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dent Creatures, all whose Faculties, and the Exercise of them, are deriv'd from God ; that we ought therefore to exercise a due Modesty, and practise a due Submission of Mind in Divine Matters, particularly in the Search after the Nature, and Laws, and Providence of our great Creator : A Submision, I mean, not to Human, but to Divine Authority, when once it shall be authentickly made known to us : That the humble Addresling of our selves to God for his Aid, Direction, and Blessing on our Studies and Enquiries, is one plain Instance of such our Submission to Him ; and that a ready Compliance with Dimine Revelation, and a ready Obedience to the Divine Will, so far as we have clearly discover'd it, is another necesary Instance of the same humble Regard to the Divine Majesty. Nor indeed, can any one who comes to these Sacred Enquiries with the opposite Dispohtion's, of Dishonesty, Partiality, Pride, Buffoonry, Neglect of all Divine Worship, and Contempt of all Divine Revelation, and of all Divine Laws, expect, even by the Light of Nature, that God should be obligd to discover farther Divine Truths to him. Nor will á sober Person, duly sensible of the different States of Creator and Creature, imi- . tate Simon Magus, and his Followers, in the first Ages of the Gospel; and set up some Metaphysical Subtilties, or Captious Questions,


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about the Conduct of Providence, as sufficient to set aside the Evidence of confesed Miracles themselves ; but will rather agree to that wise Aphorism laid down in the Law of

Moses, and suppos'd all over the Bible ; That Deu.xxix. Secret Things belong unto the Lord

; 29. but Things that are revealed, to Us and

to our Children, that we may do them. Now in order to the making some Impressions upon Men in this Matter, and the convincing them, that All our Discoveries are to be derived from God ; and that we are not to expect his Blessing upon our Enquiries, without the foregoing Qualifications, Devotions, and Obedience ; Give me leave here, instead of my own farther Reasoning, to set down from the Ancient Jewish and Christian Wrisers, several Passages wbich seem to me very remarkable, and very pertinent to our present Purpose : Not now indeed, as fuppofing any of those observations of Sacred Authority, but as very right in themselves ; very agreeable to the Light of Nature ; and very good Teftimonies of the Sense of wise Men in the Several ancient Ages of the World to this Purpose. And I chuse to do this the more largely here, because I think this Matt to be of very great importance ; because it seems to be now very little known or conhder'd, at leafit very little praktis'd, by several pretended Enquirers into Reveald Religion ; and be


cause the Neglett bereof seems to me a main Occasion of the Scepticism and Infidelity of

this Age.

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The Lord spake unto Moses, saying ; See, Ex. xxxi. I have called by Name Bezaleei, the Son 1, 2, 3, 6. of Uri, the Son of Hur, of the Tribe of Judah: And I have filled him with the Spirit of God, ip Wisdom, and in Understanding, and in Knowledge, &c. And in the Hearts of all that are wise-hearted, I have put Wisdom, &c.

It shall come to pass, if thou wilt Deut. not hearken unto the Voice of the Lord xxviii. thy God, to observe to

to observe to do all his Commandments, and his Statutes, which I command thee this Day, that all these Curfes fhall come upon thee, and overtake thee: The Lord shall smite thee

V, 28, 29, with Madness, and Blindness, and Altonishment of Heart; and thou shalt grope at Noon-day, as the Blind gropech in Darkness.

The Lord hath not given you an Heart xxix. 4. to perceive, and Eyes to fee, and Ears to hear, unto this Day.

Give thy Servant an Understanding 1 King. iii. Heart, to judge thy People ; that I may 9, 10, 11, discern between Good and Bad : For who is able to judge this thy fo great a People? And the Speech pleated the Lord,


v. 28.

that Solomon had asked this Thing. And
God said unto him, because thou hast
asked this Thing; Hast asked for
thy self Understanding to discern Judg.
ment ; behold I have done according to
thy Words : Lo, I have given thee a Wise
and an Understanding Heart ; so that
there was none like thee before thee;
neither after thee shall any arise like unto
thee. -And all Ifrael heard of the
Judgment which the King had judged ;
and they feared the King; for they saw
that the Wisdom of God was in him, to

do Judgment.
Job xxxij. I said, Days should speak; and Mul-

titude of Years should teach Wisdom : But
there is a Spirit in Man; and the Inspi-
ration of the Almighty giveth them Un-

xxxiii. Behold in this thou art not just; I will
I 2, 13•

answer thee, that God is greater than
Man. Why dost thou strive against him?
For he giveth not Account of any of his

Surely it is meet to be said unto God, 31, 32. I have born Chastisement; I will not of

fend any more;. That which I see not,
teach thou me; if I have done Iniquity, I
will do no more.

God thundreth marvellously with his
Voice : Great Things doth he which we
canno scomprehend.

7, 8.

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xxxvii. s.


With God is terrible Majesty : Touch- v. 22, 23, ing the Almighty we cannot find him out: He is excellent in Power, and in Judgment, and in Plenty of Justice : He will not afflict. Men do therefore fear him : He respecteth not any that are wise of Heart.

Who hath put Wisdom in the inward xxxviii. Parts ? Or who hath given Understanding

36. unto the Heart?

Then Job answered the Lord and said ; xlii. I, 2, I know that thou canst do every Thing, 3. and that no Thought can be with-holden from thee. Who is he that hideth Counsel without Knowledge? Therefore have I uttered that I understood nor ; Things too wonderful for me, which I knew not. -I have heard of thee by the Hearing of v. 5, 6. the Ear, but now mine Eye feeth thee : Wherefore I abhor my self, and


in Dust and Alhes.

The Meek will he guide in Judgment : Plal. xxv. The Meek will he teach his Way.

The Secret of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his Covenant.

Thou through thy Commandments hast cxix. 98, made me wiser than mine Enemies; for 99, 100. they are ever with me.

I have more Understanding than all my Teachers, for thy Testimonies are my Meditation. I



v. 14.

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