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During the regal government, some contest arose on the exaction of an illegal fee by governor Dinwiddie, and doubtless there were others on other occasions not at present recollected. It is supposed that these are not sufficiently interesting to a foreigner to merit a detail.

The petition of the council and burgesses of Virginia to the king, their memorials to the lords, and remonstrance to the commons in the year 1764, began the present contest ; and these having proved ineffectual to prevent the passage of the stampact, the resolutions of the house of burgesses of 1765 were passed declaring the independence of the people of Virginia of the parliament of Great Britain, in matters of taxation. From that time till the declaration of independence by Congress in 1776, their journals are filled with assertions of the public rights.

The pamphets published in this State on the controverted question, were :

1766, An Inquiry into the rights of the British Colonies, by Richard Bland.

1769, The Monitor's Letters, by Dr. Arthur Lee. 1774, A summary View of the rights of British America.* 1774, Considerations, &c., by Robert Carter Nicholas.

Since the declaration of independence this State has had no controversy with any other, except with that of Pennsylvania, on their common boundary. Some papers on this subject passed between the executive and legislative bodies of the two States, the result of which was a happy accommodation of their rights.

To this account of our historians, memorials, and pamphlets, it may not be unuseful to add a chronological catalogue of American state-papers, as far as I have been able to collect their titles. It is far from being either complete or correct. Where the title alone, and not the paper itself, has come under my observation, I cannot answer for the exactness of the date. Sometimes I have not been able to find any date at all, and sometimes have not been satisfied that such a paper exists. An extensive collection of papers of this description has been for some time in a course of preparation by a gentlemant fully equal to the task, * By the author of these notes.

+ Mr. Hazard.

and from whom, therefore, we may hope ere long to receive it. In the meantime accept this as the result of my labors, and as closing the tedious detail which you have so undesignedly drawn upon yourself.

1496, Mar. 5. 11. H. 7.

148. Feb. 3.
13. 11. 7.
1502, Dec. 19.
18. 11. 7.

1540, Oct. 17.

1548, 2. E. 6.

1578, June 11. 20. EI.

1583, Feb. 6.

1584, Mar. 25. 26 EI.

Mar. 7. 31. EI.

Pro Johanne Caboto et filiis suis super terra incognita investi

ganda. 12 Ry. 595. 3. Hakl. 4. 2. Mem. A. 409. Billa signata anno 13. Henrici septimi. 3. Hakluyt's voiages 5. De potestatibus ad terras incognitas investigandum. 13. Rymer.

37. Commission de François I. à Jacques Catier pour l'establissement

du Canada. L'Escarbot. 397. 2. Mem. Am. 416. An act against the exaction of money, or any other thing, by

any officer for license to traffique into Iseland and New-found

land, made in An. 2. Edwardi sexti. 3. Hakl. 131. The letters-patent granted by her Majestie to Sir Humphrey

Gilbert, knight, for the inhabiting and planting of our peo

ple in America. 3. Hakl. 135. Letetrs-patent of Queen Elizabeth to Adrian Gilbert and others,

to discover the north west passage to China. 3. Hakl. 96. The letters-patent granted by the Queen's majestie to M. Walter

Raleigh, now knight, for the discovering and planting of new lands and countries, to continue the space of six years and no

more. 3. Hakl. 243. An assignment by Sir Walter Raleigh for continuing the action

of inhabiting and planting his people in Virginia. Hakl. 1st.

ed. publ. in 1589. p. 815. Lettres de Lieutenant General de l'Acadie et pays circonvoisins

pour le sieur de Monts. L'Escarbot. 417. Letters-patent to Sir Thomas Gates, Sir George Somers and others

of America. Stith. Apend. No. 1. An ordinance and constitution enlarging the council of the two

colonies in Virginia and America, and augmenting their au

thority, M. S. The second charter to the treasurer and company for Virginia,

erecting them into a body politick. Stith. Ap. 2. Letters-patents to the E. of Northampton, granting part of the

island of Newfoundland. 1. Harris. 861.
A third charter to the treasurer and company for Virginia. Stith.

Ap. 3.
A commission to Sir Walter Raleigh. Qu.
Commissio specialis concernens le garbling herbæ Nocotianæ. 17.

Rym. 190.
A proclamation for restraint of the disordered trading of tobacco.

17. Rym. 233.
A grant of New-England to the council of Plymouth.

1603, Nov. 8.

1601, Apr. 10. 4. Jac. 1.

1607, Mar. 9. 4. Jac. 1.

1609, May 23. 7. Jac. 1.

1610, April 10. Jac. ).

1611. Mar. 12. 9. Jac. I.

1617. Jac. 1. 1620. Apr. 7. 18. Jac. 1.

1620. June 29. 18. Jac. 1.

1620. Nov. 3. Jac. ).

[blocks in formation]

1621, July 24. Jac. 1.

