The Penal Code of the State of New York: With All the Amendments to and Including the Year 1904, a Complete Index, Copious Forms and Full Annotations of All the Decisions Relating Thereto to September 1, 1893, with Appendix Containing Annotations to June 1, 1905

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N.Y., W.C. Little & Company, 1905 - Počet stran: 422

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Strana 150 - ... any paper, certificate, or instrument purporting to be or to represent a ticket, chance, share, or interest in or dependent upon the event of a lottery...
Strana 169 - ... they may also take with them notes of the testimony or other proceedings on the trial, taken by themselves or any of them, but none taken by any other person.
Strana 239 - For the purpose of surrendering the defendant, the bail, at any time before they are finally discharged, and at any place within the Canal Zone, may themselves arrest him, or by a written authority, indorsed on a certified copy of the undertaking, may empower any person of suitable age and discretion to do so.
Strana 27 - ... any handbill or placard containing any threat, notice or information, that if any particular ticket or candidate is elected or defeated, work...
Strana 222 - After hearing the appeal the court must give judgment, without regard to technical errors or defects or to exceptions which do not affect the substantial rights of the parties.
Strana 62 - An arrest is made by an actual restraint of the person of the defendant, or by his submission to the custody of the officer.
Strana 84 - You, as grand jurors of this inquest for the body of this county of , do solemnly swear that you will diligently inquire, and true presentment make, of all such matters and things as shall be given you in charge; the commonwealth's counsel, your fellows...
Strana 11 - No act committed by a person while in a state of voluntary intoxication is less criminal by reason of his having been in such condition. But whenever the actual existence of any particular purpose, motive, or intent is a necessary element to constitute any particular species or degree of crime, the jury may take into consideration the fact that the accused was intoxicated at the time, in determining the purpose, motive, or intent with which he committed the act.
Strana 297 - A search warrant cannot be issued but upon probable cause, supported by affidavit, naming or describing the person and particularly describing the property and the place to be searched.
Strana 308 - Where a person is convicted of two or more offenses, before sentence has been pronounced upon him for either offense, the imprisonment, to which he is sentenced upon the second or other subsequent conviction, must commence at the termination of the first or other prior term or terms of imprisonment, to which he is sentenced.

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