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1743 to 1802 inclusive ; continued by WOODFALL. With
STATE PAPERS, from the Commerceinent to the Close of
the War. In 99 Volumes, including the general Index. Price,

half bound, 66l. 135. or elegantly Calf gilt 741.
MR. STOCKDALE respectfully informs the Public, that he
has purcbafed from the Allignees of John De Brett, Bankrupt, all
the remaining Copies of the Parliamentary Register; and that he has
now reprisited the seventeen Volumes so long out of print, and
many scarce Numbers, whereby he is enabled to complete a few
Sets, containing the Proceedings of both Houses of Parliament,
from 1743 to 1801, in Eighty-four Volumes, which he proposes to
deliver, half bound, at 561.

He has also purchased the State Papers from the Commencement
to the Clofe of the War, and has reprinted the first Volume, which,
as well as the eleventh Volume, concluding with the Definitive
Treaty of Peace, is ready for immediate delivery.---Price 71. 75.
Having only a few Sets for sale, he particularly requefts the
favour of early orders; and also that such Gentlemen as are in poffel-
fion of imperfect Sets of either of the above Books, will give im...
mediate instructions for the deficient Volumes or Numbers to be
procured ; as but very few of many of them are on hand, and there
may hereafter be great difficulty in getting them completed. The
price of the separate Volumes of the State Papers is 15$. each, except
Volumes I. and XI. which are One Guinea each. In a short time,
Thould any copies of the above works remain, they will be consider-
ably advanced in price.

Mr. STOCKDALE will regularly continue the Parliamentary Re-
gister in Weekly Numbers at is. each, during the fitting of Parlia-
Inent. Twenty-four Numbers of the Debates of the present Session
are already published in 2 Volumes. Price 11. 6s. half bound.

Mr. STOCKDALE has in great forwardness, and intends publish-
ing in the course of this year, in one large Volume, price One

A GENERAL INDEX to the above-mentioned series of Debates,
to the period of the diffolution of the present Parliament. By Mr.
WOODFALL: and thall consider himself obliged by the favour of
early orders from such as wish to have so useful a Parliamentary

The following Works were also bought by Mr. STOCKDALE
from the fame Allignees, and are offered, for a limited time, at the
very reduced prices annexed to each :

£ 5. d.
Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin, : vol. royal 4to. boards
Alaric Register, 2 vols. half bound
Gladwin's Pertian Moonshee, royal 4to. boards
Tooti Nameh, or Tales of the Parrot, Persian and English, royal

Svo. boards
Wh re's Voyage to Botany Bay, plates, royal 4to. boards
Ditto, colourod plates
No. 181, Piccadilly, June 1802.



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On Forty-eight large Sheets of Atlas Paper, each Sheet measuring

... Two Feet Two Inches, by Two Feet Ten Inches.
MR. STOCKDALE takes the liberty respectfully to inform
the Public, that he has for a considerable time past been pre.

A GRAND MAP OF IRELAND, on the most extensive scale
ever attempted; also

Similar scale.

The expense of the whole will not, it is conceived, amount to less than
20,000t. Should the patronage equal Mr. Stockdale's expectations, it is his
intention to present with the Map of Ireland, gratis, or at a small expense,
a History of the Union between the two Kingdoms, in one volume 4to.
For this purpose Mr. Stockdale will consider himself obliged by being fa-
voured with a copy of every publication upon, or connected with this subject,
whether for or againft the measure.

The cost of the Map of Ireland to Sabscribers shall not exceed Three
Guineas ; Scotland, Two Guineas; and that of England and Wales, Four
Gaideas; unless any unforeseen advance in the price of materials should take
place by act of parliament.

No money will be taken until the delivery of the Maps, &c. but they will
be confiderably advanced in price to Non-Subscribers.

The above Maps will form one large Atlas, nearly double the thickness of
Charcbard's Maps.

The fabfcription is daily filling with rapidity, and will certainly foon ex-
ceed the numerous lift for the Maps by Chauchard, which was, by much,
the largest ever known in England.

The Publisher is confident that the Subscribers' copies in the firft 2000
impreffions will, on the day of publication, be worth double the subscription
ptice, though no money is taken in advance.

A topographical Account of the United Kingdom will be published about
the fame time, in three large volumes, royal 4to, with plates,
A Lift of the Subscribers will be printed.



