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1650, Oct. 3. 2 Car. 2.

1650, Car. 2.

1650, Car. 2

1651, Sept. 26. 3 Car. 2.

1651. Oct. 9. 8 Car. 2.

1651-2, Mar. 12. 4 Car. 2.

1651-2, Mar. 12. 4 Car. 1.

An act prohibiting trade with the Barbadoes, Virginia, Bermu

das and Antego Scobell's Acts. 1027. A declaration of Lord Willoughby, governor of Barbadoes, and

of his council, against an act of parliament of 3d of October, 1650. 4. Polit. register. 2. cited from 4 Neal. hist. of the Puri

tans. App. No. 12 but not there. A final settlement of boundaries between the Dutch New Nether

lands and Connecticut. Instructions for Captain Robert Dennis, Mr. Richard Bennet, Mr.

Thomas Stagge, and Captain William Claibourn, appointed commissioners for the reducing of Virginia and the inhabitants thereof to their due obedience to the commonwealth of Eng

land i Thurloe's state papers, 197. An act for increase of shipping and encouragement of the navi

gation of this nation. Scobell's acts, 1449. Articles agreed on and concluded at James citie in Virginia for

the surrendering and settling of that plantation under the obedience and government of the commonwealth of England, by the commissioners of the council of state, by authoritie of the parliament of England, and by the grand assembly of the governor, council, and burgesse of that state. M. S. [Ante. p.

An act of indempnitie made at the surrender of the country (of

Virginia.] (Ante p. 206 ]
Capitulation de Port Royal. Mem. Am. 507.
A proclamation of the protector relating to Jamaica. 3 Thurl. 75.
The protector to the commissioners of Maryland. A letter. 4

Thurl. 55.
An instrument made at the council of Jamaica, Oct. 8, 1655, for

the better carrying on of affairs there. 4 Thurl. 17.
Treaty of Westminster between France and England. 6. corps

diplom. part 2. p. 121. 2 Mem. Am. 10. The assembly at Barbadoes to the protector. 4 Thurl. 651. A grant by Cromwell to Sir Charles de Saint Etienne, a baron

of Scotland, Crowne and Temple. A French translation of it.

2 Mem. Am. 511.
A paper concerning the advancement of trade, 5 Thurl. 80.
A brief narration of the English rights to the Northern parts of

America. 5 Thurl. 81.
Mr. R. Bennet and Mr. S. Matthew to Secretary Thurlow.

Thurl. 482.
Objections against the Lord Baltimore's patent, and reasons why

the government of Maryland should not be put into his hands.

5 Thurl. 482. A paper relating to Maryland. 5 Thurl. 483. A breviet of the proceedings of the lord Baltimore and his offi

cers and compliers in Maryland, against the authority of the

1654, Aug. 16.

1655, Car. 2.

1655, Sep. 26. 7 Car. 2.

1655, Oct. 8. 7 Car. 2.

1655, Nov. 3.

1656, Mar. 27.
8 Car. 2.
1656, Aug. 9.

1656, Car. 2

1656. Car. 2.


1656, Oct. 10. 8 Car. 2.

1656, Oct. 10. 8 Car. 2.

1656, Oct. 10.
8 Car. 2.
1056, Oct. 10.
8 Car. 2.

1656, Oct. 15.
8 Car. 2.
1657, Apr. 4.
9 Car. 2.
1661, Car. 2.

1662, Apr. 23. 14 Car. 2. 1662-2, Mar. 24. Apr. 4. 15 C. 2.

1664, Feb. 10.

1664, Mar. 12.
20 Car. 2.
1664, Apr. 26.
16 Car. 2.

1664, Apr. 26.

parliament of the commonwealth of England and against his
highness the lord protector's authority, laws and government.

5 Thurl 486.
The assembly of Virginia to secretary Thurlow. 5 Thurl. 497.
The governor of Barbadoes to the protector. 6 Thurl. 69.
Petition of the general court at Hartford upon Connecticut for

charter. Smith's exam. App. 4.
Charter of the colony of Connecticut. Smith's exam. App. 6.
The first charter granted by Charles II. to the proprietaries of

Carolina, to wit, to the Earl of Clarendon, Duke of Albemarle, Lord Craven, Lord Berkeley, Lord Ashley, Sir George Carteret, Sir William Berkeley, and Sir John Colleton. 4 Mem. Am.

