenters, he passed ouer the horrible mountaynes and many greate ryuers lyinge in the way, ouer the which he made brydges eyther with pyles or trunkes of trees. From the palaice of kynge Poncha, to the prospect of the other south sea, is only syxe dayes iorney: the which neuerthelesse by reaso of many hynderances and chaunces, and especially for lacke of vytayles, he coulde accomplyshe in noo lesse then. xxv. dayes. But at the length, the seuenth daye of the calendes of October, he behelde with woonderinge eyes the toppes of the hygh mountaynes shewed vnto hym by the guydes of Quarequa, from the whiche he myght see the other sea soo longe looked for, and neuer seene before of any man commynge owte of owre worlde. Approchinge therefore to the toppes of the mountaynes, he commaunded his armye to stey, and went him selfe alone to the toppe, as it were to take the fyrst possession therof. Where, faulynge prostrate vppon the grounde, and raysinge hym selfe ageyne vpon his knees as is the maner of the Christians to pray, lyftynge vppe his

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