Texts and Contexts: Introducing Literature and Language Study

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Routledge, 2001 - Počet stran: 165
The idea of studying texts 'in context' has become a major new emphasis in contemporary literary studies. Texts and Contexts explores the idea of contexts and the way they affect texts, concentrating on:
* the writer's context
* the reader's context
* the text's context
* the language context
* the meaning context.
Through a series of units comprising texts, exercises and readings, Adrian Beard sets out a framework for studying texts and their contexts and shows how this approach can lead to a valuable new understanding of the changing and multiple meanings of any text. This accessible, enjoyable set of materials is ideal for any students meeting the idea of contexts for the first time.

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O autorovi (2001)

Adrian Beard was previously Head of English at Gosforth High School, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and now works at the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. He is a Chief Examiner for AS/A Level English Literature, Series Editor of Routledge A Level English Guides and joint Series Editor of Intertext.

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