The Trial of Mungo Campbell, Before the High Court of Justiciary in Scotland, for the Murder of Alexander Earl of Eglintoun. ...

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D. Wilson and G. Nicol, 1770 - Počet stran: 111

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Strana 105 - And there came a traveller unto the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him; but took the poor man's lamb, and dressed it for the man that was come to him.
Strana 104 - There were two men in one city; the one rich, and the other poor. The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds : but the poor man had nothing, save one little ewe lamb, which he had bought and nourished up: and it grew up together with him, and with his children ; it did eat of his own meat, and drank of his own cup, and lay in his bosom and was unto him as a daughter.
Strana 76 - And the revenger of blood find him without the borders of the city of his refuge, and the revenger of blood kill the slayer ; he shall not be guilty of blood...
Strana 75 - And if he smite him with throwing a stone, wherewith he may die, and he die, he is a murderer: the murderer shall surely be put to death.
Strana 104 - And if a man lie not in wait, but God deliver him into his hand ; then I will appoint thee a place whither he shall flee.
Strana 74 - As when a man goeth into the wood with his neighbour to hew wood, and his hand fetcheth a stroke with the axe to cut down the tree, and the head slippeth from the helve, and lighteth upon his neighbour, that he die ; he shall flee unto one of those cities, and live...
Strana 98 - no man," says the learned judge Foster, "under the protection of the law is to be the avenger of his own wrongs. If they are of such a nature for which the laws of society will give him an adequate remedy, thither he ought to resort. But be they of what nature soever, he ought to bear his lot with patience, and remember that vengeance belongeth to the Most High.
Strana 114 - But if the process be defective in the frame of it, as if there be a mistake in the name or addition of the person on whom it is to be executed, or if the name of such person, or...
Strana 2 - Boswell to fight a duel with you ; and a time and place of meeting having been concerted, you did, upon Tuesday, the...
Strana 4 - All which, or part thereof, being found proven by the verdict of an Assize, or admitted by...

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