America's Great War: World War I and the American Experience

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Rowman & Littlefield, 2000 - Počet stran: 275
Recent bestsellers by Niall Ferguson and John Keegan have created tremendous popular interest in World War I. In America's Great War prominent historian Robert H. Zieger examines the causes, prosecution, and legacy of this bloody conflict from a frequently overlooked perspective, that of American involvement. This is the first book to illuminate both America's dramatic influence on the war and the war's considerable impact upon our nation. Zieger's engaging narrative provides vivid descriptions of the famous battles and diplomatic maneuvering, while also chronicling America's rise to prominence within the postwar world. On the domestic front, Zieger details how the war forever altered American politics and society by creating the National Security State, generating powerful new instruments of social control, bringing about innovative labor and social welfare programs, and redefining civil liberties and race relations. America's Great War promises to become the definitive history of America and World War I.

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AMERICA'S GREAT WAR: World War I and the American Experience

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A traditional history of WWI, viewed typically as a major tragedy of the 20th century.Although the US didn't enter the war until 1917, Zieger (History/Univ. of Florida) reminds readers that American ... Přečíst celou recenzi


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War Peace War 19151917
Mobilizing for War 19171918
Over There 19171918
Class Race Gender
Making the Peace 19181920
Postwar America
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Robert H. Zieger is professor of history at the University of Florida.

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