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Foliorum Silbula

ές τον λειμώνα καθίσας έδρεπεν έτερον εφ' ετέρω αιρόμενος άγρευμανθέων


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THE 'HE second Edition of the Collection entitled Foliorum

Silvula is not an exact republication of the first. It is formed, however, on the same plan, and cannot fail to possess, apart from its fitness for the main purpose of its publication, the same kind of value and interest as its pre

decessor, containing as it does a variety of choice passages

culled by several hands, and exhibiting specimens of the taste and judgment of many eminent Scholars.

But while the original features of the Book, to which

alone it owed a certain amount of popularity, have been preserved, an endeavour has been made to render it more generally serviceable for the use of Schools as well as academical Students, by the incorporation of a Forest of

shorter and easier selections chiefly from English poets

with Passages given as subjects for translation in various

College and University Examinations since the year 1821.

Moreover, an arrangement of the entire Collection has been

made with reference as well to the length of each extract as to the variety of metre proposed.

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