Review of Reviews and World's Work: An International Magazine, Svazek 44

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Albert Shaw
Review of Reviews Corporation, 1911

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Strana 661 - In such action the court may, by its judgment, direct the sale of the encumbered property (or so much thereof as may be necessary), and the application of the proceeds of the sale to the payment of the costs of court, and the expenses of the...
Strana 252 - All the living hold together and all yield to the same tremendous push. The animal takes its stand on the plant, man bestrides animality, and the whole of humanity, in space and in time, is one immense army galloping beside and before and behind each of us, in an overwhelming charge, able to beat down every resistance and clear the most formidable obstacles, perhaps even death."* 1 Creative Evolution, p.
Strana 285 - But if a situation were to be forced upon us in which peace could only be preserved by the surrender of the great and beneficent position Britain has won by centuries of heroism and achievement, by allowing Britain to be treated, where her interests were vitally affected, as if she were of no account in the Cabinet of nations, then I say emphatically that peace at that price would be a humiliation intolerable for a great country like ours to endure.
Strana 433 - On my honor I will do my best: 1. To do my duty to God and my country, and to obey the Scout law. 2. To help other people at all times. 3. To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.
Strana 279 - I think it is courteous and right, before any public decisions are announced, to let you know how we regard the political situation. " When the Parliament Bill in the form which it has now assumed returns to the House of Commons, we shall be compelled to ask that House to disagree with the Lords
Strana 384 - Written in April to Kaiulani in the April of her age; and at Waikiki, within easy walk of Kaiulani's banyan ! When she comes to my land and her father's, and the rain beats upon the window (as I fear it will), let her look at this page; it will be like a weed gathered and pressed at home; and she will remember her own islands, and the shadow of the mighty tree; and she will hear the peacocks...
Strana 188 - To make inquiries concerning the cause of blindness, to learn what proportion of these cases are preventable, and to co-operate with the state board of health in adopting and enforcing proper preventive measures.
Strana 232 - The practice of optometry is defined to be the employment of any means, other than the use of drugs, for the measurement of the powers of vision and the adaptation of lenses for the aid thereof.
Strana 252 - All our analyses show us, in life, an effort to re-mount the incline that matter descends. In that, they reveal to us the possibility, the necessity even of a process the inverse of materiality, creative of matter by its interruption alone.
Strana 252 - ... effort to withdraw itself on to itself. A part is no sooner detached than it tends to reunite itself, if not to all the rest, at least to what is nearest to it. Hence, throughout the whole realm of life, a balancing between individuation and association. Individuals join together into a society; but the society, as soon as formed, tends to melt the associated individuals into a new organism, so as to become itself an individual, able in its turn to be part and parcel of a new association.

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