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1. Regio Hy

5. Sicilia perborea

t. Pelepoñes m Sarmatia .

Taurica Cherfonefus

w. Persia. x. Arabic Italia.


4. Pale/tina : z-Ægyptus Asia Minor, r. Colchis 9:

8. Libya. a . Inf: Cercinna. 1. Mons-Sinai . 2. M.Taurus. 3-1. Sepher. 4. MÆtna.g.M. Apenninus . 6. M. Olympud

This Scheme is the Face of the Moon as it appears through a felel = cope at the Full and as deferibed by Kvelius; the Dark Parts are the Sea; the Bright Partó Liand, and the long white streakó, the

Illuminated top of Ridges of High Mountains. The

Spots here Described are for the main the same that are continually exposed to our sight, on dicount of the exact adjustment of the

Moonis Diurnal and tensirual Revolutions, whereby almoli the very James Face is continually turned towards our Earth.

I say nothing of the Librations difeverd in itó Motions by Heveli us, which make the Partó sometimes hidden to appear to uo' and thereby afford iw Bordering Inhabitants (if such therebe) the

gloria ouo vień of our Earth, which the more remote Ones can never en joy, pithout Iraveling agreat way forso uncomon a Prospect :

that the Moon hai an åtmosphere about it we have lately discovered; but that Atmosphere being very thin and only visible in Total Eclipses of the Sun, it was not neceßary to representit here. Senex fiulp! of CAMBRIDGE.

Principles of Religion,

In NINE Parts :
I. Lemmata ; or the known Laws of Matter and Motion.
II. A particular Account

of the System

of the Universe, III, The Truth of that System briefly Demonstrated. Iy. Certain Obfervations drawn from that System. V. Probable Conjectures of the Nature and Uses of the

several Celestial Bodies contained in the fame System. VI. Important Principles of NATURAL RELIGION De

monstrated from the foregoing Observations. VII. Important Principles of DIVINE REVELATION Con

firm'd from the foregoing Conjectures. VIII. Such Inferences shewn to be the common Voice of

Nature and Reason, from the Testimonies of the most

considerable Persons in all Ages. IX. A Recapitulation of the Whole : With a Large and

Serious Address to all, especially to the Scepticks and Unbelievers of our Age.

Together with A P R E F A CE, Of the Temper of Mind necessary for the Discovery

of Divine Truth; and of the Degree of Evidence that ought to be expected in Divine Matters.

By WILLIAM WHISTON, M. A. Sometime Professor of the Mathematicks in the University

LONDON: Printed for J. Senex at the Globe in Salisbury

Court, and W. TAYLOR at the ship in Pater-noster-Row, 1717.

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Princtples of Religion
NATUR A L and R E V E A L’D,

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