554. The concessions and agreement of the lords proprietors of the

province of New Cæsarea, or New Jersey, to and with all and every of the adventurers and all such as shall settle or plant

there. Smith's New Jersey. App. 1. A grant of the colony of New York to the Duke of York. A commission to Colonel Nichols and others to settle disputes

in New England. Hutch. Hist. Mass. Bay, App. 537. The commission to Sir Robert Carre and others to put the Duke

of York in possession of New York, New Jersey, and all other

lands thereunto appertaining.
Sir Robert Carre and others proclamation to the inhabitants of

New York, New Jersey, &c. Smith's N. J. 36.
Deeds of lease and release of New Jersey by the Duke of York

to Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret.
A conveiance of the Delaware counties to William Penn.
Letters between Stuyvesant and Colonel Nichols on the English

right. Smith's N. J. 37-42.
Treaty between the English and Dutch for the surrender of the

New Netherlands. Sm. N. J. 42.
Nicoll's commission to Sir. Robert Carre to reduce the Dutch on

Delaware bay. Sm. N. J. 47.
Instructions to Sir Robert Carre for reducing of Delaware bay

and settling the people there under his majesty's obedience.

Sm. N. J. 47.
Articles of capitulation between Sir Robert Carre and the Dutch

and Swedes on Del zware bay and Delaware river. Sm. N. J. 49. The determination of the commissioners of the ndary between

the Duke of York and Connecticut. Sm. Ex. Ap. 9. The New Haven case. Smith's Ex. Ap. 20. The second charter granted by Charles II. to the same proprie

tors of Carolina. 4. Mem. Am. 586. Declaration de guerre par la France contre l'Angleterre. 3 Mem.

Am, 123,

1664, June 23. 24. 16 Car. 2.

1664, Aug. 19-29, 20-30, 24.

Aug. 25.

Sept. 4. 1664, Aug. 27.

Sept. 3.

1661, Oct. 1.

1664, Dec. 16 Car. 2.


1665, June 13. 44. 17 Car. 2.

1666, Jan. 26.

[blocks in formation]

Declaration of war by the king of England against the king of

The treaty of peace between France and England made at Breda.

7 Corps, Dipl. part 1. p. 51 2. Mem. Am. 32.
The t: eaty of peace and alliance between England and the Uni-

ted Provinces made at Breda. 7. Cor. Dip. p. 1. d. 44. 2. Mem.

Am. 40.
Acte de la cession de l'Acadie au roi de France. 2. Mem. Am.

Directions from the governor and council of New York for a

better settlement of the government on Delaware. Sm. N. J.51. Lovelace's order for customs at the Hoarkills. Sm. N. J. 55. A contirmation of the grant of the northern neck of Virginia to

the Earl of St. Albans, Lord Berkeley, Sir William Moretón

and John Tretheway.
Incorporation of the town of Newcastle or Amstell.
A demise of the colony of Virginia to the Earl of Arlington and

Lord Culpepper for 31 years M S.
Treaty at London between king Charles II. and the Dutch. Arti-

cle VI.
Remonstrance against the two grants of Charles II. of Northern

and Southern Virginia. Mentd. Beverley 65. Sir George Carteret's instructions to Governor Carteret. Governor Andros's proclamation on taking possession of New

castle for the Duke of York. Sm. N. J. 78. A proclamation for prohibiting the importation of commodities

of Europe into any of his majesty's plantations in Africa, Asia, or America, which were not laden in England; and for putting all other laws relating to the trade of the plantations in

effectual execution.
The concessions and agreements of the proprietors, freeholders
and inhabitants of the province of West New Jersey in Ameri-

Sm. N. J. App. 2.
A deed quintipartite for the division of New Jersey.
Letter from the proprietors of New Jersey to Richard Harts-

horne. Sm. N. J. 80.
Proprietors instructions to James Wasse and Richard Hartshorne.

Sm. N. J. 83.
The charter of king Charles II. to his subjects of Virginia.

Cautionary epistle from the trustees of Byllinge's part of New

Jersey. Sm. N. J. 84.
Indiau deed for the lands between Rankokas creek and Timber

creek, in New Jersey.
Indian deed for lands from Oldman's creek to Timber creek, in

New Jersey.
Indian deed for the lands from Rankokos creek to Assunpink

creek, in New Jersey.

1675, Oct. 1. 27 Car. 2.

1676, Mar. 3.


1676, July 1. 1676, Aug. 18

1676, Oct, 10. 28 Car. 2.


1677, Sept. 10.

1077, Sept. 27.

1677, Oct. 10

1678, Dec. 5.

1680, Feb. 16.


1680, June 14. 23. 25 Oct. 16. Nov. 4. 8. 11. 18. 20. 23. Dec. 16. 16-0-1, Jan, 15. 22. Feb. 24.

1631, Mar. 4. Car. 2.

The will of Sir George Carteret, sole proprieter of East Jersey,

ordering the same to be sold. An order of the king in council for the better encouragement of

all his majesty's subjects in their trade to his majesty's planta-
tions, and for the better information of all his majesty's loving
subjects in these matters-Lond. Gaz. No. 1596. Title in

Amer. library. 134. 6.
Arguments against the customs demanded in New West Jersey

by the governor of New York, addressed to the Duke's com

missioners. Sm, N. J. 117. Extracts of proceedings of the committee of trade and planta

tions; copies of letters, reports, &c., between the board of
trade, Mr. Penn, Lord Baltimore and Sir John Werden, in the
behalf of the Duke of York and the settlement of the Penn-
sylvania boundaries by the L. C. J. North. Votes of Repr.