1621, Sep. 10. 20 Juc. 1.

1622, Nov. 6. 20 Juc, 1.

1623, May 9. 21 Jac. 1.


1624, July 15. 22. Jac. 1,

1624, Aug. 26. 22 Jac. I.

1624, Sep. 29.
22 Jac. 1.
1624, Nov. 9.
22 Jac. I.

16.5, Mar. 2. 22 Jac. 1.

An ordinance and constitution of the treasurer, council and com

pany in England, for a council of state and general assembly

in Virginia. Stith. Ap. 4.
A grant of Nova Scotia to Sir William Alexander. 2. Mem. de

l'Amerique. 193.
A proclamation prohibiting interloping and disorderly trading

to New England in America. 17. Rym. 416.
De commissione speciali Willelmo Jones militi directa. 17. Rym.

A grant to Sir Edmund Ployden, of New Albion. Mentioned in

Smith's examination. 82.
De commissione Henrico vicecomiti Mandevill et aliis. 17. Rym.

De commissione speciali concernenti gubernationem in Virginia.

17. Rym. 618.
A proclamation concerning tobacco. 17. Rym. 621.
De concessione demiss, Edwardo Ditchfield et aliis. 17. Rym.

A proclamation for the utter prohibiting the importation and

use of all tobacco which is not of the proper growth of the
colony of Virginia and the Somer islands, or one of them. 17.

Rym. 668.
De commissione directa Georgio Yardeley militi et aliis. 18.

Rym. 311.
Proclamatio de herba Nicotianâ. 18. Rym. 19.
A proclamation for settlinge the plantation of Virginia. 18. Rym.

A grant of the soil, barony, and domains of Nova Scotia to Sir

Wm. Alexander of Minstrie. 2. Mem. Am. 226.
Commissio directa a Johanni Wolstenholme militi et aliis. 18

Rym. 831.
A proclamation touching tobacco. Rym. 848.
A grant of Massachusetts bay by the council of Plymouth to

Sir Ilenry Roswell and others.
De concessione commissionis specialis proconcilio in Virginia.

18. Rym. 980.
De proclamatione de signatione de tobacco. 18. Rym. 886.
De proclamatione pro ordinatione de tobacco. 18. Rym. 920.
A confirmation of the grant of Massachusetts bay by the

16:5, Mar. 4. 1 Car, 1.

1625, Apr. 9.
I Car. I.
1625, May 13.
1 Car. 1.

165, July 12.

16!, Jan. 31. 2 Car. I.

1624, Feb. 17.
2 Car. 1.
167. Vur. 19.
qu? 2 Cur. 1.

16:7, Mar. 26. 3 Car. I.

16:7, Mar. 30. 3 car. I. 16.7, Aug. 9. 3 Car. I. 168, Mar. 4. 3 Car. 1.


1629, Aug. 19.

1630, Jan. 0.
5 Carl.
1630, April 30.

The capitulation of Quebec. Champlain pert. 2. 216. 2. Mem.

Am, 489.
A proclamation concerning tobacco. 19. Rym. 235.
Conveyance of Nova Scotia (Port-royal excepted) by Sir Wil-

liam Alexander to Sir Claude St. Etienne Lord of la Tour and
of Uarre and to his son Sir Charles de St. Etienne Lord of St.
Denniscourt, on condition that they continue subjects to the
king of Scotland under the great seal of Scotland.

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1630-31, Nov. 24. 6 Car. 1.

1630, Dec. 5. 6 Car. 1.

1630, Car. 1.

1630, Car. 1.

1631, Mar. 19. 6 Car. l.

1631, June 27. 7 Car. ).

1632, June 29. 7 Car. 1.

1032, Mar. 29. 8 Car. 1.

A proclamation forbidding the disorderly trading with the sav

ages in New England in America, especially the furnishing the
natives in those and other parts of America by the English
with weapons and habiliments of warre. 19. Ry. 210. 3.

Rushw. 82.
A proclamation prohibiting the selling arms, &c. to the savages

in America. Mentioned 3. Rushw. 75.
A grant of Connecticut by the council of Plymouth to the E. of

A confirmation by the crown of the grant of Connecticut (said

to be in the petty-bag office in England.]
A conveiance of Connecticut by the E. of Warwick to Lord

Say, and Seal, and others. Smith's examination, Appendix No.

1. A special commission to Edward, Earle of Dorsett, and others,

for the better plantation of the colony of Virginia. 19. Ry.

301. Litere continentes promissionem regis ad tradenum castrum et

habitationem de Kebec in Canada ad regem Francorum. 19.

