The Pathfinder: (Annotated Edition)

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Independently Published, 28. 8. 2021 - Počet stran: 123
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Nineteen year old Mabel Dunham, accompanied by her uncle - the old sailor Cap - and two Indians (Smashing Arrows the and his wife June Dew) are for many days making their way through the vast American jungle from New York City to a small English castle on the shores of Lake Ontario. They keep the path to Mabel's father, Sergeant Dunham. On their way travelers notice the smoke of the fire. During the war (and from 1755 to 1763 between the British and the French the battles almost did not stop) random encounters are always dangerous - a small squad with great caution scouts, who is preparing a meal: friends or foes? Fortunately these are friends: Pathfinder (known to us under the names of Deerslayer and Hawkeye, Natty Bumppo) with a constant companion Chingachgook and his new friend, Jasper Uestornom. French allied Indians have appeared in the vicinity of the fortress, and Sergeant Dunham sent a small but reliable detachment to meet the daughter.
The remaining few miles way Mabel remembered for a long time. Possible thanks to the skill of Jasper descent in canoe over the falls, and rapids victorious (led by Pathfinder) clashes with the superior forces of the enemy, desperate courage of Chingachgook - is not forgettable. Sergeant can be doubly pleased: his daughter is delivered safely, and, moreover, by the way, how Dunham was hoping, she could feel the feelings for his old friend Natty Bumppo. Indeed, Mabel was filled with feelings, but daughter like.

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