His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.
Her Royal Highness the PRINCESS CHARLOTTE OP Wales.
His Royal Highness the DUKE OF YORK, Two Copies.
Her Royal Highness the DUTCHESS OF York.
His Royal Highness the Duke OF KENT.
His Royal Highness the DUKE OF CUMBERLAND.
His Royal Highness the DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE.
His Royal Highness the DUKE OF GLOUCESTER.
And upwards of Six Hundred of the Nobility, Geatry, &c.




Treaty of Peace between Auftria and France, concluded at Luneville,

February 9, 1801. TIS Majesty the Emperor and King of Hungary and Bohemia,

and the First Conful of the French republic, in the name of the French people, having equally at heart to put an end to the miseries of war, have resolved to proceed to the conclusion of a definitive treaty of peace and amity.

His said Imperial and Royal Majesty, not less anxiously desirous of making the Germanic Empire participate in the blessings of peace, and the present conjuncture not allowing the time neceitary for the Empire to be consulted, and to take part by its deputies in the negotiation ; his said Majesty having, besides, regard to what has been agreed upon by the deputation of the Empire at the preceding Congress at Rastadt, has resolved, in conformity with the precedent of what has taken place in similar circumstances, to ftipulate in the name of the Germanic body.

In consequence of which, the contracting parties have appointed as their plenipotentiaries, to wit, his Imperial and Royal Majesty, the Sieur Louis Cobenzel, count of the Holy Roman Empire, &c. &c.—and the First Consul of the French republic, in the Game of the French people, has appointed Citizen Joseph Bonaparté, counsellor of state, who, after having exchanged their full powers, have agreed to the following articles:

Art. I. There shall be henceforth and for ever, peace, amity, and good understanding, between his Majesty the Emperor, King of Hungary and Bohemia, ftipulating, as well in his own name as in that of the Germanic Empire, and the French republic, his said Majesty engaging to cause the Empire to give ratification in good and due form to the present treaty. The greatest attention thall be paid on both sides to the maintenance of perfect harmony, Vol. XI,

a A



to preventing all hostilities by land and by sea, for whatever cause, or on whatever pretence, and to carefully endeavour to maintain the union happily established. No assistance nor protection shall be given, either direaly or indirectly, to those who would do any

to the prejudice of either of the contracting parties. II. The cession of the ci-devant Belgic provinces to the French republic, stipulated by thc 3d article of the treaty of Campo Formio, is renewed here in the most formal manner, so ihat his Imperial and Royal Majesty, for himself and his fucceffors, as well in his own name as in that of the Germanic Empire, renounces all his right and title to the said provinces, which fhall be possessed henceforth as their sovereign right and property, by the French republic, with all the territorial property dependant on it. There shall also be given up to the French republic by his Imperial and Royal Majesty, and with the formal consent of the Empire ;

ist, The Comté of Falkenstein, with its dependencies.

2d, The Frickthal, and all belonging to the House of Austria, on the left bank of the Rhine, between Zurzach and Balle; the French republic reserving to themselves the right of ceding the latter country to the Helvetic republic.

III. In the same manner, in the renewal and confirmation of the 6th article of the treaty of Campo Formio, his Majesty the Emperor and King shall possess in sovereignty, and as his right, the countries below enumerated, viz. Istria, Dalmatia, and the Venetian isles in the Adriatic, dependant upon those countries, the Bocca de Cattaro, the city of Venice, the canals and the country included between the hereditary states of his Majesty the Emperor and King; the Adriatic Sea, and the Adige, from its leaving the Tyrol to the mouth of the said sea; the towing-path of the Adige serving as the line of limitation. And as by this line the cities of Verona and of Porto Legnago will be divided, there shall be established on the middle of the bridges of the said cities, drawbridges to mark the separation.

IV. The 18th article of the treaty of Campo Formio is also renewed thus far, that his Majesty ihe Emperor and King binds himself to yield to the Duke of Modena, as an indemnity for the countries which this prince and his heirs had in Italy, the Brisgau, which he thall hold on the same terms as those by virtue of which he poflefles the Modenese.

V. It is moreover agreed, that his Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Tuscany shall renounce, for himself and his successors having any right to it, the Grand Dutchy of Tuscany, and that part of the Ife of Elba which is dependant upon it, as well as all right and title resulting from his rights on the faid states, which Mall be henceforth polsessed in complete sovereignty, and as his own property, by his Royal Highness the Infant Duke of Parma.


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