The Jesus Gamble

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iUniverse, 2005 - Počet stran: 270
. Why does God allow suffering?

. Are all religious expressions equally valid?

. Do evil spirits exist?

In The Jesus Gamble author Michael Rowles answers these and other questions in a systematic and readable style. He applies sound logic without downplaying the reality of the supernatural world.

His main focus however, is the person of Jesus Christ. He demonstrates that many historical and contemporary beliefs about Jesus of Nazareth are simply implausible. Instead, following the trail of clues deliberately left by God Himself within the pages of the Bible, he leads us to the inescapable conclusion as to who this man Jesus really was, what he accomplished, and what the implications of this discovery are.

The Jesus Gamble is for those who seek the truth and are willing to have their assumptions challenged.


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Part IThe Evidence
Part IIThe Battle
Part IIIThe Christ
Part IVThe Victory
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