Ry. 303.
Traité entre le roy Louis XIII. et Charles roi d'Angleterre pour

la restitution de la nouvelle France, la Cadie et Canada et des
navires et merchandises pris de part et d'autre. Fait a St. Ger-

main. 19. Ry. 361. 2. Mem. Am. 5.
A grant of Maryland to Cæcilius Calvert, baron of Baltimore in

A petition of the planters of Virginia against the grant to lord

Order of council upon the dispute between the Virginia plant-

ers and lord Baltimore, Votes of repres. Pennsylvania. V.
A proclamation to prevent abuses growing by the unordered re-

tailing of tobacco. Mentioned 3. Rushw. 191, A special commission to Thomas Young to search, discover and

find out what ports are not yet inhabited in Virginia and

America and other parts thereunto adjoining. 19. Ry. 472.
A proclamation for preventing of the abuses growiug by the un-

ordered retailing of tobacco. 19. Ry. 474.
A proclamation restraining the abusive venting of tobacco. 19.

Rym. 522.
A proclamation concerning the landing of tobacco, and also for-

bidding the planting thereof in the king's dominions. 19. Ry.

553. A commission to the Archbishop of Canterbury and 11 others,

for governing the American colonies. A commission conce

ncerning tobacco. M. S. A commission from Lord Say, and Seal, and others, to John Win

throp to be governor of Connecticut. Smith's App. A grant to Duke Hamilton.

1632, June 20. 8 Car. 1.

1633, July 3, 9 Car. 1.

1633, July 3.

1633, Aug. 13. 9 Car. I.

1633, Sept. 23. 9 Car. 1.

1633, Oct. 13. 9 Car. ).

1633, Mar. 13. Cer. 1.

1634, May 19. 10 Car. 1.

1634, Car. 1.

1631, June 19. 10 Car. I.

1635, July 18. Il Car. I.

1635, Car. 1.

1636, Apr. 2. 12 Car. I.

1637, Mar. 14.
Car. I.
1636-7, Mar.
16. 12 Car. 1.

1637, Apr. 30. 13 Car. 1.

1637, May 1. 13 Car. 1.

1637, Car. 1.

1638, Apr. 4. Car. 1.


1637, Apr. 14 Cur. 1.

1634, May 1. 14 Car. I.

1639, Mar. 25. Car. I. 163), Aug. 19. 15 Car. 1.

De commissione speciali Johanni Harvey militi to pro meliori

regemine coloniae in Virginia. 20. Ry. 3. A proclamation concerning tobacco. Title in 3. Rush. 617. De commissione speciali Georgio domino Goring et aliis con

cessî concernente venditionem de tobacco absque licentia

regiâ. 20. Ry. 116. A proclamation against disorderly transporting his Majesty's

subjects to the plantations within the parts of America. 20.

Ry. 143. 3. Rush. 409.
An order of the privy council to stay 8 ships now in the Thames

from going to New England. 3. Rush. 409.
A warrant of the Lord Admiral to stop unconformable ministers

from going beyond the sea. 3. Rush. 410.
Order of council upon Claiborne's petition against Lord Balti-

Votes of representatives of Pennsylvania. vi.
An order of the king and council that the attorney general draw

up a proclamation to prohibit transportation of passengers to

New England without license. 3. Rush. 718.
A proclamation to restrain the transporting of passengers and

provisions to New England without license. 20. Ry. 223.
A proclamation concerning tobacco. Title 4. Rush. 1060.
A proclamation declaring his majesty's pleasure to continue his

commission and letters patents for licensing retailers of to

bacco. 20. Ry. 348. De commissione speciali Henrico Ashton armigero ét aliis ad

amovendum Henricum Hawley gubernatorem de Barbadoes.

20. Rym. 357. A proclamation concerning retailers of tobacco. 4. Rush. 966. De constitutione gubernatoris et concilii pro Virginia. 20. Ry.

484. Articles of union and confederacy entered into by Massachu

setts, Plymouth, Connecticut and New-haven. 1. Neale. 223. Deed from George Fenwick to the old Connecticut jurisdiction. An ordinance of the lords and commons assembled in parliament,

for exempting from custom and imposition all commodities exported for, or imported from New England, which has been very prosperous and without any public charge to this state, and is likely to prove very happy for the propagation of the gospel in those parts. Tit. in Amer. library 90. 5. No date.

But seems by the neighbouring articles to have been in 1644. An act for charging of tobacco brought from New England with

custom and excise. Title in American library. 99. 8. An act for the advancing and regulating the trade of this com

monwealth. Tit. in Amer. libr. 99. 9. Grant of the Northern neck of Virginia to Lord Hopton, Lord

Jermyn, Lord Culpepper, Sir John Berkley, Sir William Moreton, Sir Dudley Wyatt, and Thomas Culpepper.

1639, Dec. 16. 15 Car. 1.

1639, Car. 1.

1641, Aug. 9. 17 Car. 1.

1643, Car.

1644, Car, 1.

1614, June 20. Car. 2.

1644, Aug. 1. Car. 2.

Sep. 18.
1 Car. 2.

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