Pennsyl. vii.-xiii.
A grant of Pennsylvania to William Penn. Votes of Represen.

Pennsyl. xviii.
The king's declaration to the inhabitants and planters of the

province of Pennsylvania. Vo. Repr. Penn. xxiv.
Certain conditions or concessions agreed upon by William Penn,

proprietary and governor of Pennsylvania, and those who are the adventurers and purchasers in the same province. Votes

of Rep. Pennsyl. xxiv.
Fundamental laws of the province of West New Jersey. Sm.

N. J. 126.
The methods of the commissioners for settling and regulation of

lands in New Jersey. Sm. N. J. 130.
Indentures of lease and release by the executors of Sir George

Carteret to William Penn and 11 others, conveying East Jer

sey. The Duke of York's fresh grant of East New Jersey to the 24

The frame of the government of the province of Pennsylania, in

America. Votes of Repr. Penn. xxvii.
The Duke of York's deed for Pennsylvania. Vo. Repr. Penn.

1681, Apr. 2.

1681, July 11.

1681, Nov. 9.

1681-2, Jan. 14.

1681-2, F. 1. 2.

1682, Mar. 14.

1682, Api. 25.

1682, Aug. 21.


1682, Aug. 24.

1682, Aug. 24.

1689, Nov. 27. 34 Car. 2.

The Duke of York's deed for the feoffment of Newcastle and

twelve miles circle to William Penn. Vo. Repr. Penn. The Duke of York's deed of feoffment of a tract of land 12

miles south from Newcastle to the Whorekills, to William

Penn. Vo. Repr. Penn. xxxvii.
A commission to Thomas Lord Culpepper to be lieutenant and

governor-general of Virginia. M. S.
An act of union for annexing and uniting of the counties of

Newcastle, Jones's and Whorekill's, alias Deal, to the province of Pennsylvania, and of naturalization of all foreigners in the province and counties aforesaid.

1682, 10th mon. 6th day.

[blocks in formation]

Dec. 9.

Oct. 8, 17, 31.
Nov. 7.

1683, July 17.

1683, July 26. 35 Car. 2.

1623. Sept. 28. 35 Car. 2.

1681, May 3.

An act of settlement.
The frame of the government of the province of Pennsylvania

and territories thereunto annexed in America.
Proceedings of the committee ( 1633, Apr. 17. '27. 1634, Feb, 12.
of trade and Plantations in

May 30.

July 2, 16, 23,
June 12,

Sept. 30.
the dispute between Lord Bal-
timore and Mr. Penn. Vo.

R. P. xiii-xviii.
A commission by the proprietors of East New Jersey to Robert

Barclay to be governor. Sm. N. J. 166.
An order of council for issuing a quo warranto against the char-

ter of the colony of the Massachusetts bay in New England,
with his majesty's declaration that in case the said corporation
of Massachusetts bay shall before prosecution had upon the
same quo warranto make a full submission and entire resigna-
tion to his royal pleasure, he will then regulate their charter
in such a manner as shall be for his service and the good of

that colony. Title in American library. 139, 6. A commission to Lord Howard of Effingham to be lieutenant and

governor general of Virginia. M. S. The humble address of the chief governor, council and repre

sentatives of the island of Nevis, in the West Indies, present-
ed to his majesty by Colonel Netheway and Captain Jefferson,
at Windsor, May 3, 1684. Title in Amer. libr. 142. 3. cites

Lond. Gaz. No. 1927.
A treaty with the Indians at Albany.
A treaty of neutrality for America between France and England.

7 Corps Dipl. part 2, p. 44. 2. Mem. Am. 40.
By the king, a proclamation for the more effectual reducing and

suppressing of pirates and privateers in America, as well on the sea as on the land in great numbers, committing frequent robberies and piracies, which hath occasioned a great prejudice and obstruction to trade and commerce, and given a great scandal and disturbance to our government in those parts.

Title Amer. libr. 147. 2. cites Lond. Gaz. No. 2315.
Constitution of the council of proprietors of West Jersey.

Smith's N. Jersey. 199.
A confirmation of the grant of the Northern neck of Virginia to

Lord Culpepper.
Governor Coxe's declaration to the council of proprietors of

West Jersey. Sm. N. J. 190.
Provisional treaty of Whitehall concerning America between

France and England. 2 Mem. de l'Am. 89.
Governor Coxe's narrative relating to the division line, directed

to the council of proprietors of West Jersey. Sm. App. No. 4. The representation of the council of proprietors of West Jersey

to Governor Burnet. Smith. App. No. 5.

1684, Aug. 2.

1686, Nov. 16.

1687, Jan. 20.

1687, Feb. 12.

1687. qu. Sept. 27. 4. Jac. ).

1687, Sept. 5.

1687, Dec. 16.



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